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12/6/12 8:34 A

Awesome! Thanks guys! I was just curious if there are others out there like me! :) Thanks for all the encouragement too!

I do strength train and also crosstrain cardio, but not as much as I should (for either). I am still "new" to this weight loss (well, this round anyway), and still trying to work out the kinks. Most days that I run, I'm too tired or too hungry afterwards to run, and going to the gym more than once a week made me just loathe the gym instead of looking forward to it. When I go on the weekend, I often do a longer workout, maybe a run and some weights... I wish I did more. After the holidays, I may look into a good resistance band set or some other equipment that's small enough to keep in my apt... or maybe I'll even try to find some creative workouts before then. I want to eventually get to the gym more to ride the stationary bikes more often too. I did really like that workout. :)

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LIBBYL1 Posts: 5,933
12/5/12 10:46 P

sounds like you have built up muscle on your butt (glutes)! - That is great...

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12/5/12 10:32 P

It does sound like muscle gain. Good for you!

And actually, my booty is bigger now than it was 50 pounds ago! (I had a flat butt. My sister used to call me "pancake ass" haha.) A few weeks ago she asked me if I was wearing a booty pop (those butt inserts to make it look like you have a bigger butt...she was just trying to be funny though) because it has gotten so toned from exercising. It's a wonderful thing! :)

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12/5/12 4:54 P

Sounds like muscle gain somewhere??? I know I can no longer wear super skinny jeans because the muscles on my calves are huge compared to what they used to be. I know that's from jogging!

Congrats on the weight loss! emoticon

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12/5/12 4:50 P

Don't forget that especially with intense exercise like running, you are building muscle as well!

I've found that my upper thighs are actually an inch larger than they were before... that's because while I've lost almost all the body fat on them, I've built up a LOT of muscle! They look so great I don't mind. ;)

Are you strength training at all? If not, you should be. It will improve your body composition, help your clothes fit better and help you look better!

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12/5/12 4:20 P

So I've lost about 12 pounds at this point and I can now run for 8 minutes at a time (I'm on Week 5 Day 2 of C25k), and all my clothes fit looser. However, I haven't bought any new clothes, but I noticed where I previously was able to slip my pants off without unbuttoning them, I cannot easily anymore. I noticed that clothes fit my better, like I am more "girl" shaped now. Is it possible that my midsection got smaller and my hips actually wider?

I'm okay with that because I'm loving the idea of looking more like a woman instead of... I'm not sure what I was before. lol I was just curious if anyone else actually saw an increase in measurements with exercise during their weightloss journey. I know inches are gained when people want to gain muscle, but I assumed while losing, that wouldn't be the case for me. It never had been when I lost weight before.

Very cool though. If this is the case, that explains why I haven't downsized in clothes yet. emoticon

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