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8/30/12 5:09 P

If your doctor is diagnosing you as a borderline hypoglycemic with a single blood glucose reading and then (instead of giving you nutritional advice or referring you to a registered dietitian) telling you to find a diet online, you may want to think about getting a second opinion or a different doctor.


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8/30/12 2:07 P

Your average conventional doctor gets 3 hours or less of nutritional training in medical school. If you want professional nutrition advice and help developing a meal plan, see a registered dietician or a naturopathic dr. An ND will spend an hour with you, as opposed to the 5 or 10 mins a regular dr spends.

Try going 2 weeks without any added sugars ( there are hidden sugars in bread, condiments, and other non dessert items). Aim for processed foods with 4 grams of sugar or less. Eat as many whole foods as possible, your taste buds and body will thank you. You may also find that you don't use as much salt. There are natural sugars in fruits, dairy etc and those shouldn't spike your blood sugar too much, just avoid sugary drinks and water down juice with no added sugars.

But you don't necessarily need to see someone to prevent hypoglycemia. I used to suffer from pre-hypoglycemia and chronic anxiety, and i corrected it by snacking between meals, getting protein and either a fruit or veg in each snack. I also cut sugar down to once a day, opted for fruit or 1 square of dark chocolate instead of dessert, and watered down juice. If you have to have sugar, only eat it 2 hours before bed. Eating it in the daytime will spike and then drop your blood sugar, causing mood swings, feeling crummy, and sugar cravings.

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8/30/12 1:33 P

Here is some additional information that you might find helpful --

Understanding Hypoglycemia
Eating to Prevent Low Blood Sugar

Carbohydrate-Counting Chart
A Single-Serving Reference Guide

Coach Tanya

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8/30/12 12:08 P

I am also diabetic and I have been following the 17 Day Diet (it really is more then just 17 days by the way) It is lower carb and my numbers are improving. I would ask to talk to a dietitian if possible. They can help give you a more personal plan.

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8/30/12 11:36 A

I am diabetic, and went low carb to counter that problem. I am now off all meds, but started having low blood sugars often, since I was on Atkins Induction ( less than 20 g of carbs ).

I have upped my carbs a bit, but more importantly, I try to add some carbs to every meal.. mushroom omelettes, chicken with tomatoes, onions, or mushrooms.

You want to not spike your blood sugar, and then crash. Low carb is basically meat, and vegetables.. lots of By having carbs with every meal, you keep your blood sugar from dropping to dangerous levels. Eggs for breakfats, or salads can be eaten also, and I usually have beans one day a week for a high carb day, usually a chili on sunday. I don't eat fruit cuz it spikes my blood sugar, but you can. It works great if you do start to suffer a reaction.

Good Luck figuring it out. If you have a meter, test till you have a general idea of what amount of food keeps you sugars in range.

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8/30/12 4:52 A

I would suggest :
Seeing if there are any Hypoglycemia SparkTeams here which could suggest some helpful websites/books.
Have your doctor recommend a Registered Dietitian to help you create a meal plan.
Go to you local bookstore and see if you can find something there.

Good Luck!

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8/30/12 12:29 A

I hear ya as I am hypoglycemic. I eat a high protein low carb diet. I get my carbs mostly from fruits and veggies. I usually do 1 whole grain a day. I eat more protein and less carbs then my sparks plan says. If I do that I don't have any hypoglycemic crashes (low blood sugar).

8/29/12 9:58 P

I'm really needing help with something.
I went yesterday for my annual checkup & when my dr's office called today with my results, they told me I was borderline hypoglycemic & I should follow a high-protein/restricted carb diet. I asked if there was any particular plan I should follow, and they said I could find something online. I've looked but haven't really found anything specific. I know there's the Atkins diet & others, but couldn't really find anything specific on them unless I paid a fee. To be honest, I'm on a very limited income & can't afford to join a diet plan. Does anyone have any suggestions?

PS... I went to the site but didn't really find anything either. HELP!!!

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