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STEPHYPO Posts: 251
2/27/13 4:10 P

Heye- Looking for some new ideas on how to not be sutck at my dest all day...I work in a real estate office, and as you probably guessed - we've been kinda slow lately. What types of exercises would you do if you couldn't get away?

CSROBERTSON621 SparkPoints: (213,042)
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Posts: 2,883
2/26/13 9:44 P

Are there small personal tasks you can handle with a spare few moments?

I carry a planner with me, and include thank you notes/birthday cards/etc. that need writing, plus a list of things like appointments/phone calls I need to make, bills to pay (or set up online payment for) -- basically any errand that can be done at a desk with pen, phone, or computer. I take care of what I can in spare moments during the day. That way the time doesn't get wasted with mindless surfing, and I can then use my non-office time for things like exercising and cooking at home!

You'd be surprised at what you can get done with time that otherwise might get wasted. I'm a lawyer at a large firm (so my time is pretty much literally money), but most days I have at least a few moments where I'm waiting on someone else to do something, etc. in which I can get a few things ticked off the list.

FOUREYEDFOOL SparkPoints: (7,559)
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2/26/13 5:19 P

I work from home! Check out what I do. It's really easy and free and you get paid in real money (who doesn't like that? lol)

JR0124 Posts: 382
11/1/12 8:54 A

Thank you everyone for your suggestions. I'll try some of them out today.

I've tried reading before but once I get into a book I get really annoyed when work comes in and then I put it off as long as possible.

I know I am spoiled being able to WFH but it would take quite the raise to get me to work in an office again. When I change jobs I think it will be a big adjustment to be back with other people, and showering in the morning, and not being able to work out at lunch, and being able to cook during the day, etc.

ONELOVED15 Posts: 211
11/1/12 4:54 A

OMG I wish I could work from home, but for now I am at my desk for 12 hours just about straight through! I find that I eat from boredom, makes me want to snack so I have to bring plenty to choose from. I never know what I want and with such a long shift it definitely changes throughout. Snack bags prepared in advance are my saviors!

GRANDMABABA SparkPoints: (304,636)
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11/1/12 4:37 A

I can snack my way through my day and get all I need in nutrition department. R

10/31/12 10:55 P

Sparkpeople and YouTube both have great videos of exercises that you can do from your desk! Also reading or doing a craft like knitting or crochet will keep your hands busy!

CMCOLE Posts: 2,667
10/31/12 6:07 P

I often work @ home.

I have veggies in sandwich bags, bottles of water (refilled from tap, but poured into a glass so I don't drink from the bottle itself), and fruit available for snacking.

I usually try to "pack" my lunch and snacks in advance, as if I were working outside the home - that way I treat my home office as the same - and eat only what I've packed

HFAYE81 SparkPoints: (21,822)
Fitness Minutes: (12,388)
Posts: 287
10/31/12 1:03 P

I also check up on SP when stuck at a desk. I check out articles, read and post blogs, and I check forums. It's a great way to gear up for my lunch time work out, and beat those noontime munchies emoticon

10/31/12 12:52 P

In a similar situation as you (at home, essentially on call to IM's and phone calls).

I try to stick to looking at Spark or motivational websites on my computer if I'm trying to kill time. I'm also an avid reader so I'll get books from the library (food, novels, magazines - anything that interests me). I also do search a words and I write. Just things that I know I can have my concentration broken.

Next month is NaNoWriMo so I'll be writing a lot in my downtime. It will come in handy.

Hope you find some things that work for you!

SHONPASSOULE SparkPoints: (6,399)
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Posts: 15
10/31/12 12:03 P

I was working as a night nurse at a prison once and I often got bored just sitting there if there were no emergencies. So would do 25-50 hip flexors, tricep dips off of the desk/chair, standing leg raises for my inner and outer thigh, do butt kicks and throw my arms into it for added burn, single leg calf raises, legs extentions while sitting in my chair and also knee ups to work my abs while sitting in my chair. I usually found something to do after feeling the burn lol. Enjoy!

JR0124 Posts: 382
10/31/12 11:57 A

I am looking for your ideas on what to do when I'm working but bored.

I work from home so I always need to be accessible whenever anyone calls or messages me. Usually need an instant response to these requests. But, the main part of what I do is one of those request information and wait situations. This means that for at least 2 hours a day I am just sitting at my desk playing on the computer. This usually leads to me eating everything in sight. Since my desk is in my living room I can see the kitchen all day long.

So, what can I do (I do have strict workouts planned each day already that I do when I am slow) to keep my mind and hands busy but that I can drop in 10 seconds when I need to respond to my work stuff?

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