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5/4/13 12:51 P

So I got this new game on the wii and it's a boxing cardio game thing much like the original wii fit :). I like it a lot it has sections and even has exams and you can do more exams the more you learn :). It doesn't pick up some of my movement which is frustrating as I love games BUT as long as I do the actual move it doesn't matter too much as it's all workout :) I just completed basic workout (like training as it teaches you basic moves including stepping) and it was a lot of fun only took me 20mins but didn't feel that long. It tells you what position to be in and you have to bounce with your feet in time which gives my legs as well as my legs a good workout :D.

I won't be using this exercise but I think i'll use this when my child sleeps during the day :D Has anyone else got this game?

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