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2/14/14 2:31 P

If there really is a difference (although I would echo that indeed, it's probably user error rather than an actual increase) it's probably fluid; you know how you bloat around that time of the month? Hormonal shifts, sodium overdoses, even reactions to some foods can cause bloating that isn't related to fat gain.

MISSRUTH Posts: 4,299
2/14/14 9:36 A

I'd agree with the pp's. If your clothes are fitting better, it just about has to be the simple fact that you put the tape in a slightly different place or it wasn't straight and even, all the way around. I don't know if you're measuring in front of a mirror, but that can help with "straight and even". You may want to make some notes about where you put the tape.... xx number of inches down your arm or up from the point of your elbow. xx number of inches from your belly button. That type of thing. I'd chalk today's measurements up to, variances with the placement of the tape, and just focus on the fact that your clothes are fitting better.

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2/14/14 8:59 A

When I do my own measuring, especially on my arms and thighs, I measure down first so I always measure in the same spot before I measure around. Also try to measure the same time of day/week/month because much like weighing in, that can make a difference.

BELLYDOG Posts: 2,466
2/14/14 8:20 A

I would echo that it might be where you measured or that the tape was slightly skewed. Also if your abdomen (the area just below your waistline) is shrinking, your clothing should feel looser even if your waistline isn't going down in size.

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2/14/14 7:42 A

I am not an expert but I SUSPECT that it may have more to do with how you measured it and/or where you measured your waist than the actual size of your waist. When I get measured at the fitness center, I prefer to have the same person measure me and she is the one who actually uses a consistent pattern of measuring - she actually measures how many inches down my arm she measures, how far down my thigh she measures, checks that the tape measure is exactly even all the way around, etc. The others seem to play it by ear of just guess where to measure. Sometimes it makes a BIG difference. The same is true for some of the other measures of fitness that they do. As you say, it DOES have to do with motivation and it DOES impact how we feel and look at ourselves - try measuring again and have someone check that the tape is even and then use THAT measure as your new starting point and go forward from there.

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2/13/14 7:40 P

I have a question and I don't know in which forum to ask it. Since it does involve motivation, I figured this thread was as good as any.

I've been working out regularly since January 10 and I've noticed some good improvements. My weight is moving downward, albeit slower than it used too (bleh), but it's been consistent so I don't mind too much. I am happy that my clothes are fitting better so I decided to check my measurements today. I last measured myself December 23rd. I am confused because my waist measurement says it's gone up half and inch. My thighs have gone down one quarter of an inch and my arms have decreased the most percentage wise. My question is how are my clothes fitting better if my waist measurement has gone up? I know it hasn't gone up substantially but I still don't think it would make my clothes feel looser.

This ties in with motivation because, even though I feel good and am happy that I no longer have to suck in my tummy just to get my jeans on, seeing the numbers not move much was kind of disheartening. I've never measured myself in my past attempts to lose weight so I don't know how quickly it takes to lose inches and I'm sure, like all other aspects of weight loss, there's no set amount of time because it's different for everyone.

I'm just curious if anyone has any knowledge or advice. I'm just feeling a little down today, is all.

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