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Set points they believe is where your body feels genetically comfortable. Do you ever see adult twins united after 40 tears or so.they not only look alike their bodies are similar. They weigh almost the same. My body has had 3 set points where it stayed for years. I can diet of have lipo and I change for awhile but my body wants to return to a certain weight, I have to fight it constantly. When I am at the weight I don't vary much even if I overeat. I wondered how many people have noticed this.

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Welcome to Spark! You can do it!!

Not sure what weight set points are. My body is comfortable at my current weight but I am desperately trying to tick it to the curb!!

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I was around 1 pound of 202 (5'7")for nearly 8 yrs. before that it was 192 for 5 yrs. I had lipo and exercised and went to 175 for a few years only to creep back up first t 192 and then 202. I had almost Given up because I believed no matter how much I ate my body would always return to 202. I started phentermine one month ago today and I've exercised every day and watched what I've eaten and I'm down 6 pounds. My fear is when I stop phenermine but keep exercise and eating healthy my body will want to go back to 202. What is it about weight set points and does anybody else have any experience with them?

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