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1/26/14 12:46 A

Hi and welcome to Spark People! It's great to have you here!! Jump right in, join a team or two and get the support and inspiration you need! We're all in this together and I wish you all the best on your journey.

HELLOADDISON SparkPoints: (4,312)
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1/25/14 7:25 P

SuziPam1- cosplay is basically just dressing up as a fav anime or some other character kinda acting like them at conventions.

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1/25/14 7:23 P

catabrie- hmmmmm..... I have a lot of fav anime characters. So far I have been Ed Elrick from Fma. Naruto, and InuYasha.

I hope to dress as more cute characters in the coming years.

FOCUSONME57 Posts: 6,909
1/25/14 10:37 A

Welcome and congratulations on taking the first big step, establishing SMART goals!

You will find many on this site who have lost as much or more as your goal, or who are on the same journey with you.

I have to admit, I didn't know what cosplay was either, so I Googled it :)

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1/25/14 10:03 A

Those sound like lofty and reasonable goals! Welcome aboard -- from another newbie.

I have friends that I help make cosplay outfits for. What's your favourite character?

SUZIPAM1 Posts: 1,464
1/25/14 2:21 A

haha what i cosplay please?

HELLOADDISON SparkPoints: (4,312)
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1/25/14 12:58 A

Thank you every one!

0309COOKIE Posts: 8,436
1/24/14 10:24 P

Welcome aboard!


1/24/14 9:15 P

Welcome to SparkPeople and yes taking it slow one day at a time. Good goals and you will make it just take it one step at a time. We are glad to have you here with us.

LIVINHEALTHY9 SparkPoints: (334,004)
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1/24/14 8:21 P

Hello and Welcome!

SP has everything you need to help you reach your goals.
It sounds like you have a plan and know what you need to do. Taking it slow and steady is a good plan.
Be sure to be active on your Spark Teams. That will help keep you accountable and you will meet some great people along the way.

Best of luck to you!

TIGER_LILY_613 Posts: 519
1/24/14 7:19 P

Hello and welcome to Spark ! It's a great place to be ! emoticon

You're right about making small changes one day at a time. That's definitely a GREAT way to build a healthy, sustainable lifestyle. You've got a great mindset !

Good luck on your journey. I think you'll do great !
emoticon emoticon

HELLOADDISON SparkPoints: (4,312)
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1/24/14 5:39 P

Hello every one!
I am new (this week)to Spark,but since I am posting here you already knew that! emoticon
I am 32 years old and want to lose 170 pounds as my long term goal. It seems so far away and unreachable,but I am going to try my best. All I can do is take things one day at a time and make small changes so they will stick. I am starting off with a goal of at least ten minutes on the treadmill a day and watch what I eat, plus not to mention get my days full water intake.

I want to be healthy,happy, a better role model for my nephew,want clothes that fit, and want to cosplay again (if you dont know what cosplay is please ask). I would also like to make friends.

I guess that is it for now!

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