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9/21/09 6:15 P

My end goal would be to loose 60+ pounds. That is going to take forever if it ever happens at all.

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9/18/09 8:59 P

I think that the goals that work the best are to attain a specific fitness milestone and not a particular weight range. Pick a fitness goal that appeals to you (eg bench press your weight, do 30 pushups etc) and go for it. The rest (and body transformation) will follow. The goal has to be specific enough to reach (and approachable). Then plan on how to approach it. "Looking like the TV guy" is too vague to crate an appropriate plan...

Good luck!

9/18/09 9:35 A

*if I lose 5 lbs - go buy a car? I have never understood goal setting.

5lbs. = New silk shirt.
15lbs. = New Cross trainers or sport coat?
60lbs. = Tailored Suit?

You have to buy new clothes anyway as you lose... they make good goal items for me.

DAVIDR1450 Posts: 140
9/17/09 4:21 P

Whatever works for you. Take the picture you found and put it up where you will walk past it every day. Use it to keep focused.
You can probably find whatever you need to know on the internet. Whatever body you want to shape there is probably a workout for.
If you hit a plateau, it's because your body is used to what you are doing; so change it up.
My goals are long term also, tempered with the daily goal of getting to the gym.
The $64 question here is... Is the picture your fiancée picked out for you attainable? If so, you are a lucky man.

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CHARST46 Posts: 109
9/16/09 9:58 P

This may sound silly, but mentally to myself I see myself as this little guy. When I graduated from High School, I was 128 or so. When I got out of the Air Force I weighed 143 and stayed there through college. Somewhere along the line (marriage, 2 kids, divorce, etc....) I hit 215. I lost that by working out. But I still see myself as this little 128 pounder....which I am not.

That image we have inside can hold us back or move us in ways we really do not want to acknowledge. It takes some work to change it.

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9/16/09 1:38 P

I can't even see that really happening so how do you really set that goal or any goal? if I loose 5 lbs - go buy a car? I have never understood goal setting.

INHALE2680 Posts: 318
9/13/09 9:27 P

5 lbs at a time. Before you know it you'll melt off the 60 lbs.

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8/19/09 3:37 P

This is one of if not the biggest issue for me. I am now 240 lbs at 5'8. Most of my weight is in my stomach area. When I try and vision what I can look like in the future I get very upset since I do not see that happening. I have always been overweight going back to when I was a kid. I have lost a little weight here and there but no where close to where I need to be.

I try to image me with a slimmer stomach and feeling good about exercising/running around with my kids but when I try in reality I can not. So there goes that vision out the window.

Goal setting is my second biggest issue. I have NO clue on understanding that. I can see a goal of losing 60 lbs but not getting satisfaction of losing 5 lbs or accomplishing a 5 minute walk.

8/17/09 3:31 P

Maybe I should modify what I was saying. I haven't had "no" results, but I found that I reached a plateau. However, I've already passed from just a little over a week of counting calories and tracking my diet and exercise with SparkPeople, which is great!

In terms of body types... I know there's nothing to do to change the physical proportions of my body. What I was looking for was a goal based on an image of the best my body could look based on the genetics I had. I'm the type of guy who responds to lofty goals (to be achieved over the course of, maybe, years) with a few smaller "stepping stone" goals along the way.

My fiancee was very sweet. We actually both found and selected images of what out ideal bodies would be based on our baseline physical build over the weekend. It's been surprisingly motivating. I've started thinking about things differently by saying to myself "Hey, that's what my body actually looks like. I'm just recovering from years of not taking care of myself."

If I never get there, I won't feel bad, but the process of trying is going to make me a healthier and happier person.

SPEEDYDOG Posts: 3,003
8/15/09 8:43 A

People come in all shapes and sizes. You want to make the most of what you have. I am puzzled that you say, "I've been working out for years with little results." What results are you looking for?

I have naturally broad shoulders and narrow hips. Of course, when I was 275 pounds, my belly and spare tire hid my tapered shape!

I played college football. I also ran the 800M on the track team. I was lightning fast and had bone-crushing strength. I worked hard to be a competitive athlete. However, without favorable genetics all my hard work would have been for naught. My dad and grandfather were great college football players. My mom was an outstanding competitive swimmer. Three of my children played college football. My other 2 children were elite college runners. (BTW - Athletes are not better, or cooler than anybody else! Everybody has special talents.)

Is there a downside? Yup! I have a relatively long torso and short legs. I have all fast twitch muscles. I have been trying to train for amateur 5k and 10k races. My genetic makeup fights me in endurance activities. I run too fast and burn out. I have been struggling to build endurance.

You have an average physique? Lucky you! There are things you can do to make you appear to have broader shoulders. Working your deltoid muscles can help. I agree that a personal trainer could help you achieve your goals. But you need to be realistic. No matter how I try, I will never have longer legs or a shorter torso!

Good Luck!


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199CLUB Posts: 234
8/14/09 6:23 P

No, I don't have any experience like this. When I was WAY overwieght and decided I was willing to do what it takes to lose, I figured out what needed to be done, picked 200 because it was a nice round number, then got work losing weight. When I got to 200, I decided I needed to add some muscle, figured out how to do it, and that's what I'm working on now. Currently I'm thinking about going to a calorie deficit again and losing some more weight, but I'm not quite ready yet.

My point is, you'll probably have much more success if you set a series of shorter term attainable goals, than if you focus on trying to figure out if you can look like Brad Pitt or a young Arnold Govinator or whoever.

Try goals like:
-Lose X pounds
-Attain X% body fat
-Increase chest size by X inches
-Increase curl weight by X pounds

I'm not trying to be a jerk, it just sounds like you're setting yourself up for failure. Especially since you said: "So, although I've been working out for years with little results...."

Do you know why you've had so little results?? Are you trying to lose weight or gain muscle?? Maybe we can help. There are lots of guys here with experience and knowledge.

If you get on the right path the end result will take care of itself.

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8/14/09 2:39 P

Have you had an appt. with a professional fitness trainer? They really know how to take all of those measurements and give you recommendations on what you need to do to accomplish your goals. It might be a little pricey for an appt. but I think well worth the effort to improve your body and health.

8/13/09 3:52 P

I've always had an average physique. I never was very athletic, but was never particularly overweight either. As I've found myself approaching my 30's I started realizing that it was never going to get any easier for me to have the body I wanted. So, although I've been working out for years with little results, I've decided to really amp up my game to finally be able to look at myself in a mirror and say, "dude, I look hot".

That said, I want to be realistic, so I've tried to get an image of what my ideal body would look like to set a goal (my fiancee has been my ally in this) by pointing out guys on TV or shirtless guys jogging around my neighborhood and saying "Think I could look like that guy?"

My fiancee, who's a bit of a fitness nut herself, is always one to bring me back to reality by saying "maybe, but he has naturally broader shoulders" or something like that. So, I'm trying to develop a goal in my mind that is realistic to my genetic makeup, but still something I'd be happy with. Anyone else ever experience this?

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