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11/19/11 4:12 A


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11/19/11 12:05 A

August 20, 1957. Doesn't seem that long ago. I live by the credo "50 is the new 30." I am an expert at yo-yo dieting. I am doing Chalean Extreme and TurboFire to get back into shape. It is definitely harder now than it used to be, but I'm still determined to lose 40 pounds and this time I want to learn how to maintain the weight loss for good. I'm a compulsive eater so I need to get a handle on that too. I'm a work in progress.

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10/5/11 2:15 P

Yup, I was born in 1957. I am vegan and a power walker. I also do Callanetics and Yoga. Walking I do 7 days a week and three each of the other workouts. So far I have lost 14.2 pounds since joining SparkPeople on August 8th. I was just looking over my blogs and such and am really surprised to see how many changes I have made in such a short time. Living in Canada's Capital and having a great time this time. Just recently I have been able to go off blood-pressure meds and am doing great. I had not really looked at the message boards but mostly been over on teams but thought I would check things out here and couldn't resist saying HI on the 1957 thread.

Hi to all
Alicia emoticon

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10/4/11 3:17 P

What no more 1957's?? Busy week ,Gen. cleaning. painting doors Washing, cooking ,cleaning.But now I think about it diffirently, it's all exercise ,yep, all getting me into that smaller size, slowly, doing my hand weights, going for an hour walk. Yep all getting me to wear I want to be.......Dident look like a horrid fat stranger as I passed the shop windows!!.. Been at it since 17 th august.. not head on...But ticking over...Everyday. Still not weighing myself....The fit of my clothes, feeling firmer, I know the scales have broken my heart in the passed. I'm not going to go there again.! Hundreds of diets later, this program, I 'm sticking too......

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9/29/11 10:18 A

Great day! I actually lost another pound. emoticon

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9/24/11 1:15 P

Hi all you 1957 ziz........A very good year.Like you all, started slim..... and gained and gained. I dident mined, I' m a happy person.even though I ;ve been through some difficult times, like everyone. Seeing myself in a photo shocked me into Spark people . Very, very slowly I can see the diffirence. I,m always on one diet or another,for years and years it seems.But this logging in is really helping.I started August 17 th 2011.I,m up to level 5 and have honestly logged in 1285 Fitness minutes. Ive surprised myself .I,m not weighing myself.But I ve dropped a pant size. I ,m a comfort eater .I hope I dont give in. I think I have managed to put healthy foods in the place of feel bad foods..

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9/22/11 10:35 P

Determined to get the weight off this time. Just want to feel and look better. A wake up moment for me was when I saw a picture taken at Christmas a few years ago and thought who is that fat old woman-then I realized it was me. I don't feel fat or old. I grew up thin and when I think of myself I still picture myself as thin. Sometimes it's quite a shock when I really take a good look! emoticon

8/31/11 10:33 A

First, have to say, I LOVE your photo, incredible + really funny!

Second, pick a cardio you like to do. I love the treadmill, I see it as my meditation, a time of the day when one can bug me for anything, don't have to take phone calls, deal with people issues. Its my time.

And I do little challenges on the treadmill. I set it on manual + run at 5.0 with incline of .05 most of the time, after 15 minutes I kick it up to 7.0 for 1/2 or 1 minute (sometimes I do 8.0.) and then I drop back to 5.0 to recover. I try to do that 3 times in an hour. Do that every other day and you will drop wt pretty fast + steady. Yes, you feel it in the chest, but after a while not as much + gives you a clean feeling. (also tones the legs and gluts)

That's my challenge on the TM, use this challenge (modify the numbers for the beginning) or make your own + tell us what you changed it to.

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8/31/11 9:25 A

HealthyFoodie2: Your story sounds exactly like mine! Thank you for the inspiration! I, too, was a skinny kid and young adult. I, too, gained 35 pounds and have similar health issues... knee and joint pain, sore feet, sore back. And I, too, was rushed to the hospital thinking I was having a heart attack! Despite all this... it's hard to get motivated after so many years of bad eating habits and little to no exercise. But I'm giving it my best shot! I want to prolong my life and would love to wear a pair of skinny jeans again! :)

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8/31/11 9:03 A

Another 1957er.
I was always skinny, then started working for a food company, gained 35 lbs, started to have some health issues like knee + back problems (couldn't sleep longer than 3 hrs for the back pain) then one day thought I was having a heart attack or stroke. Toke myself to the hospital, 5 hours in a hospital bed wondering what part of my body wasn't going to work well anymore. (I work in hospitals, I have seen this happen to patients)

Turned out to be extreme muscle cramps due to not enough muscle to carry the excessive weight. That was my wake up call!

Started working out more seriously, hired a trainer for 6 months, changed my food! That was 5 yrs ago. I lost 20lbs with the trainer (gained muscle he was big on that and glad he was) I continue to lose wt working out on my own. Now I look better than I did when I was 25, wish I had started working out then. I have a strong body, I am healthier than I've been in years. I love working out, love what it does for me.

You can turn back the clock!!!!!!

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8/22/11 8:08 P

Ya I was born back then too.
Sometimes it seems like not to long ago and sometimes it seems like a very long time ago.
I gained 25 pounds this past year and have never weighed this much before and feel really awful about it so I am really seriously Sparking.

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8/15/11 2:03 P

Cheers! Here's to not giving up!

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8/15/11 1:39 P

Ah, yes... 1957. A good year indeed!

I seem to go in fits and starts. I did well for a few months, and then slacked off for a few. Not bad enough to gain, just didn't lose. Back at it again and hope to continue with my earlier success.


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8/14/11 4:59 P


I was born in 1957. A very good year! :)

I joined today after seeing a photo of myself that a friend took yesterday. I knew I had to lose weight, but I didn't realize how fat I actually looked! Yikes!

Anyway... I hope this site will motivate me to get back to my formerly thin self.

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7/18/11 7:41 A

I see a few posts, "Born in ..." and couldn't find born in 1957 in the message boards, so I started one! In the Chinese Zodiac, we were born in the year of the 'rooster'. Please share how you are staying fit, getting fit or just plain want to get fit and looking for ways to start.

I'll start my journey of fit. I've been an avid power-walker for over 8 years and initially lost 33lbs. from my top weight of 232 just from power-walking. From there I've bounced between 187-199 for the last 3 1/2 years. I've incorporated strength training within the last year by beginning the "New Rules of Lifting for Women". I had to discontinue due to tingling in my neck/arms/hands. I should explain that I had cervical neck fusion in 2005 and should have been a little bit more sensible about barbells across the trapezius muscle. Also 'I should have' taken heed to the warning of seeing my doctor BEFORE beginning the program....yeah, yeah... (Is that a trait of being born in 1957 ya think?)

I don't give up easily and returned to the program a few months ago. I now use dumbbells instead of barbells for exercises such as squats and I'm progressing wonderfully. I can't explain it but lifting/strength training gives me the 'high' necessary to keep me returning to the gym. Note: You do not need a gym membership to strength train-so don't even try to use that excuse.

There is a brief synopsis of what I am doing to keep fit (and might I add, sexy) after 50.

What say you?

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