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JWELL2011 Posts: 1,207
6/24/10 5:07 P

That's a good question. Does anyone know if it is compatible with Mac OS? I am probably going to invest if it is.....

6/24/10 1:54 P

What I am curious about is whether or not you can continue to use Body Bugg without the online program enrollment. I know it's free for the first six months when you buy it on their site, but after those six months, if I didn't continue to use the online program could I still continue to use the body bugg?

KALIE1120 Posts: 275
3/22/10 12:47 P

Thanks for posting this. IT has been interesting to read everyone's thoughts on it.

Fitness Minutes: (3,349)
Posts: 391
3/22/10 12:09 P

I have a BodyBugg and I've been wearing it for close to 2 years now. I love it and would recommend it to anyone. It is pricey but that only encouraged me to keep on using it. I couldn't pay that much for something and then not use it. I don't find that it's a chore to upload the arm band or enter in the food I've consumed at all. I think it's kinda fun and I love having the up to the minute data so that I can adjust my calories in or workouts if I need to.

The digital display is nice to have but not a necessity.

JGASKEY Posts: 366
3/22/10 8:16 A

I have a gowear fit which is made my the same company. Sometimes the gowear fits are cheaper, sometimes not. I got mine on clearance for $115. I don't have the display, but I'm by computers a lot and can easily upload mine.
I found that I was burning more calories for some things and less for others. I also found that the bmr on here is too low for me. And that I need to eat more to lose. I had stalled by eating too little.
That's not to say that sparkpeople isn't great. I like the spark food logs better. I just enter "dummy calories" into the gwf's website to show the defecit. But, it's been a great tool for me.

3/22/10 8:13 A

Never heard of it...

May look into investing in it.

CHEMCHICK Posts: 214
3/22/10 3:40 A

Thanks for the information everyone! I've always thought the bodybugg looked cool and I was curious about it.

CHLOEANGEL7 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (48,811)
Posts: 423
3/22/10 2:13 A

I live by my body bugg. The totals for exercise on here don't reflect what my metabolism is doing. The BMR alone is set 500 calories too high for me on here!

NO_SNOW_BODY SparkPoints: (167,727)
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Posts: 8,244
6/13/09 10:41 P

I just checked the website, they were marked down to $149.00 but are sold out. the do include the 6 month subscription

6/13/09 10:18 P

Some 24 hours fitness will actually let you rent one, so check that out if you are a member. When the body bugg first came out I bought one from my trainer. I absolutely loved it because it grafted my intake and calories burned, counted my steps and also you could make a plan for how many pounds you wanted to lose by a certain date and it would tell you how many calories you needed to eat and how many to burn. It is only the most effective if you go to trainer and get your body fat percentage measured and so you can put that in and your height and weight. I used it for 6 months and lost 30 lbs. That was three years ago and since then I of course stopped training and have gained weight back which sucks. I highly recommend it!

JOCKEL Posts: 12
6/13/09 4:18 P

My fitness coach told me about the Body Bugg and I did check out the web site. The subscription piece was a put off for me. Doing double entry would also be a draw back. I am just finishing up a new Wellness plan for the next six months and if I am not reaching my goals I may reconsider not buying a Body Bugg.

SOULCATCHER2 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (120)
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4/4/09 11:56 A

The Body bugg is the greatest thing I every bought to help me in my journey back to health and well being!!!
The body bugg is well worth every dollar I spent!!!
I have lost a total of 34 pounds since December 28, 2008 with an average lose of 2 pounds per week
It has helped me see what calories I am burning daily. Taking those stairs really does help and it is nice to see the calories burned information on the body bugg display for each activity I do.
It makes me accountable to myself everyday.
Yes, you can lose weight without the body bugg if you are disciplined. However for me I have tried most everything out there at some point in my life with little success and this has worked for me. Everyone is different and you need to find what works for you.
I log my food nightly and make sure I am burning at least 1000 calories more than I am consuming everyday. There have been a few days where I had eaten more than I burned and I knew I needed to get on the treadmill or walk in the neighborhood to burn another 500 calories on that day if I planned to lose my 2 pounds that week. I find the body bugg to be pretty accurate and well worth the money.

One weekend I wanted to see just how many calories I was burning in every activity I was doing to see where I was getting the best calorie burn. So I did a workout marathon weekend. I worked out for 30 minutes on the the bike (incumbent and on the road)roller blades, walking outdoors and on the treadmill, It was interesting to see on my body bugg that I burned the most calories when I was just walking in my neighborhood. I guess that is the most enjoyable because I worked harder to burn more calories when I was walking outside. So that is now the excise I do most often to get the best bang for my buck. I will do another marathon weekend workout again in the future to see if the information is still the same. GREAT PRODUCT FOR ME!!!!

1/30/09 6:53 A

I saw his blog. I also saw the responses from people who actually have used the bodybugg and the positive comments outweigh the negative comments. I personally stay within the guideslines set by Sparkpeople yet I don't lose the weight. I think it will help me to know exactly the calories I burn....not the estimated calories burned. When I get on a treadmill and walk or run, it says I burn about 150 that me or is that the average person? When I golf for 2 hours, how many calories do I burn? when I use the kettlebells, how many calories do I burn. Is it better to use the kettlebells or free wegihts, is it better to golf or walk or vaccume, it it better to go on the treadmill or the stepper. These are the questions I need answered. This is the missing piece I hope the bodybugg can contribute to my weight management.

WILLDOIT70 Posts: 422
1/29/09 9:15 P

Dean Anderson has a dailyspark blog about may want to check it out.

1/29/09 7:49 P

I just ordered one yesterday. I had been trying to get one from eBay but was always outbid so I went directly to their site and got an armband and digital display for $250. The ones on ebay are going for more. I guess people don't do much research! Anyway, it comes with a 6 month subscription to their site. AFter that, I might just use the digital display. Or, I might sell it on ebay and get most, or maybe even more, of my money back. I think it's worth the investment and worth the risk. I would pay weekly to go to weight watchers so this is not really as bad as it sounds.

CATLADY21 Posts: 1,947
12/23/08 12:06 P

Thanks for the information

SP_COACH_NANCY SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (112,042)
Posts: 46,222
12/23/08 12:20 A

I have an actitrainer-similar to the Body Bugg and loved it in the beginning, but in all reality, like one of the pp mentioned it becomes a chore after a few months. And more importantly the miles tracked when I ran was way off (over estimated by as much as a mile on short runs and 2-3 miles on longer runs) compared to my Garmin (which has a satellite GPS unit attached).

I personally would save my money and invest in a good HRM.


12/23/08 12:19 A

Oh wow those seem very helpful. but the price is a little hefty. Any other devices out there like this but a little less pricy?

12/22/08 11:45 P

I think it's good because of the system with it and you'll definitely lose weight when I did it I did. But it's REALLY expensive. It's effective but expensive.

12/22/08 11:45 P

I think it's good because of the system with it and you'll definitely lose weight when I did it I did. But it's REALLY expensive. It's effective but expensive.

FAT_BEGONE SparkPoints: (24,983)
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Posts: 1,814
12/22/08 11:07 P

They have the new one that comes with a digial display, so you can see your calories minute by minute, rather that when you upload the data. To me, that makes it so that you can use it without using their site. However, 24 hour is offering it with 6 months free to the site right now.

STACI101 Posts: 1,804
11/30/08 11:28 A

The web service is not free - but renewals can be $15.95 a month or $99 a year.

I think alot of people use the Bugg for 3-6 months, then sell it on Ebay. (The buyer would need to then get their own subscription.)

FITMUTT Posts: 186
11/29/08 10:04 P

KALICAMMMIE- When did their web service go FREE?

The one sold by 24 hour fitness (
) still includes "Three month subscription to the bodybugg® web program" which implies the service is not free after the first three months.

Just wondering because the subscription thing was a BIG turn off for me.

LORENTZA SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (2,174)
Posts: 148
11/29/08 9:46 P

It sounds like after 6 mo. you stop learning things from the bugg. I was interested in getting one but I am not sure it is worth the money for 6 months of info.

Thanks for the information though. It was helpful.

MYGEORGE SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (55,384)
Posts: 2,533
11/29/08 7:08 P

Never heard of it but is sounds interesting.

STACI101 Posts: 1,804
11/29/08 6:46 P

About body motion - there is more to the BB than just calculating when your arms move. When I do time on an exercise bike my arms are still, but I still register a higher per minute burn rate. (I use the digital display so I can see my information at any given time.)

STACI101 Posts: 1,804
11/29/08 6:42 P

I'm 3 1/2 weeks in. I don't log food twice, I just track the deficit. (Simple math, LOL, calorie burn from the BB site minus calories consumed from logging here.) Or you could log your daily total #s there a day later.

I'm happy with the choice -and find it motivates me to move more which burns more.

11/29/08 1:20 P

i just bought a body bugg yesterday... i personally think its a really helpful tool. i happen to catch a really good sale and bought mine from 24hr fitness for only $119 it is a good investment because i think most people dont know how many calories they burn as apposed to how many they should.

true heart rate has a great deal with weight loss but some people have naturally high pulse like me when my body is at rest. this thing records calories through out the day by heat... the more or harder you move the hotter you get... no one will monitor their pulse constantly to try to find out much their burning...

and for the record the only thing u pay for is the body bug everything else on their site is FREE... for those missinformed

im not useing their meal intake thing because there is no point in WAISTING TIME entering it twice... it takes less time for me to use my calculator to compare my intake from this site and my output from that site...

over all i think its a great idea for anyone who is thinking about it. they have some great information on their site too... theres no such thing as being over-educated...

this site is awsome... im so greatful for it... i see this site as the core for my aid in weight loss and the bodybugg site as a tool to aid this one... with the bodybug itself being a very important tool.

this is my opinion.

CFOSTER1966 Posts: 3,206
11/1/08 7:11 A

I had one and used it religiously for 6 months. I found it to be helpful in the beginning. However, after awhile, it becomes a chore and you don't gain any new information from it. :)

JENN-10 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (1,270)
Posts: 108
10/31/08 11:40 P

Hi I just got my body bugg yesterday and I have to say I am hooked! It shows you exactly what you are burning and what you will burn for the rest of the day if you do nothing else. You enter your food on their site just like here but it shows you what your calorie defecit is as you go through the day instead of trying to calculate it as you go. You also get to see exactly what activities you are doing through out the day that burn more calories.

I bought mine from 24 hour fitness and got 5 trainer sessions to boot for $200 which makes it buy one get one.

According to this site I was burning 2600 calories a day and needed to eat 1700 to lose two pounds - I have been on here for about a month and lost nothing since I joined but according to the body bugg I am only burning 1700 a day! No wonder I wasn't losing I was maintaining!

While I love this site and won't leave because I love
talking to everyone on here -( which thier site does not
have) I feel that for some of us on here the site have a metabolism that needs a little more "attention" than this site can offer alone

So my suggestion is - Use both if you can! you need the support of others going through the same thing just as much as you need the information on what your body is doing.

WAZZU.REN Posts: 3,331
10/31/08 3:03 P

I've been thinking about those two - but it seems like dual work in a way. Because you have to go to their website and log all your food and all that - which I'm already doing here and for free!

I'm asking for a Polar F6 HRM instead.

SILLY__RABBIT Posts: 2,365
10/31/08 3:03 P

Check out basically it helps track calories in and calories burned by a number of different measures (motion, body temp) to get a more accurate read on your BMR (basal metabloic rate). also check out the bodybugg team I've seriously thought about getting one, but like other wonder if it's worth the investment.

LIZZY63 Posts: 16,450
10/31/08 3:03 P

In all honestly I would invest in a good heart rate monitor and use the tools available here at SP.

A BodyBugg is the thing they wear on their arm on the Biggest Loser show.
They are very expensive, and you need a subscription to use their software/site.
Once on their site you still need to input your food/nutrition and then is does some number crunching, but you can do that here for free.

It doesn't count your calorie burned by your heart rate, but by movement, (some have said if you don't use your arms, such as on a stair climber it doesn't count anything) sweat etc. so it's not a great indicator of calorie burn in my opinion.

D_SHONAKER SparkPoints: (159)
Fitness Minutes: (5,569)
Posts: 103
10/31/08 2:48 P

What is a body bugg?

RAPHEL Posts: 1
5/6/08 7:56 P

Has anyone used a bodybugg? I was thinking of buying one but it's a lot of money and I need to make sure it works.

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