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CINABEE Posts: 847
8/1/10 12:31 A

Patty,Hope your little one is still improving as each day and week goes by.

DNAZARI84 SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 96
7/28/10 2:35 P

Congratulations. I too have just gone through a similar experience. My son was born 30 weeks gestation and spent 7 weeks in the NICU. He is home now with minimal issues especially if you consider the ways the situation could have panned out. Going through that experience was so taxing on me and somedays it seemed like it would never end. If you need a friendly ear dont hesitate. Ill keep your family and your daughter in my prayers.

KREEBEE SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (535)
Posts: 60
7/27/10 1:03 P

Congratulations! She is so sweet! It really is amazing what little babies can fight through, and she is obviously a good little fighter. Keep us posted on how great she is doing!

PERKOLADY Posts: 1,581
7/27/10 10:24 A

Congratulations! She'll be fine, and you and she will have stories to tell her whole life, about her strength and moxie. :)

7/27/10 9:52 A

I know things are a lot better now. I'm actually thinking of finding a way to give back to the NICU. They do so much to save these babies. I know things have changed since, but all I could think of are the 4 babies that my grandmother lost because they were all premies. But I'm so grateful that my daughter is doing well.

CHRISTAN6 Posts: 155
7/27/10 9:37 A

Congratulations on becomming a mom. It feel great doesn't it. I'm sure Bryanna is in good hands and she'll come of the NICU plump and ready to head home wityh you.My nephew was born at 26 weeks and he was a little over 2 lbs. He is now 12 and doing great. It is hard leaving them in the hospital but they will take great care of her. Keep us posted !

INDIANOAKS SparkPoints: (95,693)
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7/26/10 9:22 P

Yep -- welcome to motherhood and the many, many worries... emoticon !! Wouldn't trade it for ANYTHING though! Thanks for keeping us posted and letting us know how Bryanna is doing!

7/26/10 5:36 A

Thank you so much. She's doing great. She did have one setback last week where she needed a transfusion but the doctors and nurses assured me that for babies her age, it's not unusual. (Still scared me but I guess that comes with being a mom.)

INDIANOAKS SparkPoints: (95,693)
Fitness Minutes: (75,567)
Posts: 6,818
7/22/10 10:34 A

CONGRATS! Hang in there with your little one being in NICU. I've been through that so understand! Your daughter is GORGEOUS and SO very precious! Take care -- of Mommy AND baby Bryanna!

7/22/10 10:00 A

She's still doing well. Had a slight setback but she's tough and keeping up the good work. She's so precious.

*ERICA* Posts: 2,567
7/19/10 10:08 A

patty~ good luck to you and your litle girl. life is so precious! And to see what god can do is amazing. hopefully she recovers quickly and you can bring her home!
congrats on your new little one!

LISSIE88 Posts: 635
7/16/10 12:12 P

Congratulations!!! Hope all stays well and you welcome her home soon.

STACYSMILES Posts: 1,088
7/16/10 10:13 A

Congratulations on your little one! Take it easy and enjoy every day...they go by so fast.

7/16/10 9:30 A

Thanks, everyone. I can't wait to have my daughter home and to be back on my feet again. Due to all the running around between home and the hospital unfortunately I have some swelling in my feet. I can't wait til that clears up so I'm more comfortable to start walking and exercising again. Bryanna is doing very well, she's already gained back most of the initial weight loss.

MOMMAHUNT30 Posts: 2
7/15/10 8:02 A

Congrats on your little one. Also good for you for taking some time to get yourself healthy. Your baby needs a strong healthy and happy momma

MISSYGEEN Posts: 2,083
7/14/10 9:24 A

Congratulations! The most precious gift one could ever have. You are in for a treat and a lot of work. I would suggest that you read as much as you can and get plenty of rest before the baby comes home. Also, as soon as you are back up to it start working out again fit it into your schedule it will give you the energy you need. I wish you and your family the best at such a beautiful time.

7/13/10 9:24 P

Congrats on your daughter!! I hope she does really well and comes home as soon as possible :)

THELUCKIEST018 SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 861
7/13/10 9:14 P

Congratulations! My husband was born at 26 weeks, just over 1 pound...and now he's 6'1" and in perfect health!! Congratulations again! It may be a rough time while she's in the NICU but she's in the best place possible. Enjoy being a mommy!!

7/13/10 11:35 A

Congratulations on your daughter's safe arrival!! It sounds like you have a good team and the most wonderful outcome. emoticon I hope you enjoy the many gifts of parenting as much as I have and wish your family the best!

TROTTERFAM4 Posts: 317
7/13/10 11:16 A

Congratulations!! What a blessing a new baby is!!! May you both continue to be blessed and feel the grace that only Christ can give!!!

AASLP___ Posts: 9,650
7/13/10 10:39 A


7/13/10 6:58 A

Good morning. I'm back home now after giving birth to my first child, a baby girl born at 27 weeks 3 days gestation. She's still at the hospital in the NICU unit but she's doing great. Although I want more than anything to have her home with me, I know that I can't do anything for her. The good news is that she's breathing pretty much on her own and they started feeding her milk through a feeding tube already. I'm about to post pictures of my miracle baby. (I've been on strict bedrest for over a month before I wound up in the hospital two weeks ago when my water broke. Bryanna was born a week later. If the doctors didn't do the extra check that they did a couple months ago, I would have lost her.)

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