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12/24/12 2:48 P

All Sparkpeople entries (the ones without a username beside them) are for cooked unless otherwise noted. :)

TREE57 Posts: 4,730
12/24/12 12:44 P

cooked.....I love black beans with red onion, tomatoes and red wine vinegar with a touch of olice oil. YUMMMMM!

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12/24/12 11:05 A

I'm lazy cooked

12/17/12 7:48 P

It is for cooked beans.

1 cup dry beans would have:
660 calories
42 grams protein
121 grams carbohydrates.

Dietitian Becky

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12/17/12 4:45 P

GDbear - I'm aware that dry beans are inedible, but thanks for the input.

NIRERIN - I was using the recipe calculator in the way you're talking about, entering all my ingredients first and doing the portions after. I should have just entered the info from my dry package, but I thought I'd take a shortcut this time. Thanks for the info, it sounds like they are for cooked. I didn't think to look at the sodium count and that's a dead giveaway you are right.

NIRERIN Posts: 14,325
12/17/12 2:52 P

i am pretty sure they are cooked. well, actually i am really sure they are not only cooked, but canned, at least the kind of beans i have looked up, as they have around 400 mg sodium in each portion.
i know my dried beans run about 100 cals per 1/4 cup dry which turns to roughly 2/3 cup once cooked.
so if the number in the tracker per cup is around 400 cals or so, i'd say that should be dried beans. if it's in the 100-200 cal range i would say cooked.

what i tend to do is to enter in the dry information and enter my portion based on that. so i might start with half a cup of dried beans, cook them, then divide out into four equal portions. when i use those cooked beans in recipes to actually eat, i'll enter in .125 cups [i enter in the dried information as .25 cups with the nutrition info from the bag] because it's half of one of the 1/4 cup servings i started with or in simpler terms, 1/8 cup. then i will enter in the rest of the ingredients i had with the beans.

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12/17/12 2:13 P

dried beans are inedible...

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12/17/12 1:52 P

Anyone know if the black beans in the food tracker are cooked or dried? I started my recipe with 2 cups of dried beans, which obviously expands once soaked and cooked. Not sure what to enter.

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