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11/11/11 11:30 P

I'm with you, Smokey! emoticon

11/11/11 10:08 P

Do you feel old puglover? Me either. Then we are right in the middle...are you with me?

PUGLOVER1999 SparkPoints: (58,671)
Fitness Minutes: (44,938)
Posts: 1,120
11/11/11 2:58 P

Hey, Smokey803! I thought I was the oldest Sparker! Guess I'll have to step down into second place. I was born in 1939.

I wonder if we really are the oldest two people in SP world? emoticon emoticon

11/9/11 2:51 P

And we are very happy to have ou here and happy birthday! emoticon

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11/9/11 7:18 A

Hi! I was born in December 1944. emoticon

It's good to be here. emoticon

10/22/11 2:28 P

Does being born in 1935 make me the oldest? What do I win?
You know, of course, that 76 is the new 50. The best thing about this site, to me, is the calorie counter. It makes my life so much easier and as a result, I'm more conscious of what's going in my mouth. Now I realize how inconsistent I was.
The other best thing is the other members. Everyone is helpful in some way. With encouraging words, with jokes, with stories of their own successes.
These ARE the golden years!

10/15/11 10:38 P

Hi Maritimer3~ thanks for your response! WOW..congratulations on being able to reset
your goal weight! I'm encouraged and

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10/15/11 10:35 P

Thanks for your response, Abbemine! Congratulations on your success; what an encouragement this website is!!! I'm not sure how to find "In for the Long Haul" but I'm
learning how to navigate the site, so surely I'll find it. jo

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10/15/11 9:37 P

Hi Greensidegal - I'm Linda from Duluth, MN - I'm above the 1944 - I'm 1952 - Check out all the different Sparks teams. I can tell you that "In for the Long Haul" is a great message team. Being co-leader, we offer great suggestions and support for the issues you need. Read everything available to you and have fun with the site. Take care and May God Bless!!

MARITIMER3 SparkPoints: (213,974)
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10/15/11 7:52 P

Hello - I was born in 1943 and have belonged to SP since January, 2011. So far I've lost 27 lbs., plus another 12 I lost on my own before joining SP. I've just revised my goal from 150 to 140 lbs.(making me 15 lbs. from goal). I hope to reach 140 by January 20, 2012, my 1 year Sparkiversary. I really believe in this program, and I wish you every success in your weight management journey.

10/15/11 7:17 P

I'm new and am hoping to take off 18 pounds; the food and exercise tracking are exciting
tools, plus I'm so encouraged by the success stories on SparkPeople. What a blessing to
find this site!

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