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1/17/12 9:44 A

they are all made by bodymedia

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1/17/12 8:43 A

Yes, it's true that it tracks your activity throughout the day. I usually have it off for like 2 hours at the most - usually when I'm just sitting and watching TV and showering although you can keep on while showering. When you are not wearing it, the system will calculate the calories you probably burned based on your own previous activity. It also tracks your sleep activity which I'm starting to understand how to read. It has helped me in regards to staying on track to lose 2 pounds a week. Knowing exactly how much I'm burning throughout the day and not just during periods of exercise has helped me to customize my eating. I can also eat more as my consumption calories are based on my own personal numbers and not a range based on just my age and weight. As the previous user explained, you can do this in Spark but my problem has always been when I reach a plateau.

Also, as stated, there is a monthly fee after the trial period of $6.95 a month. You're not in a contract so you can end at any time. Also their database is not as big as Spark so right now I find myself entering a lot of my foods. If you don't want to enter your foods on their site, you can do in Spark and then put your total calories consumed on their site.

Again, I think this does the job well for me but it's based on personal preference. Will you wear the band? Are you OK for paying for the service? Right now its working and I'm hoping once the newness wears off it'll be something I'll continue to use.

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1/17/12 2:36 A

does it only track what you do during your workouts, or does it track you throughout the day?

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1/17/12 12:43 A

I have a bodybugg - it was given to me for my birthday. I had kinda wanted one, but now that I have it, I don't really want it.

I forget to put it on. That's my fault, and usually I kick myself when I find I'm at the gym and it's not with me.

With bodybugg, you get six months of free tracking. After that, there's no free place for you to offload your data. You're forced to use their website and pay monthly fees. I'm not going to do that when I can track for free here.

I'm thinking about selling on ebay. I like seeing that I do burn a lot of calories during my workouts, and it's more exact than SparkPeople's estimates, but in the end does it really matter down to the exact calorie how much I burn?

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1/17/12 12:24 A

Hi there,

I received the Bodymedia armband for Christmas and so far I love it. Although it's not 100% accurate it gives me a close enough figure to help me get the right amount of activity and food to have a deficit in order to have a loss. I also like that it monitors my sleep and so I'm more aware and try hard to get to sleep just a little bit earlier every day. I've only been wearing for about two weeks so if you check back with me in a month, I can give a more indepth review. As previously mentioned by a fellow sparker, check Amazon. My brother bought mines there.

All the best to you!

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12/4/11 7:03 P

No I do not have one but I saw that they are on sale at Sports Authority or might want to check online at Amazon.

12/4/11 3:11 P

Hi everyone! I was thinking for Christmas I really wanted one of these and wondered if anyone has used these items before and were you happy with it?

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