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Read Gary Taubes' "WHY WE GET FAT AND WHAT TO DO ABOUT IT." It is all about Insulin and sugar/starches. As Dr. Atkin's said no one binges on hard boiled eggs.

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The Story So Far . . .
Just over a week ago I walked into the doctor’s office at the local hospital weight loss clinic with my heart in my mouth. I knew what I wanted to say but just nodding and saying “ok” wasn’t going to cut it for me this time. Ever since my teenage years I have been binge eating to cope with whatever mishaps life threw at me. I’ve always had a weight problem since I was very little and I think one day realising that I had a mountain to climb to get healthy was a bit too much for me to deal with. So I swallowed my pride and I told the young, thin and attractive lady doctor “I think I have a binge eating problem”. Since the start of the year I’ve gained about 1 & ½ stone. Funnily enough it’s coincided with the death of my Nan (who I was very close to) and the detrition of my marriage (we separated in January). I’m now living back with my parents with my little daughter (15months old) so everything is a bit of a car crash to be honest. So the wonderful NHS have told me that I have to see my own GP about some happy drugs and I’ve got to try not to binge out. So if you yourself are facing the same problems or you just want to see how I get on or even if you feel my journey may inspire you please follow me and comment and let me know what you’re up to!

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