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12/14/13 9:55 A


I viewed your nutrition tracker and if your information is accurate it appears many days you are only eating around 1000 cals. This is NOT healthy for a sedentary woman, let alone one that works out 5x a week. So close to your goal weight you should be, if anything, starting to increase your calories to maintenance. An intake of 1500 cals and a slower weight loss at this point would probably be more suitable, 1/4-3/4 lb per week. Eating too little can actually harm your weight loss efforts and lead to uncontrollable binge eating and food obsession. Your body will react against your efforts to lose weight when it perceives that food availability is low especially considering you are already a healthy weight and body fat percentage would be low.

Of course this could be a one off, in which case one day does not make or break a healthy diet but you should really be careful with your calorie intake at this point.

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12/14/13 1:05 A

I think the first step is to not view it as a mistake. Once you put that 'mistake' label on it is when you start beating yourself up for it. Your posts says that your boyfriend and you had a party. Unless parties are a regular event for you two, I don't see a mistake at all. I see a great time had by friends. Yes, there was a lot of food but you enjoyed the delicious treats and the company of your friends. Instead of beating yourself up, you should be thinking fondly of those memories!

Like countless others have said, one day isn't going to ruin everything. In fact, I purposely choose one day each week to go out to eat and order whatever the heck I want to eat. I usually choose something fatty, cheesy, and fried. Is it healthy? Heck no! But it's what I'm craving and while I do want to lose weight, I also want to enjoy time with friends and family without stressing about what I'm eating. Now, I only limit my 'Splurge Day' to one day a week.

So, you had your fun, and now it's time to just continue where you left off. Don't worry about that one day (or any of the MANY days in the future you'll have of overeating). At the very least, you got a valuable learning experience.

MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 17,535
12/9/13 1:55 P

It is a brand new day. Just get back to your healthy eating. You don't really have to do anything special. Just dust yourself off and start all over.

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12/9/13 1:48 P

I was reading a quote on FB the other day that said something to the effect, it's not how many times you fall down, it's how many times you get back up that matters.

Get back on track with your food and exercise and don't beat yourself up for it.

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12/9/13 12:33 P

Thank you all! really good advice. I'm just going to pick up where I left off eating healthy and exercising. I don't binge often (just those moments of true weakness or on some special occasions). Surprisingly I was able to restrain myself on Thanksgiving, but last night took me by surprise! I know where my mistakes were; not having a snack after working out and not having the lovely healthy salads I made before gorging on pasta and sweets. I keep thinking " if I had just had a banana and some salad, I wouldn't have been so prone to overeat the other stuff." But today is a new day and I'm getting back on track. Thank you everyone for the support. And the article Coach Jen was super helpful!

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12/9/13 11:59 A

First, forgive yourself and don't worry about it. It is called being human. It happens
Second, one binge (unless it happens often) won't hurt your diet, and may have been good for you emotionally so don't beat yourself up.
Third, you realized you binged, Good for you! Now you can get back on track much more easily.
So what to do? Simple! It happened, Let it go its in the past. Today is a new day and a fresh start!

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12/9/13 9:57 A

Nobody is perfect. In fact, don't almost all gurus recommend a cheat day every once in a while? Some, as often as once a week!

Also, your tracker shows you're hardly a problem to begin with.... I strongly suggest you not beat yourself up over this and just keep doing what you normally do.

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12/9/13 8:53 A

you get back on track the next day.
you may also want to think of a new social food format. instead of having everyone make a dish at one time and have desserts, perhaps try setting up something where you make one or two per week, then pit the winners against one another over the course of several weeks. or if you have to have everyone do it all at once, make sure you have smaller containers that are sample size. in other words, don't buy the 20oz paper bowls for the event, find a 5oz bowl or use little cups like they do for beer flights. also make sure that you have containers to send leftovers home with your guests and start packing it up well before people start wandering off. you can mention basic food safety as the reason you're packing it up so early and it's a lot harder to nibble at packed up food.

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12/9/13 8:48 A

Today is a new day. Just resume your healthy ways.

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12/9/13 8:29 A

Falling down is ok as long as you get up afterwards. Shake it off, move on and stick to your plan today.

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12/9/13 7:28 A

When blood sugar drops, even in normal people, you will crave foods that will increase blood sugar for a quick fix. A sugary or diet soft drink can do this, as well as, a pack of cracker, pasta, bread...those carbs will do it.

Several days of fewer carbohydrates and more protein will get you back on track

skip all breads and pasta for a few days.... eat veggie berries which have the least impact on blood sugar and veggies as they can also hydrate you.

The next time you have pasta maybe add steamed green beans or broccoli to the mix as it will blunt the sugar intake and you will think your getting more pasta.

Block sugar with dill pickles and vinegarette , the vinegar helps deactivate an enzyme the body needs to convert starch into blood sugar so maybe before a pasta meal snack on or nibble on a dill pickle, nuts, guacamole or veggies and a vinegarette salad. These are sugar blockers....or make a cucumber, chopped onion and shredded carrot salad in vinegar. It is also sugar blocking...and maybe you won't be so prone to reaching for more carbs or sweets.

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12/9/13 6:10 A

The best thing you can do is learn from your mistakes and move forward. Here's an article you might find helpful:

Coach Jen

12/9/13 3:57 A

One day of overeating doesn't ruin your progress. These days WILL happen, at least they do for me, and it's ok as long as it's not every day or every week.

Just move on and stick to your plan, yesterday is gone for good anyway.
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12/9/13 3:32 A

My boyfriend and I had a party - a ragu cookoff - and I ate my weight in not only pasta but the sweet desserts people brought. No self control whatsoever - I've been doing so well with my healthy eating habit and working out for 5 weeks now, really seeing the improvements. Have I completely reversed all of the work I have done? What do I do now?

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