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THIAM7 Posts: 16
9/10/12 8:30 P

Thanks Iwanttosleep! You're right, more fruits and veggies - don't worry I don't eat a lot of salt anyway! Except when I end up eating out and it's hard to control...

THIAM7 Posts: 16
9/10/12 8:28 P

Oof, and the stress management... That too...

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THIAM7 Posts: 16
9/10/12 8:28 P

Thanks for all the good advice Maria! Yeah, I need to work in these protein snacks I think - hardboiled eggs are a great idea.

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9/10/12 7:54 P

just to add another thought. Fresh fruits and vegetables tend to be high in potassium. Potassium has been shown to counteract the effects of sodium. So another reason to eat up on fruits and veggies, but not a reason to believe it is okay to load up on sodium just because you eat your fruits and veggies!

MARIA11X Posts: 532
9/10/12 7:34 P

Hi Thiam7,

I forgot to mention in my other post about stress management in addition. I like to journal and write, and walk, as a way to release stress (as well as exercise). The times I had extreme stress in my life, my blood pressure was unmanageable no matter how well I ate.

Protein will definitely help keep you fuller longer. I read all the labels on all the food I buy, especially watching for the sodium amounts. I also have to look for MSG, because I am especially sensitive to that. I eat greek yogurt once in a while for a quick snack, it has more protein than the other yogurts. I also like hard-boiled eggs for a protein snack.

One good way to get a fruit in, for a snack I have sometimes, apple slices with almond butter. One full apple does not have many calories and the almond butter is a healthy way to get some protein and fat to feel full. We do need some fat in our diets, just use it sparingly and the right kinds.

When I cook at home, I do not add much salt. I use Mrs. Dash and other seasonings in place of salt and I don't miss it, you can't tell that the salt is not added, once you get used to tasting the other flavors.

I have cut way, way back on eating out. Restaurants add quite a lot of salt to their foods. One meal can easily have in excess of our daily sodium requirement. Also what I found that helps me is to drink a lot of water. When your body starts retaining water, you need to drink more water to flush the salt out. Just don't over-do it, because you don't want to flush necessary electrolytes either. I drink 8-12 8oz cups a day.

The websites Cooking Light and Eating Well have good recipies (google them), as well as what's here on Spark.

THIAM7 Posts: 16
9/10/12 5:39 P

Thanks all! I am religious about tracking my food, but I think I do not always choose the right things. More fruits and veggies would be key. But I also end up getting hungry. I need to learn the right breakdown of calories to get through the day and get enough protein I think.

I think you guys are totally right about salt. I think I am very sensitive to it. One restaurant meal seems to put me over the edge. I need some easy go to recipes instead of eating out.

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9/10/12 4:44 P

I agree with Maria. You should track your foods and pay special attention to sodium. My doctor told me I had high blood pressure and cutting back drastically on sodium seems to have helped because ever since I have gone in 2x's a week and normal blood pressure (well 122/75 or 126/80 but not the readings I had before). Only had one high reading and that was about 5 hours after having a really high sodium restaurant meal. So now I try not to go to restaurants too often and cook more at home.

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MARIA11X Posts: 532
9/10/12 4:12 P

Hi Thiam7,

I have had blood pressure problems ever since my 20s and I am now 43. I would suggest that you especially be aware of excess sodium levels in your diet. For high blood pressure, this is especially important even more so than the actual food. Excess sodium will cause you to retain water weight. Yes, losing excess weight does help, my blood pressure is finally at a normal range without meds since I have lost 15 lbs (I still have 15 lbs left to go).

If you have lost 9 lbs in 9 months, even with going to the gym several times a week, I would recommend that you are stricter with tracking your food. I made the mistake about a year ago, thinking I could eat whatever I wanted because I was working out. What didn't click at first was that the intake had to be much less than the out-put if I wanted to see the right results. Then I "got it" and the results have come faster.

Good luck!

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9/10/12 3:13 P


Are you tracking your nutrition? Are you eating within your calorie, carb, fat and protein ranges? Are you getting plenty of fruits and veggies? What are you doing for exercise? Are you doing cardio and strength training exercises?

Coach Nancy

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9/10/12 3:08 P


While it's true that losing weight "could" help a person lower their blood pressure, it doesn't mean it will happen for everyone. You may be genetically predisposed to having high blood pressure. That's something you should discuss with your doctor since you have had odd readings in the past.

As for losing 9 pounds in 9 months, what have you been eating ? Have you been logging your food choices ? If not, I would encourage you to create a food diary. Depending on what you've been eating, you may be eating more than you think. There is also the possibility that you might not be eating enough. Eating too little can hinder a person's weight loss, not help it.

If you have been logging, would you be willing to let the members look at your food diary to make possible suggestions ?

Right now, we don't know anything about what you've been eating, what you've been doing for exercise, etc... Have you considered having your doctor check your thyroid ? People with wonky thyroids do have a hard time losing weight. So do women with PCOS.

There are just a few thoughts since we really need more information to be helpful.

THIAM7 Posts: 16
9/10/12 2:39 P

So back in February I had crazy high spikes in my blood pressure which was pretty scary. Went through the battery of tests and the cardiologist told me to lose 25 pounds or get on BP medicine.

I have lost 9 pounds. Still have 16 more to go. I am far more fit than I have been in a long time with trips to the gym several times per week and changes in diet.

But it's only 9 pounds lost in 9 months and my bp is still high. This part sucks! Shouldn't this be happening faster?

I am not giving up but I am frustrated. I'm 38 and the weight doesn't seem to come off as fast as it did even a year ago. Sure I have gained muscle, but come on, 9 lbs in 9 months?

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