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11/8/12 8:14 P

Wow! Its been years and I just bought some the other day. I like about a tsp of Molasses in a mug of tea as a sweetener.. drizzle a small amount on whole grain toast with a sprinkle of cinnamon, add to chili, sauces, beans, great in a stir fry.

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10/31/12 10:12 A

I use Blackstrap Molasses in baked beans, but I also just really like the taste, so sometimes i just a teaspoon of it and eat it slowly,( I don`t take it like medicine LOL)....yeah, I have strange tastes!

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10/30/12 9:00 A

wow - forgotten about this

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10/24/12 11:55 A


That yummly site is great, it basically just compiles recipes from all the different sites out there, for really random searches (like blackstrap molasses vegan recipes!).

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10/24/12 11:49 A

Awesome link, Julez! I'm totally going to try a few of these things out. Also, bbq sauce on tofu is pretty good, so there's even more calcium to bring to the table. I also eat chicken fairly often, but am trying to avoid red meat. Not really red meat, per se, just mammals. Also going to make some pumpkin bread with molasses. WINNING!

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10/23/12 11:35 P

I started googling after seeing the post in the calcium thread, as I was curious about this too. My favorite cookie are molasses "crinkles" and while they're relatively low cal for a cookie at about 75 for one, they're still not super healthy.

Most of what I found involved marinades for meats, but I saw you are a vegetarian, and ran across this

I will also say that blackstrap molasses doesn't always taste good, can be almost bitter, and isn't really interchangeable with regular molasses for the most part. So, make sure any recipes you use call for actual blackstrap, versus regular.

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10/23/12 11:15 P

So I've been hearing about how molasses is a bit of a superfood, high in B vitamins, as well as calcium and iron, the 2 things I seem to have the hardest time getting in my diet each day. I'm not a big desserts person, so I'm at a total loss for how to incorporate it into my diet. All I can think of is barbecue sauce (the reason I have a large bottle in the pantry in the first place), but I'd love some more suggestions for healthy ways to get it in my diet!

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