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5/2/11 12:26 P

Hi...I know exactly what you mean!
I think our age has alot to do with it. It's just not as easy to lose weight and our hormones play dirty little tricks on us! are not alone! But like you's a new day and we can always start again. Some days just click better for me than others.
Just keep trying to be aware of what you eat and why.
I have to remind myself of that too. I'm just not dishing out advice...I need to live by it also.
Have a great day and is MONDAY and the start of a beauitful month. A great time to begin again.

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5/1/11 7:56 P

Hello, my name is Ann and I haven't been on Sparks pages for a long time...I am at this time a member of WW online but I am having a really rough time of it here lately, staying on points..I have eaten anything that has not been nailed down in the last three weeks, therefore gaining some of my weight back. It is hard for me to lose in the first place so not sure why I am doing this to myself...thought if I would maybe come back here for awhile I would get a new perspective on all of it..I only have myself to blame and I can't even give a reason as to why I am doing this to, tomorrow is a new day and a new week for me, so am going to try my best to eat properly and stay either within my points or calories... thanks for listening to me emoticon

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5/1/11 1:25 P

Happy May Day to all those born in the great year of 1953 (and all others too).
I didn't see any topic for 1953 so I just thought I would go ahead and start one!
I'm in sunny California and am a new member of SPARKSPEOPLE.
Hope everyone is having a great day!
Bye for now...

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