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8/26/13 9:26 P

Thanks KPA1B2! Spoke to my trainer. Suggested he use calipers. Will be doing pics. Looked deeper into my diet. Remembered to be grateful for what has happened thus far. Celebrated my 29 lbs loss instead of bemoaning a steady state.

KPA1B2 Posts: 785
8/26/13 9:20 P

You, yourself said that your clothes fit better and you feel better! Keep up the good work!!

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8/25/13 1:49 P

Thanks guys. All these replies have helped so much!

I will come armed to my personal trainer. And readjust my attitude.

Sparks People rule! emoticon

8/25/13 1:10 P

A scale measures nothing but the force of gravity on us at a specific point in time, it has zero relationship to body composition. Your daily weight can vary by as many as 5 pounds depending on when you take the measurement. Impedance calculators are trash and should be banned from every gym and home in the world. Skin fold calipers in expert hands are the best body fat measuring tool outside of a dunk tank. The BMI is outmoded and dated technology which has limited if any merit and will not change if your scale reading does not change.

You have made excellent progress however fat loss is not a liner progression, there are too many variables to consider. I suggest if you have not done so to date do the following two things, take an accurate set of body measurements first. Measure neck, upper arm, forearm,chest, waist and navel, hips at widest point, upper thigh and calf. Second have someone take a full front and full side photograph of you in the minimal attire your modesty allows. Use this tools to measure your progress by redoing them monthly. Lose the scale, forget the BMI and only trust skin fold caliper measurements if you want a percentage of body fat value.

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8/25/13 12:54 P

No, they're definitely NOT reliable. They rely on electrical impedance... basically that fat conducts electricity differently than muscle. The problem is that your hydration levels can deeply affect the results, and they don't get an accurate reading of your entire body.

I would suggest finding a BFP read by someone with skin calipers; way more accurate, when done by a trained person.

As for your BMI... that's just a simple equation based on your height/weight... that shouldn't change if your weight doesn't!

Here's what I use for BMI calculations:

If someone there is messing THAT up, you need to ask more questions!

Are you doing any strength training?

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8/25/13 12:45 P

yep that's not a terribly accurate bmi estimate- i understand feeling frustrated when the numbers don't always show what we want to see, but do remember that every single healthy choice and action you choose is making you healthier! stick with it- the numbers will show eventually :)

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8/25/13 12:36 P

Hmmm - it was on the hand-held machine as well. Sigh - these machines are not reliable are they. Though the previous BMI was done at a higher weight - I had skipped the BMI reading at the previous weigh in to this one.

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8/25/13 12:06 P

I am confused - how did you measure BMI? If your weight and height stayed the same, the number should stay the same.

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8/25/13 11:46 A


My goodness, can you imagine how many people in this country would like to lose 29 pounds. You are to be commended. Don't let any negativity enter in. Stay the course.

Definitely it makes a difference how your body fat % is measured. For many people, the body fat % given out by a scale, even an expensive scale, is far from accurate. I have had my body fat % taken by health wellness doctors, college wrestling coaches using calipers, etc. The results, although reasonably close, never agree. I also have a scale that purports to measure body fat %. (It is so far off!)

If you can work in a little strength-training in your fitness regimen, even 20-30 minutes a few times a week, that will help get you more lean body weight.

In any case, give yourself a pat on the back. That is the best exercise for you at the moment. You are going great guns. Best of luck.

Edited-in: After a Division l wrestling coach checked my body fat % using calipers, he had me try the hand held device some HS coaches use just for a quick check. The hand held device was 7% worse for the body fat %. He said they often will be off that much or more.

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8/25/13 11:41 A

Thanks for the great words.

THE BFP was measured with a hand-held impedence device.

I do cardio, strength training and plyometrics.

And I hear what you are saying - but it doesn't help me feel any better about my body.

I'm not giving up - I paid for a full year - I suppose that's the real reason why. But I hate failing.

Anyhow, thanks again. I will recalibrate and see.

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8/25/13 10:59 A

First thing's first. *How* was your BFP measured? If it's one of those impedence things you hold or stand on... take its results with a grain of salt. They are not accurate at all. Hydration levels can wildly affect readings.

The other question to ask is what kind of exercise are you actually doing? If it's nothing but cardio, as much as 25% of your weight loss can come from lean muscle... which means higher body fat percentage. It results in what's unfondly known as "skinny fat" - where you weigh little, but have a high body fat percentage. Doing strength training regularly can preserve your lean muscle mass, and prevent this from happening.

Now, as for your other comment:

"How can my measurement parameters be so lousy? How come other people are losing weight at almost 12 lbs in a month?! I average only 4. And just when I was getting comfortable with my body - I now am ashamed and conscious. All. Over. Again."

Other people can lose 12 lbs per month because they weigh more. The less you have to lose, the slower it will come off. 4 lbs a month is totally awesome and acceptable. At 179, 1 lb per week is exactly what I would expect at your size. Just because you aren't losing as fast as some people doesn't diminish your progress. DO NOT compare your progress to others; it's a game you can't win.

Your body hasn't changed since you walked in and took that measurement. Even if it's not the result you expected, you are looking and feeling better.

A failure is someone who gives up. Have you given up? Weight loss is not a linear process. There will be weeks you lose, weeks you don't, and weeks you may even gain. Don't hang your success on numbers. It sounds to me like you ARE successful... and others are noticing. OWN THAT.

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8/25/13 10:51 A

Dec 2012 I weighed 208 lbs and couldn't fit into my clothes any more. I was decidedly not happy. I started at a gym (came with personal trainer) in Jan 2013 and have been consistent with exercises and moderately consistent with the diet advice. I started to make improvements. Today, I measured up my weight, body fat% and BMI.

Weight: 179 - same as last weigh in = no progress

Body Fat%: 39% - last one was 36% - how can I be gaining?!

BMI: 30.9 - last one was 30 - while I'm not a great fan of this - it too has increased!!

I'm in tears today as I have tried very hard but am now failing. I cut out alcohol out of my life. I got rid of sweets. I eat smaller portions of healthier foods.

B/fast: oats porridge, fruit plate, 3 slices smoke chicken

Break: fat free yoghurt

Lunch: tuna with raw mixed vegetables with a dash of vinegar

Dinner: meat/fish with vegetables and small amounts of starch

I only pig out around my period. When I can't seem to get enough food.

I feel better. My clothes fit better. People comment that I am losing weight and look good. I can walk further without puffing like a mean wolf.

How can my measurement parameters be so lousy? How come other people are losing weight at almost 12 lbs in a month?! I average only 4. And just when I was getting comfortable with my body - I now am ashamed and conscious. All. Over. Again.

My personal trainer couldn't understand why I felt bad and didn't have any answers for me. We have a meeting scheduled for three days time - but I need some sort of an answer.

I feel like a failure despite trying so hard.

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