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10/30/09 7:22 A

I agree with NIVRAP07 - sounds like gluten intolerance. A friend of mine has it and whenever he comes over I make a special effort to bake things he can enjoy as well. It's actually more common than you think and it can happen at most any point in your life. I would look some information up online and talk to your docotr. He'll probably have you do a diet elimination where you cut out things that have gluten in them (which may seem overwhelming at first because as I have come to learn, most everything you have eaten comes with it). You might be more sensitive to pasta than to other products with gluten like breaded chicken but it is worth checking out...

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10/30/09 6:51 A

I second the suggestion that you might be gluten intolerant. is a wonderful resource with information about what other symptoms to look for, testing, and gluten-free living.

10/29/09 7:46 P

So this only happens on days that you have a pasta product??

C_ANEMONE Posts: 838
10/29/09 6:56 P

Sounds to me like you are allergic to gluten. It's just a thought, though...I'd ask a doctor about it!

MASA0606 Posts: 965
10/29/09 6:25 P

Are you eating something in the pasta or is it just plain pasta?

I hear you, I LOVE pasta. I often put onion and garlic in any pasta dish I cook, and sometimes it makes me gassy also. It is possible you have been putting something in the dishes that make you gassy?

BLUEWILLOW527 Posts: 152
10/29/09 3:33 P

Hello! I hope I have posted this in the proper place- if not, someone please point me in the right direction.....

I have a rather embarrassing problem that just started recently-- when I eat pasta (the white kind, not high fiber or whole wheat) such as macaroni, spaghetti, etc., I am plagued with terrible gas and bloating and stomach pain that lasts several hours. emoticon I am 53 years old and pasta has been one of my lifelong favorite foods, but NOT anymore!!! Does anyone have a clue as to why this would come on so suddenly, after no prior problems? No other food bothers me-- only pasta. I have had problems with IBS in the past, but that has never been triggered by pasta-- mostly greasy and/or spicy foods. I am eating a healthy diet, adequate fiber intake, and have been successful in cutting out junk food. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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