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I had a couple of "fitbit friends" who had very active jobs (one a PE teacher and on a mail carrier) who were getting very high calorie burns like yours. I don't know, I wonder whether it may be a little less accurate with people who are very active all day since it would be making assumptions about how exerting that movement is to you, when your body is probably quite conditioned for it already since you do it every day. Just a tip when you get time... I found that when I first started using my fitbit, I was almost always credited with "very active" minutes for walking if it was a brisk walk that lasted more than about 10 minutes. I noticed sometimes my distance seemed a little far. I just kept the defaults for my first year. Then I startd jogging more and wanted my distance to be more accurate. So I went to a local track to calibrate my walkign and running stride settings. For walking after I changed my settings, I had a lower activity level and calorie burn. I think it was because fitbit was appying my running stride on brisk walks (I do pass people sometimes joggers). My actual jogging stride is pretty short (not much longer than my walking stride it turns out) soit was crediting me with a faster pace and farther distance. If I didn't care about the running stride, I would probably calibrate it for a regular walk and a brisk walk. I don't know whether that would make a difference for you, but may be something to try if you get a chance to visit a track or have access to a treadmill or GPS app.

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1/8/13 8:15 A

Last Sat I walked 25,000 steps and climbed 50 floors. On Sunday, fitbit wanted me to walk 30,000 and climb 75 stairs, so I walked 32,000 and 111 floors! I work at a hospital so its pretty easy to find stairs to climb and long halls to walk. Oh those days, sp yelled at me that I needed to eat more so I did, but I think I over ate? I'm going to stick to my 1500-1700 cal intake and just see what happens. Even when fitbit says I've burned over 3000 cal.

Thank you everyone!!!

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1/7/13 9:07 P

Hi LHAAS8. I've had a fitbit for about three years and I currently weigh a similar amount to you. My fitbit calorie burn typcially ranges from about 1600 - 2200 calories. The higher being on very active days. My record step count has been 25,000 and my record floor count was 76. The "stairs" you mention are flights of stairs or an elevation gain from hills of at least 10 feet.

So over the past two days you have walked 25,000 steps each day and 80.5 floors each day? I suppose that is pretty close to my record. The 76 floors I had came from a five mile hike in the hills (I don't think my step count that day was 25,000 though). The day when I had 25,000 steps I did an hour long dance cardio workout, and spent the day siteseeing so I was walking around most of the day. I had fairly little sedentary time, but I don't think my calorie burn was that high. The fitbit calorie burn is mostly using your profile stats and how much and how fast you move throughout the day. In my case it often agrees with my heart rate monitor for step based aerobic exercise and my totals are in line with what other sites such as Spark would give me when factoring in my exercise. (My fitbit and heart rate monitor burns are nearly always lower than the Spark actiivty database so I am not logging over inflated numbers). So that makes me think....

I don't want to doubt your calorie burn... But I think if I had such unuusal numbers I would look closely at my profile settings and make sure they are all accurate (height weight, age, and gender). Then I would consider whether there may be any false activity picked up by the fitbit. The most common things I've heard of are from wearing it in a way it isn't calibrated for such as on a wristband. Also I think loose in a pocket can give strange readings. Then the other thing is whether you are picking up steps and floors in a car, motorcycle, golf cart, scooter or vibrating machinary. That is fairly common, depending where you wear the fitbit and how smooth or bumpy the ride is. There is a way to correct that if it is happening to you. Also, if you are manually logging any activity to your fitbit account, it might be good to look at that.

I would expect a relatively high calorie burn if you are truely acheiving 25,000 steps and 80 floors or hills a day. It is just it is probably about 12 -14 miles walked or ran? I know you mentioned 30 Day Shred, but that is only 20 minutes or so of activity--much of which the fitbit would not be counting (abs, pushups, weight exercises, etc). My guess is most of that activity was outside your workout. Do you have an active job? Were you running that day? Walking to work? It may be that you have been eating too little, but I guess I'd really look at everything before acting on it. Does your Spark range include all your exercise?

Those are just a few things to look at. As I said my fitbit range has always been similar to what I would see if I use one of those bmr/activity charts and look at what I would burn sedentary up to at their highest activity multiplier. But you are doing a little more activity than I have done on my best day.

Progress takes more than a week though. Is this level of activity normal for you? How long have you been this active?

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1/7/13 10:35 A

This is interesting. I am not familiar with Fitbit but plan on looking it up. On the other hand any program takes more than a week to show results.

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1/7/13 9:53 A

Yes so this was eye opening. I think I'm going to stick to what SP says for me to do, even when I work those long workouts.

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Well, for starters, it's only been a week. :) It can take as much as 6-8 weeks for healthy lifestyle changes to show up on the scale. In fact, it's not uncommon to see a slight, temporary uptick in weight when you first start exercising for good health.

Secondly, fitbits can overestimate your overall calorie burn. I would be cautious trusting them for your non-exercise calorie burn.

And thirdly, if you are truly burning 3,000 calories daily, 1200-1500 is simply too little to support your current activity level. It's important to eat enough to support your activity, and if you're creating a 1500 calorie deficit through diet and exercise, you're likely to be slowing your progress down. MAke sure you are eating ENOUGH to support your activity.

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1/7/13 9:22 A

You've only been at it a week, that's why you haven't seen any change. It can take 4-6 weeks to notice a change. Also, I'd put in your estimated calories burned through exercise in your SP fitness tracker, and follow the nutrition ranges given. I, personally, wouldn't rev my calories up too much based on the fitbit. I'm not completely familar with the product, but I did look into it, and the calories burned are just estimates based on movement, right? It's not an actual heart rate monitor, so be careful about adding in too many extra calories. Also, by your ticker, you only have 10 pounds to lose. Those are going to be tediously slow, and the changes will be minimal. I've been there.

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1/7/13 8:25 A

So for Christmas I was given a Fitbit One and I love it! It gives me challenges like climbing stairs and steps. The issue is, over the last 2 days, I climbed 161 stairs and walked over 50,000 steps. I plan on keeping up on these goals when I'm at work. On a normal day, I eat 1200-1500 cal. Also on non-working days, I do the Jillian 30 Day Shred. Yesterday I had to really amp up the amount of cal I take in because Fitbit told me I burnt more then 3000 cal yesterday. I've only been at this a week but I haven't seen any progress in my body. What am I doing wrong???? Someone help!!

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