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11/17/12 10:42 A

Hi there,
I feel your pain. It's a shocking thing to realize that despite your best efforts, things seem a bit out of control.

I've found SparkPeople -- and good doctors -- to be extremely helpful in my ongoing effort at being the healthiest I can be. Hope you are able to get good guidance from your doctors.

This isn't easy, but life is really great, so it's worth everything to stay on course.

Good luck!

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11/17/12 10:27 A

Thanks for the encouragement. Now that the shock has passed and the pity party is over, I have to say that throwing the towel in and giving up was never really a possibility. I'm still trying to figure out what an appropriate eating plan should be and what changes I need to make to get the numbers down.

I plan to see an endocrinologist in the next week (taking meal trackers with me)or so and see what she has to say. She also specializes in nutrition, so maybe together we can find the "magic" combination that can get numbers down and weight off. I would like to find a plan that actually works to get the weight until now it seems like nothing I have done works.

I am well aware of the fact that there will be tons of challenges ahead. Living in Honduras, diet choices are limited....very hard to get fresh produce, no low/no fat dairy products, etc, but with work I'll figure it out.

And, yes, losing weight would help with pain issues, that's why I've been working on it so diligently for such a long time.

Thanks again for the encouragement.

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11/16/12 5:15 P

Hi Donna - I was borderline pre-diabetic, had bad cholesterol results (all of the lipids) even tho' I was on meds for them and always ate a really healthy diet and within a normal weight-loss range (alas too high for me.)

A Dietitian helped me to get on track with the weight-loss, and it wasn't until I was very close to my goal weight that the bloods came back normal - all of them.

Unfortunately a lot of health professionals assume, and their assumption is incorrect. I had some printouts from the SP Nutrition Daily Report to back me up :-) I will also point out that where it comes to Cholesterol issues, our own bodies also produce cholesterol and sometimes it produces too much. There can be a genetic component to it. Both my mother, father, grandmother on mother's side, grandfather on father's side, and uncle on father's side, and my sister, have all had heart attacks, and those on my fathers side including my sister, diabetes as well. Ensure you are eating healthy sources of fats - Olive Oils, Nuts, Avocado, etc., because this can help with your cholesterol problem.

Depending on the cause of your pain, the weight-loss should help with that, too! (Speak from experience)


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11/16/12 3:47 P

Pre-diabetes should not be overlooked and most pre-diabetics and diabetics have high triglycerides, elevated cholesterol, low vitamin D, low in B vitamins. Go see an endocrinologist
as he/she are metabolic experts in thyroid disease and diabetes. Take whatever blood work up you have now.

If you ignore the pre-diabtes it wont be of you become diabetic but when! Don't wait.

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11/16/12 2:17 P


Coach Nancy is right. While a healthy diet and regular exercise could help a person reduce their risk for diabetes, it doesn't mean it will. Genetics really does play a big factor in our health.

I have a cousin who has never been over weight a day in her life. She's always eaten right. She's always exercised and been active. Last year, she was diagnosed with osteopenia, pre osteoporosis. The doctor told her, it's genetic. She's on medication now and still active because she enjoys being active.

Don't give up your healthy habits because your cholesterol ended up being high. these are things which will still help you live a longer, healthier life. I know it's a shock because we hope we're doing all the right things to be healthy, but you just may be one of those people who have a naturally high cholesterol.

what you might consider doing for your own piece of mind is get a second opinion from a different doctor. At least, talk to a doctor who will listen to your concerns instead of making such a quick diagnosis.

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11/16/12 10:18 A

Hi Donna,

There are some things that diet and exercise can help alleviate or control and there are some things that will not change, BUT that should not mean we should abandon the ship of healthy living. I have lost over 80 pounds, I have run over 120 races ranging from a 1 mile to a marathon and get this, I still have high blood pressure. I still have to take a Rx every morning, HOWEVER, I know that I am a healthier person today with high blood pressure than I was 15 years ago.

Hang in there and know that genetics play a role, but know too that continuing down the path of healthy living will ensure that you are not creating other issues down the road.

Take care!

Coach Nancy

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11/16/12 10:06 A

On Friday of last week, I went to see my pain specialist about new pain issues. In order to rule other things out, she sent me for a female exam. The ob/gyn, one who I had not seen before, discovered that it had been over a year since I had last done blood work. So he ordered the complete work up. Turns out, my cholestrol and triglycerides are too high and my glucose level puts me in the pre diabetic category. So much for exercising and eating right....I mean I consider it a big splurge and feel guilty if I have one sweet dessert a month, I watch my fats etc. Not a completely perfect diet, but certainly clean enough that high cholesterol, triglycerides and glucose should not be an issue. I was totally unprepared to hear those results.

I was also unprepared for the doctor's reaction. Without any previous discussion about what my diet looks like, he pronounced it was from a bad diet, prescribed medication for cholesterol, ignored the glucose, no direction about diet or exercise...just here's your prescription, take the med, repeat the blood test in 2 months. Total time in office....5 minutes.

So, what good does it do to attempt to live a healthy life style if it doesn't result in weight loss and doesn't result in good medical exams? Ready to throw the towel in completely.

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