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8/28/14 11:06 P

You're restricting too much.

Use the tracker here at Spark People to PLAN your consumption of things you like.

For example, plan a pizza meal where you account for the calories and balance it out by planning other foods and meals that day that allow you to stay in healthy ranges.

Do the same thing with other foods, so that you have one of your favorites every so often.

You'll be less likely to binge that way.

8/28/14 6:38 P

I would keep a food journal and write down what I ate, how hungry I was, how I felt before, during and after I ate to see if there is anything that is triggering the binges. Do certain foods lead to the binge? Bad day at work? Kids fighting like cats and dogs? People coming to stay at your house?

Also try and find healthy substitutes for your favourite treats. A thin crust pizza, easy on the cheese with lots of sauce and vegetables with a salad can be a good option. Maybe you can make the baked goods lower in sugar and higher in protein? Maybe you could try a berry ice cream, just mix two cups of your favourite frozen berries with a banana and blend in a food processor until smooth. Freeze half and eat half or eat the whole thing it's all real whole foods that won't break your calorie bank.

Keep pushing yourself, you can do it!

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8/28/14 5:15 P

It is possible that the binges are, in part, caused by 'cutting out' foods that you love, completely.

I always suggest giving yourself permission to eat whatever you fancy, once in a while. I have applied it right through my weight-loss and maintenance journey the last few years, and it really does work. I generally eat a bit under my max. daily calories to accommodate this style of eating.

Linked to the above is that a lot of people change the way the eat suddenly. You are best to make the changes gradually. Things as simple as reducing soda/juice and increasing water, or eating less pizza at a serve, but eating more fruit/veges in it's place. Only when your mind/body has gotten used to the changes, add something else to the mix. This way it kinda tricks the body into thinking that you have always eaten like this, so it is less likely to crave.

Then when you apply the 'giving yourself permission' thing, it also helps because you may feel like something you would otherwise 'forbid' yourself from having, your brain will tell you that you CAN have it, but just at a later date. That really can help reduce those cravings/binging considerably.


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8/28/14 12:42 P

Here's an article you might find helpful:

Coach Jen

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8/28/14 12:08 P

Instead of totally eliminating these foods from your eating plan, why not incorporate small amounts of them into it? That way you might not be "missing" these foods that induce a binge.

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8/28/14 10:46 A

I do the exact same thing. I see that the scale is showing I weigh less and I eat everything in sight. I binge ate on Monday this week after the scale showed I was down 3.8 pounds I think I try to make it an excuse to eat more, that a little binge eating won't make me gain weight, but every time I do binge eat, the scale is up. So I'm not sure why I keep doing it. I know the evening are particularly tough for me after everyone goes to bed. I do have a goal right now that I'm trying to focus on and that is to have lost some weight by 11-04-14, or when I go back to see the sleep doctor. I'm hoping it is enough incentive for me not to binge eat.

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8/28/14 10:41 A

I do good on eating and exercise for 10 days or so, and then right when I start to drop a little weight, and my clothes feel better, I go thru a 3 day period where I eat everything I miss, like pizza, ice cream, and baked gods in large amounts, and put the weight right back on. What is wrong with me??

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