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OFCCAT Posts: 127
1/3/12 8:42 P

A coach is suppose to be there to hold you "accountable" and answer any questions you have: the program, other fitness/nutrition questions, etc. I'm also starting a Facebook challenge group 1/16 to help people stay on track if you want to join. To get me as a coach just email and let them know you just ordered and want me: Catrina Schnurstein (ofccat) #109331 as your coach. I'd be happy to help you out on your fitness journey!

RAVEN71618 Posts: 27
1/3/12 7:15 P

Thank you. I'm not tying to spot train. I'll take losing weight from wherever it comes from. Ill just be happy if I can stick with the DVDs and see some results. From what I've heard the workouts sound like something that can help me.

RAVEN71618 Posts: 27
1/3/12 7:11 P

Thanks. I ordered the DVDs and will be starting them once they arrive. What is involved with getting/having a coach?

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1/2/12 9:40 A

I used them and got great results but PLEASE remember that you cannot spot train! As in, you can't just decide, "I'm going to lose weight around my hips and butt!" and then magically that's where you'll burn fat. So yes, these videos will help you tighten those areas, but there is no guarantee that you'll lose fat from those areas specifically.

That all being said, the workouts were fun, effective, and easy to follow. The instructor is cute, and he sounds like Borat, heh. I was very happy with the workouts overall. Good luck!

OFCCAT Posts: 127
1/1/12 10:40 P

I sent you a message.

FERFER0731 Posts: 88
1/1/12 10:13 P

I'm actually starting bbl on 01/02. I bought the dvd's from a friend that never used them. Does anyone know where I can download the 6 day slimdown program? My friend lost the little booklet for it and I would like to do that too but now sure what foods to eat and what dvds to do for the best results.

OFCCAT Posts: 127
1/1/12 8:56 P

Get them! They are amazing and yes they do work. My friend did it and wow the results are amazing. I am due 1/26 with baby #3 and will be starting it as soon as I get the all clear along with TurboFire. If you don't have a coach and want one let me know as I am one now and would love to answer any questions and help encourage and motivate you no matter what fitness program you are doing.

RAVEN71618 Posts: 27
1/1/12 8:44 P

Has anyone used the Brazilion butt lift dvds? I was going to order these since I've seen good reviews elsewhere. I really want to lose weight in my stomach and thigh area and was hoping these will help.

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