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7/24/12 2:09 P

Drink water between meals and try to schedule a bit in terms of when you eat?

TURTLESDOVE Posts: 1,067
7/24/12 9:20 A

I wish I could, but right now I'm trying to buy a home, and I need a stable work history. I've been here 8 years. Due to the economy, the last couple of years have been really slow. If and when I can get a loan for a nice little home within my means, you better believe I'm gonna look for another job. Right now, it's sucksville!

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7/24/12 8:30 A

New job? That sounds pretty miserable to me.

TURTLESDOVE Posts: 1,067
7/23/12 4:38 P

I feel your pain. I am in the same exact boat that you are in. That's why I'm able to type here now, cause I'm bored. I have no customers coming in, no phone calls, no ordering to do. I tell you what works for me and it's not carrots. Carrots are not filling. I have coffee in the morning and I try to wait til the latest I can to have lunch. Lunch is an organic burrito made with beans and rice. The breading is 100% whole wheat. That really fills me until dinner. I usually have a handful of chips with this, or some kind of vegetable. When I'm bored, as long as I'm full, I don't think about eating. Hope this helps.

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7/23/12 4:06 P

My job is exceptionally boring. I can go for days, even weeks, without an ounce of work landing on my desk, but I am required to be at my desk 8 hours a day. I surf the internet, get on facebook, read, but a person can only do these things for so long.
The problem is that when I'm bored, I eat. I keep healthy snacks in my desk, but if I eat 500 carrot sticks, I'm still not being healthy. Help!

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