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If the odd number doesn't include you then you can hold pads. If not, then maybe do a circuit (round robin type thingy), for example if you have 3 people on a team, three can be doing push ups or while 2 box, then the person hold the pads moves to boxing and then next person in line moves to hold the pads, the other person keeps doing the other thing.

ETA: if you have squishy medicine balls or bigger kick pads a person can punch one of those on the ground.

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Hi there,

Recently I started teaching boxercise class, usually I have two groups of people: one group is doing punches (jabs, hooks, upper cuts) and another group is doing exercises (burpees, push ups, sit ups, squat jumps etc.) and then they're swapping.
However I found one problem, if I have 10 people so I can have 5 pairs (one person is holding the pads and another person is punching) but if I have 11, 13, 15 people one person doesn't have any pair, what to do then?
Please if you know give me any advice, maybe I should change a structure of the class?

Thanks! :)

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