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3/15/14 1:07 A

Do your clothes fit better? I've noticed that sometimes, the scale may not move, but my clothes are suddenly looser or at the very least, fit better.

Remember that muscle is heavier than fat and if you're adding muscle, you may not see a change on the scale... I remember the last time I (successfully) lost weight, I would go through periods where the scale didn't budge, but I would find myself down a size!

Even if it's not that you're adding muscle, just remember that sometimes the scale won't move, but you're still doing the "right" thing for your body - eating healthy and exercising!

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3/14/14 4:35 P

Thanks so much for your advisement! I will have to be more pushy with my doctor, she seems reluctant to try something else for me. But good to know I'm not crazy :)

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3/14/14 3:44 P


a twenty pound gain in two weeks is a substantial gain. Did you discuss that gain with your doctor ? If you haven't changed your dietary habits, that's a for sure water weight gain. In order to truly gain 20 pounds of fat would have required that you ate close to 70,000 extra calories in that two week period. If you know you didn't eat that much food, then the next logical reason for that big a gain in so short a time is water retention.

Talk to your doctor. Ask for a different prescription or dosage. There are a bunch of different birth control options out there. I'd look until I found one that didn't cause that kind of water retention and bloating.

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3/14/14 3:41 P

Also, I have been tested for thyroid and all looks good there!

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3/14/14 3:38 P

I am 5'1 and fluctuating between 145 and 150 pounds. I'd ultimately like to lose 30 pounds. I began a new birth control (Depo shot) October of 2012, when I weighed 108 pounds. I maintained that weight until June of 2013, when I began gaining like crazy! I gained 20 pounds in 2 weeks, and it kept climbing... even though my diet did not change (I eat between 1,200-1,400 calories a day, mostly derived from fruits, veg, and lean meat). I was doing the Insanity workouts from 2012-2013, but after I gained the weight I had to stop (they were TOO difficult with all that weight) and switched to walking and yoga (5-6 days a week). I finally regained my stamina recently, and in January I joined a gym where I have a pretty rigid routine. I was all the way up to 150 in January, the highest I'd been. I lost 5 pounds from 1/15 - 3/1, but since then have gone up 3 pounds. Again, have not changed my diet or exercise. It does not make sense to me!

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3/14/14 11:46 A


How long have you been trying to lose ? How much weight are you trying to lose ? What do you currently weigh ? How tall are you ?

While a safe weekly weight loss would be 1-2 pounds per week. There will be weeks you don't lose. There will even be weeks you gain ! And that doesn't mean you're doing anything wrong. The weight doesn't magically drop off the minute we decide we need to lose. It really could take 6-8 WEEKS of healthy eating and regular exercise before a person sees a change in the scale. And that is perfectly normal.

Depending on how long you've been trying to lose, you really just might need to be more patient with your body.

Can BC effect a person's weight loss ? It could if it's causing you to retain water. Many birth control pills can cause a woman to bloat. Do you feel bloated ? Are you retaining water ? If so, that would effect the read out of a scale.

We really do need more information. If you only just changed your habits a couple of weeks ago, then you do need to be more patient.

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3/14/14 11:36 A

In my experience, my BC has actually helped me lose weight since it's a diuretic. Going off the BC is what stalled the weight loss for a while.

A month isn't too long a time to not see changes. Are you keeping track with a measuring tape as well as with a scale? A lot of times the scale isn't helpful because too many things can affect your weight at any given time but a measuring tape can definitely tell the true story, especially when you don't have too much to lose.

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3/14/14 11:23 A

I went off Birth Control about 3 months ago and have been at the plateau since. It could very well be the hormones. I agree you may want to check with your doctor about your thyroid. It could just be your body adjusting to the new hormones in your body. Just keep doing what you are doing and things should even out.

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3/14/14 10:48 A

It could be the birth control, or it could be a thyroid issue. I would talk to your doctor. When I went off of birth control I actually gained weight, and my doctor said any hormonal changes can take up to 6 months to even out.

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3/14/14 10:40 A

I have been exercising 30-60 minutes a day, 6 days a week. I am well within my recommended calorie range (sometimes on the higher end, sometimes on the lower end). And for a month I have lost NOTHING!! Since starting my exercise regimen and recording my food intake, I lost about 5 pounds but have since gained 3 of them back. I eat tons of fruits, veggies, drink plenty of water, no alcohol, limited sodium and sugar. My exercising includes at least 30 minutes of hard cardio followed by 15-30 minutes of muscle toning and stretching. I'm not sure what else to do, and am wondering if my birth control could be having an effect on my inability to lose weight. Does anybody have insight on this?

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