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1/2/13 3:59 P

1/1/13: 90 minutes in snow and ice. New Year honor ride for a friend wo died of cancer.

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12/27/12 11:15 P

I was able to ride (indoors) for an hour today. I can't wait to get back out on the roads again. Come on spring

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12/26/12 6:14 P

Hi N16351D, indeed it would be much better for the health of the people and for the environment. I just came back from a week in Rome. I was getting a bit crazy there. I tried to walk in the area I was staying but it was very hard. There are no pedestrian path. Biking is out of the question. It was really an adventure. Now back home, I'm glad I could go to center on the bike. 30 minutes each way. I love it.

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12/26/12 6:02 P

30 min.

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12/10/12 9:39 P

Hit it fo 60 min. this evening

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12/5/12 3:45 P

Hitting the bike again this evening. I just might ride my bike to the radio station tonight. Granted it is only a couple of miles but I am wishing it to become a staple of transportation like it used to be just a few short years ago.

DAWNLOGA Posts: 242
12/4/12 2:09 P

I love to ride my bike outside! However, winter isn't a good time to ride - I miss my rides! I got up to 10 miles without padding on my tush, and this spring I want to get bike shorts with pads to see how far I can go. We have some amazing bike routes where I live.

As far as stationary bike - yuk! But I do it just to mix it up. Enjoy your rides!

SIMPLELIFE2 Posts: 707
12/4/12 10:04 A

It's funny because I LOVE cycling, just not indoors. I can go out and literally ride hours when I'm training for a century. I even rode more than 500 miles in a week during RAGBRAI. But stick me inside and it feels like torture.

Since I live just outside of Chicago, it's not feasible to train outside during the winter. I have mild asthma and just can't workout outside in general if the temp is below about 35 degrees. I have a really nice Kurt Kinetic trainer in my basement but I really have to force myself to use it. Even watching TV doesn't help. I do just enough so I don't feel like I'm dying come spring.

One thing I did learn the hard way is to do a lot of stretching for your hip flexors so they don't become to tight and balance it with activities that target your glutes. Happy pedaling!

N16351D Posts: 2,349
12/4/12 9:28 A

Gardemon, I traveled to Europe from Seattle, WA in 2010. We were in The Netherlands for a few days. Most in our tour group were very impressed with the thousands of people that regularly bike to work and school all around Europe. It is quite different in the U.S, where we drive cars 15- 30 minutes instead of bike.

Many bikers in the US wear special biking clothing with bright colored jackets (for visibility and protection against the elements), and helmets.

In The Netherlands, ladies wore skirts or slacks, and men wore slacks or jeans. Everyone was doing it. I was fascinated to see many, many rows of racks for bicycles, more than on most college campuses in the U.S.

I was impressed. More Americans would have less heart disease if we copied what they are doing in Europe to get to work. I rode my bike more frequently upon returning from that trip.

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12/3/12 6:34 P

Living in The Netherlands cycling for me is a very important transport middle and a very common exercise. Going to my gym takes 30 minutes one way. Going to the city 40. I do that almostt every day. I love it. Hope you can enjoy it too.

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12/3/12 3:32 P

I am trying to ride the bike again for 30+ minutes at a time is this a challenge? I enjoy talking about cycling, I am not advanced just an amateur. today I rode the stationary cycle for an hour.

10/5/12 8:14 A

awesome! keep up the great work
i plan on going for a bike ride today too

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10/5/12 8:02 A

Yea, just worked out and feeling great. Hope to go for a walk later this afternoon. My off day from work and getting all the fun I can.

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