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Thanks for the link. The percentage I got from the formula that the military uses actually sounds more accurate. It's a bit higher than the other one but is about what I expected it to be (32.9%) I know these things can fluctuate but it seems to be about right. It's interesting that, according to the link you provided, my lean body mass is with a pound or two of what it was when I had it done (at the gym; at a state university) back in August 2011. It does make me feel a bit better. What's interesting is that I found another link that did the same thing and I put in the numbers. I didn't have to use my weight for the link you gave me where the other one asked and I got the same thing. Ok, maybe the other one didn't use my weight but it did ask for it. Thanks for the link.

It is difficult for me to accept that nothing is 100% accurate since I like for things to be concrete. But it does let me know that I'm doing something right.

Edit: Based on what your link gave me for a body fat %, along with my age and gender, I could be in the army (according to what your link states for the allowable body fat % for women in the 28 to 39 age range)...not that I want to join the army.

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The military uses a method where you take hips, waist and neck measurements for females and waist and neck measurements for males. That and your height gets plugged into a formula that you can find at

I am sure there are free calculators on the internet where you just plug in the numbers and it does the math for you. This goes good with the measurements you can track on this SparkPeople so even if its not exact as your body changes the difference in % should be pretty accurate. So it should be a pretty good way to see how much body fat you are losing as you lose weight.

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Do you mean, if I'm tall or short then the margin of error is large? I've heard that it can be a problem for people that aren't of average height.

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1/25/13 12:26 P

If you happen to belong in the group of people for which these formulas have been generated, the errors in your calculated body fat % will be small, but if you happen to not belong in that group, they will be large.

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1/24/13 6:45 P

Thanks. I was actually thinking that it was on the low side. I'd write more but I'm trying to write from my phone.

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1/24/13 6:31 P


As long as you are OK that these calculators are just an estamate with a margin of error, but that is true with almost every body comp, outside hydrostatic body comp or body pod.

Coach Nancy

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I know this is a silly question and that it's more accurate if you get this done with the caliper things. I was just wondering if it's possible to get the body fat percentage from using only your weight and the measurements from your waist, hips, wrist, and forearm?

Again, I know that it's better to get something like this done at the gym or wherever else you can get it done. I was just wondering if it could be somewhat accurate. It would be nice to think that the things I listed above would give an accurate picture but I think it's missing some things. Based on what I listed above, I have a body fat % of 26.78. I think, in reality, it is higher than that because I am holding most of the unnecessary fat in my abs and inner thighs. It doesn't help that I'm top heavy. My body fat % is definitely lower now than it was in August 2011 (when I had the body fat % done). Back then it was something like 96 lbs of lean body mass and the rest was fat (~60 lbs.). If it helps, I was using an app that I found on my phone. Yes, it is free.

I am just curious if you guys think that it can give some perspective even if it isn't 100% accurate.

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