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4/10/13 12:35 P

Heck yeah! I bet you rock it!

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4/10/13 12:29 P

Excellent you! I can't wait to get a new suit! xoxo

4/9/13 2:38 P

That is fantastic! What a great feeling that must be. Super happy for you!! :)

CLWALDRO Posts: 4,583
4/9/13 6:22 A

emoticon I am glad you were so successful on your shopping trip to get a new swimsuit. I am proud that you love the way you look in the suit and the choice to have a colorful one is exciting. I hope you have even more success in the clothes shopping area

TANGOKATE Posts: 662
4/8/13 10:21 P

Wow. Good for you! I feel inspired! Thank you very much!

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4/6/13 3:02 P

How inspiring!
I don't even recall what decade it was when I bought my last one.
It's going to be time soon.

Hope I have the experience you described. That has to be mind-blowing!

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4/6/13 11:00 A

emoticon Great job :D

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4/6/13 10:14 A

that is awesome. cant wait til I can buy one. anyway that's great.

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4/6/13 10:03 A

Me too! I totally get what you're saying. First painless bathing suit shopping ever! First non-black suit ever! No skirt. No scrunchy fluff. Wasn't it awesome!?

C'mon summer! I can't wait to rock that bathing suit at the lake!!! emoticon

emoticon emoticon emoticon

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4/5/13 11:30 P

Ladies (and probably many men, too), you know that finding a bathing suit you like the look of really sucks! But today I walked in the store, tried, on two (only 2! not 20!) bathing suits, actually liked one, and bought it. No worry, no stress, no shame. I'll never be a super,model, and that's OK. But this summer, I'll be happy with the way I look :) P.S. the suit is even colorful. First time I can remember ever buying a suit that is not black, and does not have any scrunchy bits or skirt or other body-disguising stuff.

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