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7/1/13 5:16 P

Had a few off days, but I am back on track. Missed the gym today because of the heat, I am focusing mainly on my eating habits right, especially since that's my problem area. Hopefully to lose a lb or two this week, last week I maintained.

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6/27/13 7:05 P

Having a relatively good day today. I did have a couple of splurges but got back on track.

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6/27/13 11:12 A

Hope today is going better for you! We all have those off days....the important thing is to not let them overcome is a chance to start out fresh! Wishing you a great day!

6/26/13 8:56 A

I weighed myself today, no change. I know its due to overeating recently. They say food is 80% and exercise is 20%. I have got to work on my eating habits. Last week I did a lot better staying in my calorie range. Today that is going to be my focus, eating less and eating better.

Exercise: Leslie Sansone walk away lbs (1 mile - 28 minutes)

Feeling a little down today. Husband wasn't feeling good which put him in a bad mood, I guess the bad feelings were contagious. :(

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6/25/13 8:59 A

Beginning of Day 9:

Ready for a new day. I am still getting used to my super early schedule for work, but its really nice getting off work early in the day. Makes it a little easier to keep up with going to the gym/working out. Yesterday's food was a little high (mostly because of subway) but I am feeling good about my choices lately.

6/25/13: Gym treadmill (30 minutes, 1.51 miles), Turbo Jam 20 minutes

Update later in day:
I ended up working out at the gym AND a quick workout at home. I felt bad that i overate at dinner (again) and did a second workout. I am struggling with the eating part of this. The fact that I felt motivated to workout rather than sit around and feel guilty is a good sign. I feel like my head is really in it finally. I struggled all year with starting and quickly messing up. On the bright side of the eating issue is that I am definitely eating more fruits/veggies and drinking more water, I am just mostly eating too much.

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6/24/13 5:53 P

Day 8:

Back to work today, it feels like Monday, lol. Forgot my gym bag today so I worked out at home again. I ate out for lunch today but chose subway instead of tacos or burgers.

6/24: Leslie Sansone Walk away lbs (4 miles - 70 minutes)

I guess I am streaking now...8 days of exercise in a row :)

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6/23/13 6:55 P

That is a good idea Bonnie, I did the same thing today...not defeated either, more fruits and veggies... Tomorrow is a new day...hooray let's do it!

6/23/13 11:47 A

Day 7.

Yesterday, I had a little relapse with overeating. We had chinese food and I hadn't had it in forever. I overate, but I am not feeling defeated today. I will keep going. One day will not ruin my momentum.

What I realized from looking over yesterday's nutrition tracker is that I only had one serving fruit/veggie before eating dinner. I think that made me vulnerable to over eating too. The fiber (and nutrition) from fruits/veggies is so important. Today I will be more aware of my intake.

Exercise today
6/23/13: 20 minutes turbo jam

I am really doing well with daily exercise. I have allowed myself to do short workouts, which I think takes away the time issue. There's no reason to not fit a quick workout in everyday. Right now i am really trying to build up my habits more than anything. If I can get back into a routine and the healthy lifestyle coming naturally, I will then challenge myself with harder, longer workouts and experiment with cooking.

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6/23/13 11:45 A

Thanks JIBBIE49 and ANNIEK31 for the support :)

I love Leslies walking DVD, they helped me lose weight a couple of different times after having my babies.

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6/22/13 1:05 P

Hi Bonnie
Keep up the good work, I'm on day 4, so far so good. I also really like Leslie, when I can't get outside to walk I use her DVD's.

6/22/13 12:53 P

Another day of exercise complete

6/22/13: Leslie Sansone Walk at home (2 miles - 42 minutes)

I lost a few lbs. hoping to get past the 5 lbs range that I have constantly gained & lost over the last year.

6/21/13 6:14 P

6/20: gym 20 minutes (treadmill - 1 mile)
6/21: Turbo jam 20 minutes

I am feeling more in control lately. I was tempted today to drink soda and make bad food choices. The excuse was it will just be this once and its Friday (its been a rough week but really what kind of crazy excuse is that, lol). I thought about how I will feel if I eat bad and how I will feel if I make a better choice and the latter one won out. My meal was pretty decent and no soda. I am realizing how easy it is to slip up. I know that if I had eaten poorly I would have felt defeated and possibly started another cycle of bad eating (which would have most likely have led to having to start over AGAIN). I am rebuilding my mental strength against emotional/stress eating. I also didn't go to the gym today. I wanted to get home early. I was worried that I would choose to not workout once I got home, however, I felt motivated from my lunch success and did a 20 minute dvd workout. I hope I can keep this up. I am definitely fighting against fatigue and my own rationalizations (i.e. excuses). I am trying to keep the big picture in mind and remember that girl from 2 years ago, the one who kept going & lost 70 lbs.

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6/20/13 9:25 A

Keep going.

6/19/13 9:26 P

Day 3: I am getting back to my healthy habits after a two year break. I realized that stress has put me back into dangerous ways of soothing myself with sugar laden drinks and fast food. Now I am taking baby steps to get back on track. I am eating better and hoping to regain a taste/cravings for fruits/veggies and other healthy foods. I started tracking again yesterday.

I am 3 days into working out again (plus one day last week) and already feeling so much better. What I realized at the gym today... I had to drag myself to the gym, was so tired after work, but 5 minutes into the workout I was on fire. I walked faster than yesterday. The hard part is getting started.

The goal right now is to workout regularly (even its only 10 minutes), only drink zero calorie drinks, eat tons of fruits/veggies, whole grains, and lean protein.


6/17: Turbo Jam 20 minutes
6/18: Gym 30 minutes (treadmill - 1.55 mile)
6/19: Gym 30 minutes (treadmill - 1.59 mile)

**updated with mileage

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