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11/24/12 9:15 A

Definitely go with the veggies--and soup would be my favorite way to get them in. They'll fill you up without completely blowing your target.

Tomorrow, you start fresh, right????

11/24/12 4:58 A

I agree with TACDGB, eat some veggies this evening - veggie soup maybe? And start over tomorrow

SUSANBEAMON Posts: 11,766
11/24/12 12:17 A

yes, i'd check your cycle. i know that time of the month is carb city for me. nothing to do but be prepared with healthy carbs and low-fat protein, and not worry about it. trying to hard just sets you up for "all or nothng" thinking, and that is unhealthy.

11/23/12 7:19 P

I'd bet PMS played a role in it!! It happens to me too sometimes. FORGIVE yourself, love you no matter what the scale says tomorrow, and get back on track! You can and will do this!!!!

JENNILACEY SparkPoints: (81,972)
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11/23/12 6:58 P

One day of going over isn't going to break or make your weight loss. Have a normal dinner. Your maintenance calorie needs are higher than your calorie range and likely around 2000 cals. You have to eat over your maintenance to gain weight.

If you want you can just make up for it by doing some extra cardio over the next couple days.

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TACDGB Posts: 6,136
11/23/12 6:49 P

I'd eat a boat load of veggies some protein and call it a day. Move on and start fresh after you eat supper.

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11/23/12 6:12 P

Not gross, just human. We all have days like that. Get back on track and try to figure out why you did it. Were you just careless? Craving fat? Learn from it.

11/23/12 5:47 P

Okay so this morning I was having a pretty lazy day and I was being careless. I ate french toast w syrup for breakfast & macaroni and cheese w hot dogs for lunch! Gross right??? I've been eating healthy but this morning i really just didn't care about what I put in my body (feels like their is a rock in my stomach now btw). I'm already within my calorie range and its only 3pm. I know that if I eat dinner i will definitely surpass this range.. so my question is this... Is it better for weight loss to stop eating for the day or is it better to maintain my metabolism and eat anyway?? Any suggestions???

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