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5/10/13 1:40 A

Thanks for the advice everyone. I'm going to take a trip to the local pharmacy and see what they have for covering up blisters, and I'll switch to my other shoes and wear some thicker socks.

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5/8/13 12:06 P

I agree with MOTIVATED@LAST...the bandaids don't stick well in the shoes!!

That's why I go with one for cushioning...and overtape it with Athletic or medical tape. Others will just put the tape right on it, but I shudder at that...since if the adhesive really sticks, then the weakened skin is torn when you remove it later.... Ouch!!

Another alternative is moleskin. It comes in several compositions nowadays. Its adhesive on one side, and usually about 1/16 to 1/8" thick. You can cut a "Donut" shaped piece to go around the blister. This also works well. (I'm just too lazy!)

The moleskin can also be used on the shoe or intact skin for prevention....

Happy Feet for Walking!! emoticon emoticon

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5/8/13 9:17 A

I'm so glad to see this topic. I have been getting a blister on the bony part (at the back) of the lower ankle from rowing. I thought it was because I needed longer socks or new shoes. I love the socks that come to the lower part of my ankle. I probably need new shoes anyway, but I digress. I don't know why I didn't think of socks that aren't cotton based for exercise. I have had a blister show up 3 different times in the last few months. It seems as though I didn't realize they were there until they broke (popped or whatever it's called) on their own. You'd think I would know this since I spend a lot of time outdoors in hiking boots.

Thanks for starting this topic.

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5/8/13 8:33 A

I have recently had some problems with blisters. I found bandaids that were specifically for blisters. They made it easier for me to continue my workouts without terrible pain. Lacing my shoes well is a must for me to prevent the blisters.

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5/8/13 6:57 A

I am a regular hiker and backpacker - and when it comes to blisters, prevention is better than cure.

Stick away from cotton socks - wool or some synthetic athletic socks are better. Also, try different lacing techniques.

Blisters are best treated by letting them go down on their own. But if you MUST walk on them, drain them with a sterilized needle, treat thoroughly with antiseptic, and tape over them with a medical tape (band aids tend not to stick in the hot sweaty environment of a shoe).


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5/8/13 6:36 A

I echo the suggestion about socks. If you are walking for exercise, it might be worth it to check out socks at a running store. A lot of them are designed to help prevent blisters.

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5/8/13 1:28 A

Sorry to hear that....! In my experience, once they are there, they're gonna hurt! And I am VERY prone to blisters.... Depending on location, you might be able to switch to open back sandals or an older, 'slightly worn' shoe for a few days.

You didn't say if they were closed still or open. Hopefully closed!! If so, leave them that way. If they have a lot of fluid in them, I wouldn't plan to do any walking again for a few days...
I usually gently put a bandaid over them for some extra padding...and then add some athletic tape over that to keep down the extra chaffing. (And since I'm so prone, I now do the tape as a preventative measure!!) Another preventative which can also be used if the blister is small without a lot of fluid, is Body Glide. Its a dry lubricant, that might help cut the friction. ((I actually use their "liquefied powder" between my toes to prevent blisters---works great and easier than the Body Glide stick!!)

If they are are now treating an open wound, and what you do will greatly depend on how you tolerate OTC antibiotics, etc. A call to your doctor is in order if they are large, you are unsure about care, or have diabetes, etc.!!

Some folks swear by sweat-wicking socks, or two pairs of socks to prevent. Plus/minus with my crazy feet....!
Best of luck, and take care,

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5/8/13 1:03 A

So... I've been walking around so much lately that I've developed blisters on both my heels and it now kind of hurts to walk around. Anyone have any suggestions on what to do to keep the blister from causing pain?

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