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FEDGIRL4 Posts: 2,187
4/5/13 10:10 A

I went through this with my SIL last year. She had four nodules. Her surgeon could only find three, took them out along with her thyroid and sent samples in from the biopsy. Negative. It was pins and needles until those results came in though.

WHOLENEWME79 Posts: 951
4/4/13 2:22 P

A subject near and dear to my heart! I am an ultrasound tech (sonographer) and I just LOVE doing thyroid biopsies! As long as you don't freak out, it should just take a few minutes and most people are surprised when it is over at how easy they really are. Most doctors, if you are concerned about the pin pricks, will give you a local to help with pain, but that usually hurts worse than the biopsy itself.

If your node was hypervascular (more than normal blood flow), and over 2 cm, a biopsy is a good idea. Since I can't see the images I can't really give you much info, but 9 out of 10 times nodules are simple things, called colloid. This is an overgrowth of normal thyroid tissue and are very, very common. They may get fairly large but are benign and, unless it makes you physically uncomfortable, don't usually need to be removed.

Best of luck!

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4/4/13 8:03 A

Thanks everyone. All of this is very helpful. :-) I'm feeling better about it, and staying away from the search engines! My bloodwork comes back either tomorrow or Monday as well, so hearing the results of that will also be helpful. Thanks again!

MISSRUTH Posts: 4,314
4/4/13 8:00 A

Well. I've not had nodules on my thyroid, but I've had breast cancer and my DH had colon cancer. I know how unsettling those days between when they tell you there's something there, and then the day they can tell you what exactly it is, can be.

But the bottom line is, worrying is like rocking in a chair. It gives you something to do, but you don't get anywhere. You cannot throw up a wall of "worry" to protect yourself from anything. For both my DH and I, it came down to, we'll do what the doctors tell us to do (we have great doctors; we trust them completely) exactly how and when they tell us to do it. DH and I each had cancer; cancer did not have us.

I agree that the internet can be a fabulous source of information-- but sometimes we're really best off leaving it alone, and letting those who've had years and years of education and training, figure out what's going on with us and how to treat it. Left to my own devices, I can "diagnose" myself with all sorts of oddball diseases and bad scenarios. It's not helpful.

Just keep doing the next right thing, whatever that is. Going to work or cooking supper or getting some cardio or showing up for the biopsy, whatever it is. Focus on the task at hand. With both my DH and I, I spoke with our doctors and told them I wasn't going to worry until they told me it was time to. Numerous times, I asked "is it time to start worrying yet" and the answer was always no.

TXTOT84 SparkPoints: (11,134)
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4/4/13 5:25 A

Though the biopsy wild be the farthest from enjoyable thing to participate in, remember it could be saving your life.

RENATARUNS SparkPoints: (4,367)
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4/3/13 2:14 P

I had a thyroid biopsy last fall for a nodule that was a little over 1 cm if I remember right. They didn't get quite enough material to rule out malignancy entirely, so I need another sonogram in a few weeks to make sure it's not changing. Blech. In other words, I feel your pain.

I don't know what you tell you exactly to reassure you because you're thinking all the same things I did and know all the same things I did. Hang in there. *hugs*

ARCHIMEDESII SparkPoints: (201,279)
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4/3/13 11:27 A


Try not to worry ! I had a thin needle biopsy on my Thyroid in November 2012. When I had my physical, my PCP found a couple of large nodules on my thyroid. My doctor wasn't overly concerned because this is common in women my age. oh, joy. So, I had an ultra sound and was eventually referred to an endrocrinologist. She recommend the thin needle biopsy because my ultra sound was inconclusive. It showed hard nodules as well as those that were both solid and fluid. it seems that the ones that are solid and liquid are the ones to watch.

So, I have the biopsy and luckily, no thyroid cancer.

However, if I had been diagnosed with thyroid cancer, I would have had the operation to remove my thyroid. It would have meant taking medication for my entire life, but I would have led a very normal life. Many people who have their thyroids out do lead perfectly normal lives. They just need the medication.

Try not to worry ! I'm sure your results will also be normal.

GIZMOGIRL622 SparkPoints: (57,510)
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4/2/13 9:51 P

Thanks y'all...I definitely do agree with trying to not look too much stuff up on the internet, and trying to maintain a positive outlook. It's still a bit nerve-racking, but I'm going to do what I can to stay positive and try not to worry...and try to stay away from the websites, too!

SLIMMERKIWI SparkPoints: (256,880)
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4/2/13 8:58 P

Hi - I understand the situation you are in - I have been in a similar one myself, but not with my Thyroid. When I was in my mid 40's I found some breast lumps. It ended up that the FNA (Fine Needle Aspiration) was unsatisfactory, so I had to go into hospital for surgical removal, and to see what they were. Initially I was a bit anxious, then I had a good talk to myself, telling myself that whatever it was, it was already, and worry wasn't going to alter that. I also told myself that IF it was a worse case scenario, that it was being addressed quickly which was a positive. I went into hospital for the surgery a couple weeks later, and I was in a very relaxed state. Even when we were outside the Theatre door and they realized I hadn't been given my pre-op sedative, I sat up and asked if it looked like I needed one. As a result I went in un-sedated. The surgeon told me after he hadn't seen anyone so relaxed. The lump turned out to be a common innocent one!

I might add, that while in hospital and prior to the surgery, the Doctors decided it looked like there was something wrong with my heart - as in probably Congestive Heart Failure and Angina. Even that didn't bother me, because if it was that, it was already and I would just have to get on with things. I had worked for years in the health sector so knew the in's and out's of this. It turned out that it wasn't heart issues at all, but rather allergies causing the same symptoms.

Anyway, that is just to show that there ARE ways of getting through the waiting period. BTW - I don't see that you are over-reacting at all, but justifiably worried. You have a history with anxiety and are on medication - I suggest that you speak with your Dr because it MAY be that your meds could do with being adjusted - at least for the short-term. It sounds like your husband is a good supportive person to have around, and that is really great :-)

Take care, and good luck with the outcome!

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4/2/13 8:50 P

Oh goodness, I hope you don't worry too much. The internet is a great thing, except when we try to figure out what is wrong and then we can scare ourselves. Take some time to relax, take some deep breaths and stay away from medical sites.

Be well!

Coach Nancy

GIZMOGIRL622 SparkPoints: (57,510)
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4/2/13 8:26 P

Recently my doctor realized my thyroid was enlarged and recommended an ultrasound, which I got. They found a node near my esophagus and I was referred to an endocrinologist. I had the appointment yesterday, and based on the information he saw from the ultrasound, he (nurse practitioner) has scheduled me for a biopsy with the doctor. The node is 2.5 centimeters in diameter, and (I know I'm getting the details mixed up here), somehow it's got its own blood supply separate from the rest of the thyroid. He said it wasn't uncommon, but not as common as the norm.

I've been reading up on thyroid issues and know that even with worse case scenario, cancer, that it's rare and even if it was cancer, it's extremely treatable. The NP said he doesn't see the need to be concerned yet-he thinks everything will be fine, but they took blood for a full blood panel and are doing the biopsy next week.

I know the stats, but I'm still terrified. I can't listen to certain songs right now, and I get set off very easily. My husband thinks I'm over-reacting a bit (I do have a history of anxiety and am on medication for it). But outside of that, he's been extremely supportive. He went with me to the appointment so that he could learn more himself, and he calms me down when I get really emotional. But I can't help to think I'm over-reacting. Logically, I know that the stats for it being something serious are very low. But my mind can't help but to wander. I just don't know how to feel, what to do, etc. And I feel like I'm going a bit stir-crazy. :-/

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