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JASONV8 Posts: 805
6/28/14 7:30 P

I don't know your exercise routine on a daily basis, but you did mention that when you do not workout you feel like binging. That is your answer everyday you should accomplish something say walk even in your home if you do not have a treadmill, and I am sure it is better to do it naturally than on a treadmill, as your body is moving in a more natural plane. If you have something that is healthy which exercise most certainly is you will be far less likely to easily be less motivated to chuck your discipline for that day, and eat well above your set calorie intake for weight loss accomplishment.

Good luck. :)

FLORADITA SparkPoints: (64,375)
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6/27/14 3:07 P

I am currently struggling with the same issues and find it demoralizing to be stuck in this cycle. I have lost more than 50 lbs and want to lose 25 more but I am stuck in this cycle of eating well most days, working out 3-4 days per week and then sabotaging it all by binging. I am going through some stressful times and I find it is much harder to stay focused and on track when I am at an emotional low. I am hoping to find the energy and motivation to get past this and lose the last 25 pounds and maintain the weight loss. It seems to be getting tougher the closer I get to losing all the weight and I am terrified I might slip and gain it all back. My biggest fear is gaining what I have lost, but I am struggling so much these days and wonder if I'll ever get my enthusiasm back and be able to lose the last 25.

KCLAIRE1992 SparkPoints: (916)
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6/27/14 11:47 A

For me, I have to count my calories. Planning them for the day works best. If I can stick to that I usually can say no to the other food I want. The problem for me is if I mess up on that, I'm super tempted to binge.

6/26/14 4:33 P

Plan your meals at the start of the day (or the day before).
Spread out the calories:
300 for breakfast
400 for lunch, etc

Plan how you are going to send those calories:
---4 ounces of lean meat
---a serving of fruit
---a serving of grain, etc

Use calorie amounts and food portions that work within your plan

Then you don't have to be focusing on it all day, and worrying about it. It is already done.

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6/26/14 3:30 P

I typically notice it is on days that I am not working out. I start early in the morning thinking that I have to save enough calories for dinner. I notice myself thinking A LOT during the day about how much I have had to eat and how many calories I can eat for the rest of the day. After dinner, I will typically have enough calories for a small snack, but I still end up binging.
@Eelpie, those are some great suggestions! Thank you both for your help!

EELPIE Posts: 2,700
6/26/14 3:17 P

* If you aren't - start tracking your food every day, every bite - that makes people more mindful of what they eat.

* Get the junk food out of your house. Not there, can't eat it. Fill your house with healthy foods. Can you binge on 3 apples? Sounds pretty good to me....

* If, for some reason it must remain...keep it out of sight. If it's your husbands bag of chips, keep it in the back of the cupboard.

*Portion control before you eat.
Look at the box of crackers - serving size says 10 crackers. OK - put 10 cracker in a bowl, and eat those. Log in into your tracker (immediately) so you see how they are impacting your diet. If you really, really, really must have more...get up, put another 10 in the bowl - log it into your tracker (immediately) - really look at what your daily totals are, then if you must, eat those.

* Get busy.
If you are bored, you need to get unbored. Try doing yoga (free videos on youtube,) start a craft, call a friend, go for a walk, take a bubble bath, clean.

6/26/14 3:11 P

First examine the situation leading up to the binge.
Are you excessively hungry because you have not eaten enough food earlier in the day? And the binge occurs at 3 in the afternoon?

Are you bored, watching TV and then binge

Is it after you have a stressful work day and problem with your boss?

Is it after an argument with your spouse?

What is happening?

Your SP Registered Dietitian

BEEGETSHEALTHY SparkPoints: (4,622)
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6/26/14 2:21 P

I started working out about 2 years ago and managed to lose 50+ pounds through diet and exercise. Since that time, I've become a runner and completed numerous 5ks and a half marathon. I have gained back a few of those pounds and I'm not liking the trend so I set a goal to lose another 50 pounds by my birthday next year. My exercise routine is solid. However, my food intake is horrible lately. I find myself binging, especially on days I don't exercise.
Does anyone else have this issue? If so, how do you combat the urge to mindlessly eat?

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