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9/24/13 8:40 A

Good Luck, you can do it

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9/24/13 3:14 A

My advice is to use the food processer instead of a blender. Chops up much jk. it's late and I couldn't resist.

There are lots of parenting sites out there with good advice. So much depends on the ages of the children and how well the birth parents get along. Ideally the adults will be adults and let the kids be kids.

Work out rules that all adults can live with and then be consistent.

Good luck.

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9/23/13 1:46 P

Great article! Thanks!

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9/23/13 1:25 P

I don't have one but this looked like a great article on step-parenting and blended families

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9/23/13 11:54 A

My advice is that even if the kids mom is the most horrible woman ever. Don't speak badly of her, ever. Especially in front of the children. Those kids are half of her and they will think if she hates mom, then she must really hate us too. And then they will hate you. Seen it happen.

Even if mom says bad things about you. Resist the urge to engage.

I have seen it before. One mom spoke badly of the other mom and then when the other mom stood up for herself. The one speaking badly ran back to her friends and cried about being bullied.

If you can find a way to have peace with the kids mom, then it will help the kids feel more secure

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9/23/13 11:42 A

I am looking for suggestions, books, experiences, etc on blending families. TIA

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