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5/7/13 1:17 P

I have the same problem, I'm a 44D and need something to support the "twins". Seems sporting good shops and stores never have larger sizes in a good sports bra! Guess us "big girls" are on our own!

5/6/13 10:56 P

I LOVE my sports bra for the gym....I had to get remeasured and found out over a year I went from a 38B to a 38C (I think its cause I am overweight) I hate it I am hoping as I exercise it will shrink them again if not I will consider getting another reduction

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5/6/13 10:06 P

Embarrassing when you have to hold them and it hurts! Hehe

INNERBEAUTY78 Posts: 217
5/6/13 8:47 P

Great information! I'm big busted myself and have to avoid jumping in any of the classes I take. I can't even take Ripped because there's a ton of jumping in that class and I don't have a supportive sports bra. It sucks! I will definitely have to check some of these bras out and hope I find the right one for me. It's embarrassing when I'm bouncing all over the place.

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5/4/13 9:38 P

Thanks I'll google. Did they last if they are pricy

SLOWERY20147 Posts: 5
5/4/13 9:28 P

Moving Comfort Maia in 34E is my new "breast" friend. Pricy but the girls can now go longer than my legs.

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5/4/13 8:54 P

I'm a cc but just so flabby and souls like to get more intense without hurting

FIELDWORKING SparkPoints: (29,946)
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5/4/13 7:57 P

I just wish I could find a normal bra that works for me (36DD or 34DDD depending on brand) that doesn't cost an arm and a leg. Sports Bra's...finding one that's the right size is an even harder task.

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5/4/13 7:44 P

Is the bra supposed to flatten you?

DUNNAL SparkPoints: (15,340)
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5/1/13 9:27 A

I have started wearing 2 bras while working out, especially when I run or jump. One bra didn't do the trick, but 2 keeps me from bouncing all over. I'm a 42DDD, so bounce is definitely an issue for me.

PINK4YOUTOO Posts: 508
4/30/13 6:43 P

Not really a problem.... for me!

DAWNLOGA Posts: 242
4/29/13 10:39 P

I have 3 Enell bras - love them! I'm a 42D - the girls stay in place. Bought them on Ebay for a good price.

4/29/13 10:24 P

Excellent underwired sports bras for larger busts - Bendon Extreme out (runs large by pretty much a whole size), Berlei Curves sports bra.

Best Wire free I have tied - Shock Absorber

BABNURSE SparkPoints: (41,305)
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4/29/13 8:55 P

I am a 32 G and I love the Le Mystere Energie Sports Bra I even wrote a blog about it. It is awesome and I am now able to do higher impact activites and I am very supported.

REDTHREN SparkPoints: (11,345)
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4/29/13 8:31 P

I'd have to second the recommendation for the Moving Comfort Fiona bra. Some sizes and colors are even on sale right now, at both and on amazon.

KELLYRENAY82 SparkPoints: (4,263)
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4/29/13 8:10 P

I'm really glad that I found this topic. I was actually trying to do the Jillian Michaels 30 day shred, and had to stop due to my breasts practically hitting my face. Not to mention it hurt to bounce. I have NO sports bras right now. I'm large at a 46DDD, I may need to go up... honestly I don't know. I just know I want a bra with NO UNDERWIRE that cannot break after being washed, and will support me during jump rope, jumping jacks, or any other exercise I decide to try/complete!

MEGAPEEJ Posts: 732
4/29/13 11:22 A

Check out Moving Comfort bras, specifically the Fiona. They're made for bustier women and they have great reviews on Amazon. They're a little pricier than something you would find at a big box store but everything stays where you want it to.

Plus they come in fun colors, and at least for me that makes me more likely to put it on and go exercise!

HLKLJGK SparkPoints: (45,257)
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4/28/13 10:26 P

must have a good sports bra. sometimes i'll wear 2 if i'm doing something very active.

PENAM87 Posts: 46
4/28/13 6:17 A

I swear by The Armour Bra by Under Armour and Enell Sports Bra to keep the girls in place. They are pricey but I sometimes believe you get what you pay for and these were money well spent!

4/28/13 5:29 A

I'm a 34DD. I have a hard time with sports bras because stores don't usually sell them in that size. I usually end up getting a 36D and doubling up, wearing two instead of one. I feel much more supported with two on. Especially because I am a runner and the bouncing can be painful!

4/28/13 5:14 A

Personally, I love sports bras (I'm a 38C). Ever since my mom watched me ride a horse and told me I was 'bouncing' too much (14 years ago), I decided to start wearing them. I love them! I used to buy the 3 packs from Wal-Mart (I refuse to shop there anymore), but Target probably has them too. I haven't worn a regular bra since. Besides, I like how they make the chest look-to me, regular bras make it super obvious, whereas sports bras give them a more rounded look (I don't know how to describe it).

GRRRMAMA Posts: 663
4/28/13 3:32 A

I am a 40DD right now, but losing! I need an idea for a good supportive Bra. I am doing some videos that I need to jog, jump, etc. and I need a bra that is gonna hold the ladies, so I don't have to. LOL
Any help/ideas appreciated! Thanks Everyone!

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