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10/17/13 4:57 P

*sigh* I have this too. It came on very suddenly four or five years ago and since then comes and goes in severity with no reason for the changes that I could ever see. Sometimes it's not too bad. Other times I'm sucking on anti-gas garbage all day every day just to get it to "not quite miserable" level. I take probiotics, and that helps, as does eliminating the obviously gassy foods when it's particularly bad (hard as that is, with my family), but it still stinks. It does seem like it might be linked to the slow transit time mentioned by the other poster, but nothing I do ever speeds things up either. I'm not quite desperate enough to drastically change the foods I eat in a quite-possibly-vain attempt to track down a dietary culprit, especially given its history of mostly resolving on its own from time to time for no known reason: if I did experience a change, how would I ever be sure of the reason why?

I don't know what to tell you, except do get it checked out. But all I ever get told is "take probiotics and don't forget your co-pay on the way out".

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10/17/13 2:43 P

This can be described as slow transit time. The GI tract is running slow which leaves food sit in the small intestine too long. It does not have to be diet related, sometimes the result of a medication insult and may resolve itself with no explanation. I know because I lived with it for almost two years following back surgery. The drug Reglan may help when taken 30 minutes before a meal but is not for long term use. Bloat can make you feel like you will burst, especially if you lay down to sleep. I am so glad my situation resolved. I could never eat more than a very small meal at any given time and all testing, scopes were negative. Apparently it was a nerve insult possibly from the pain meds taken before my surgery. I had kept detailed food logs and could never pinpoint any particular food as the culprit, it was all food just moving along too slow, Anne, retired RN

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10/17/13 2:37 P

I was going to say the same thing as Diane - I bloat when I eat too much fiber.

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10/17/13 1:14 P

Oh, gosh, bloating sucks, I hate it. It is so uncomfortable and painful!

I would try to get in to see a doctor about it. I would also start a food + symptom diary, where you record what you eat, how much, and how & when your tummy feels more or less bloated, and if there are other symptoms involved, and what you are doing to try to treat it. You can use the Nutrition Tracker for this if you want, or you can write it down in a paper journal. A paper journal that you can show during your appointment might be better for demonstrating to the doctor that you're serious about this and mean business.

It could be a simple food issue, but there could also be other things going on, especially since you say that it doesn't matter what you eat or drink, your stomach is still bloated. And the best way to find out is by going to a doctor so that diagnostic tests can be ordered and proper treatment be implemented. Bloating can be nothing, or it can be an early sign of some serious conditions, so if it's been persistent, get it looked at!

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10/17/13 12:14 P

I agree - the first place to start is to consult your doctor. No nutritional advice we can offer can supplant his or her advice, especially if there's a physiologic basis for your symptoms.

That said... some people are sensitive to soy; that sensitivity can build up, so it's not an immediate dietary reaction. Can you drink almond or coconut milk? There's a blend available now also. I love all of those and use them exclusively. I never touch soy at all unless it's fermented, and that only in very limited quantity. It's not as healthy as we're led to believe.

Another poster mentioned sensitivity to food groups. Research online "FODMAPs" and "nightshades." I have terrible GI issues with both of those food groups. Misery hardly begins to describe how I feel if I get into those.

I hope you can find a solution. I know from experience how unpleasant bloat can be.
Good luck.

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10/16/13 11:57 P

There are some foods which can cause or exacerbate this problem - things like onions and cabbage, and then there are the beans ..... baked beans being notorious for wind. Have you suddenly increased fibre? This can do it too. Also, some medications can cause it. What is your sodium intake like? I only add salt to one vege, and that one I boil - all the rest are steamed and I never add salt to steamed or microwaved food.

If this continues, you may like to talk with your Dr about it because sometimes there are health issues which can cause it.


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10/16/13 11:19 P

Are you tracking your fiber? Often too little fiber causes bloating. Start slowly and increase to 25-30 gms per day. Gas-X is a temporary fix. If you are always bloated you might want to see your doctor.

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10/16/13 10:44 P

Hi my name is Linda Graham. I walk every day, 2 or 3 miles. I eat right, I can not have dairy. I drink Silk (soy milk). I drink either water or 1/2 strength ice tea made home made with the ice tea maker we bought. I don't drink coffee. I do have an addiction to sweets. I eat only dark chocolate. No more cakes or any bakery of a kind. This is very difficult because my husband is a baker :(. I don't eat white bread. I never eat rolls of any kind. I'm 56 years old and will be 57 on Dec. 30, 2013. My problem is no matter what I eat or drink my stomach bloats HELP!!!!!. emoticon

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