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1/30/14 2:47 P

I think there are only 6-8 in the pool and and I don't think they want to win it as bad as I do. emoticon

They also have a chart up so you can see what everyone is doing.

Before you buy the thermal leggings from Voler check out Performance or Bike Nashbar as I have some Performance thermal brand tights and they are pretty toastie. Probably can save yourself some money by ordering from them.

If you have knee problems I would get fitted for a bike and sure won't spin high gears when I was climbing. I use to have knee problems with my bike before I was fitted for it.

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1/30/14 11:39 A

Lucky DAWG! A spin bike IS a great prize! How many are in the pool with you?

PLANET FITNESS?!! I belong to Planet Fitness too. The one closest to me just finished a remodel and I kept asking them about including spin bikes in their new equipment line-up. They insisted that none of their locations has spin bikes. K. Now I know. I just accepted their word. But they do have great rates, for sure.

I don't like the recumbent bikes, so I ride the upright style. Can I get knee injuries on those? My knees hurt all the time, so I don't want to aggravate the problem. Still, I like cycling better than treadmill or elliptical.

By the way, thanks for the Voler tip...I just might order some thermal leggings today. They're not on sale, but I kinda need them now.

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1/30/14 11:06 A

What do I get when I win?

A $500 spin bike , pretty awesome eh?

Ok my take on the spin bikes. I think the upright ones are ok as you kind of can get your position right on the bike. The proper fitting on a bike which they call the neutral position is a 29-30 degree angle of your knee when the pedal is at the lowest position possible. That is how they started out fitting me for my race bike and then they spent around 1 1/2 hrs. refining it from there.

On the bikes that you ride like a recumbent it's kind of hard figuring out that style of riding and you can get some knee problems really fast.

A few things that can help cranky.
1. A day or time of exercise since I get the natural high every time.
2. Ice cream or potato chips which is on my don't eat list now. emoticon
3. Backpacking
4. Kayaking
5. Skiing
6. Enjoying God's outdoors

It's miserable here in Pa. right now. They have been keeping weather records here since 1890 and there are breaking records left and right. What happened to the Global Warming? We are 20-30 degrees below normal.

If you get on the Voler mailing list they let you know when they have closeouts. Bike Nashbar and Performance bike have their house brand which is cheaper and like anything else you can always find some deals end of season.

I'm not sure what gym you go to but Planet Fitness does. Right now $39 to join and then $10 a month. I just joined as I need to get fit fast. emoticon

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1/30/14 9:27 A


Do you ever watch Frasier? Your post reminded me of the Frasier episode when all the employees at the radio studio competed with another local radio studio in a weight loss competition. It was hilarious!

Good luck, Z!

(Is that the Rocky theme I hear playing in the distance?)


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1/30/14 9:19 A


There are only a handful of things that can help "cranky".........
1. Hashbrowns
2. A winning lottery ticket
3. The smell of a new car
4. Feel free to add your own anti-cranky incentives......

Okay...I'll bite...what will you get when you win the weight loss challenge at work? (Notice I said WHEN YOU WIN... emoticon )

I'll check out Voler. Bicycle shorts are EXPENSIVE!! I've spent some cash on cycling clothes, as you can imagine. I'm definitely looking at all of the books and sites you've recommended. You're awesome! Thank you!

How's the weather in PA today? Do you train on a spin bike when you can't get outdoors? The gym I go to doesn't have spin bikes. I've been advocating for spin bikes, but they told me their other sites don't have spin bikes, and they like to keep things the same at all locations. Our local bike shop charges $10 an hour for the use of their bikes. I've never tried them, so I don't know what the hype is all about. What do you have to say?

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1/30/14 8:10 A

Garrie1 I'm not a coach so I can't help cranky emoticon But I can give encouragement to almost anyone that wants to bicycle. At my end I guess I have all the incentives I need. They are having a 3 month weight challenge at work. Wanna guess what the winner gets? emoticon

BTW Another website I like is Voler, I buy almost almost all my cycling shorts from them. I'm on their email list and latest email had info on how to train during the off season.

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1/29/14 10:06 A

I think I'd like a personal cycling coach...someone who would show up on my doorstep at 5:00 a.m. everyday and sit with me at breakfast, lunch, and dinner, then into the evening when my craving for potato chips is burning in my soul. Someone who would (sweetly, with the charm of a drill master) drive me to the gym and (kindly, yet zealously) go through my workout routines with me. Someone who would (miraculously) change my attitude toward physical exertion and (with all the tact of a pincushion cactus), transform me into a lean, mean cycling machine.


oops...'bout forgot the emoticon...

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1/29/14 9:34 A

Z-MAN...God played a little joke on me. He made me quirky, cranky, and cynical. Then He threw in a hand-full of obnoxious and a pinch of lazy.


emoticon emoticon emoticon

(I think we need more emoticons)

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1/28/14 9:49 P

Garrie1 God gives everyone an ability, I'm very fortunate that he gave me the natural athletic ability. That still means I have to do lots of riding and training before that. When the weather breaks a 30 mile ride will be a long ride for me. I'm not no spring chick either, I just have a desire to try another season of long distance riding. My last sucessfull season was back in 2006.

BTW Any exercise anyone does is good for their body and soul and I cheer anyone on who does it.

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1/28/14 9:20 P

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1/28/14 7:03 P

ZMAN! You're making me look bad...REALLY bad! 500 miles in 48 hrs? Holy smokes!

...hanging head in shame...

Enjoy your youth! Someday, all you'll have is WISDOM! (picture Yoda)

Party on, cycling dude! (I'm on my way to the pharmacy to look for Capstan...and Metamucil...and Centrum Silver)

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1/28/14 6:22 P

Hey Garrie1 have your heard of Capstan. Not sure of the speeling(lol) but it should be in their with Ben Gay etc. It's basically red cayenne pepper in a cream that you rub on and it heats the joints up. One word of advice wash hands good or wear rubber gloves as you don't want to rub your eyes with it on.

Sarge what is the name of that race? I couldn't find anything on the website.

Yes my Golden luvs the snow more than I do and can't wait to get out in it.

At my end I pulled the trigger on my biggest race of the season(Tejas 500) a 500 mile race that I will be trying to do in 48 hrs. Let the training begin ok not today it was 6 deg. F.

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1/28/14 3:27 P

Yeah, I hear you, WALKNCHES! We're in the same boat here in Utah. We rely a lot on the weather that drifts our way from the west coast. It's a pretty bleak forecast. I don't look forward to those 3-digit-temp highs in July! I'd prefer to bicycle in below freezing weather than in the heat. Trying to be optimistic.


emoticon emoticon emoticon

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1/28/14 3:10 P

Pedaling in. 60 degree weather in California this January. But we're paying for it with drought and water rationing on the horizon!

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1/28/14 10:34 A

Good morning, SERGEANTMAJOR!

TWO WORDS....BRRRRR! emoticon

I'll bet all of you folks feel like popsicles! While I really miss the snow, I'm not a fan of arctic-like weather and wind.

I really gotta check out the fat tire bikes...they're pretty popular here, too, although they are completely new to me. Where have I been?!! (don't answer that...) We just had a winter cycle event here, too! I would love to participate in that some day. Now, I just need to stop the aging process. HA!


1/28/14 10:08 A

Negative 15 in Minneapolis this morning but there are still bicycle commuters riding. Look in the Minneapolis Star Tribune for the article on the bicycling, running, skiing (your option) 135 mile event starting in International Falls, MN yesterday. Good picture of a fat tire bicycle which are common here this time of year.

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1/28/14 9:39 A

Hey, Z-MAN...did you mean that your dog was smiling when you put on your ski clothes? I loved that! Made me laugh!

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1/28/14 9:35 A

Hey, ZURICHMAN! I'll load that book onto my Kindle! Right now, I'd like advice on how to make arthritis pain go away...forever. Makes me have a frowny face. emoticon

In deference to your comments about the Amish and Mennonite folks, I have to tell you about a special little store that has sprung up in a neighboring town. Can't think of the name of the store right now, but the suppliers are mostly Amish, and I love the different foods and other items - many handmade - that they carry. I've noticed, on their packaging, that most items come from PA. Very unique! There is much good to be said for their way of life. And 10,000 miles per year on a bicycle?! Makes me look foolish! (If the foolish shoe fits...) emoticon

It's 26 F here right now. Not TOO bad for a morning commute.

Hope you all have a spectacular Tuesday! (Wait! Is today Tuesday? Yeah. It's Tuesday. For a while...then it'll be Wednesday. GAAA! Where does the time go?!!)

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1/27/14 7:46 P

We have Amish and Mennonite around here that ride there bikes year round and they are their cars. I don't know how they do it. Most ride around 10,000 miles a year. Today it was 16 deg. F out when I went out exercising with my dog. We did a 1 1/2 hr. walking in 3-4" of snow. He was smiling when he saw me put on my ski clothes. Local tv station said it was 5 deg. F with the wind chill but that was suspose to be with 5-8 mph winds and it felt more like 10-15 mph here.

Garrie1 here is some more advice

If you want some free advice go to

UMCA cycling website

then look under articles. They have articles in there under nutrition, training plans for all distances and just some all around good info.

The book I was talking about called

Distance Cycling
authors John Hughes and Dan Kehlenbach

I bought it on Amazon

BTW I'm learning lots of info from this book. Probably the best cycling book I have read for useful info.

Send some of that spring like weather to Pa. Crazy weather here this year in Pa. -15 below zero or more in the morning and 40 deg. by the end of the week go figure.

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1/27/14 4:51 P

HAHAHA! Way to go, SERGEANTMAJOR! The Trailblazer it is!

I actually didn't bicycle today either...appointment in the afternoon. But tomorrow, I'll be back in the saddle again! emoticon emoticon

It's not cold in Utah...well, unless you're from Fiji. Otherwise, we're warming right up, and it's starting to look like pre-spring around here...dirty snow banks, mud, generally kinda ugly. I heard a weather rumor though, that it's supposed to snow by the 12th of February. Wishful thinking? Probably.

Stay warm!

1/27/14 2:39 P

It is 10 below zero as I post this, however it has not deterred some of the most hardy from riding their bikes today, One hardy soul just rode past my house and when I was on the University of Minnesota campus earlier today there were hardy souls biking on campus. This septuagenarian is not that hardy and will use the Trailblazer to get around today.

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1/27/14 1:31 P

I went to Amsterdam in the dead of winter...Dutch people were cycling to work in throngs. So the answer is: The Dutch!

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1/27/14 9:53 A

ZURICHMAN, you are a great help! I'm so new to bicycling, and I don't know my way around yet...there's a lot to learn. My Trek is carbon fiber, so it feels light to me. I mean, I can easily pick the thing up and sling it over my shoulder...but I admit that I didn't do a lot of shopping around. When I made my decision to buy a bike, I had already done a search online for a bike that would be good for me. I was familiar with Trek bicycles, so I started there. I went to a couple of local shops, the Trek dealer being my first stop, and asked my questions. I finally settled on the Domane series bicycle. To be honest, I was worried that it wouldn't be "sturdy" enough! HA HA! emoticon

You were spot on when you said that most of us are here on Spark because we need to lose weight...I do, so that's why the article in Bicycle Magazine was particularly interesting to me. It was a weight loss plan for cyclers, and it gave a very specific plan for reaching one's goal weight and strength. I'm very interested in articles like that, so if you know of any others, please let me know. As a novice, I appreciate any and all helpful tips. I know there must be lots of good information in other or otherwise.

Many thanks to you for your expertise and helpful comments!

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1/24/14 12:12 P

Where I live here in Pa. we don't get enough snow to x country ski. The last snow we only received 3-4" of snow. We are getting hammered with cold weather though this year.

ELLI20 Posts: 4,467
1/24/14 12:29 A

Instead of biking in the winter, I much rather go cross country skiing, and bike the rest of the year.

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1/23/14 9:01 P

Garrie I have a kind of love/hate relationship with Bicycling magazine. I think sometimes/most they put a pic of a cutsie girl on the front page to sell copies. They also have lots of ads in there to support their mag and pick high price items and give them an outstanding review when there are lots of other things out there much better. I have been riding since 1992 and had an Trek 540 touring bike that was was heavier than a rock. No kidding I did a 100 mile ride out my 1st ride and was stiff for 3-4 days afterwards go figure. I also have lots of things laying around the house that I thought that would work that didn't.

BikeJournal has been a great help to me.

I would still recommend the John Hughes book below as he is someone that has been there done that. He also has help from other long distance riders and he is a professional coach.

GARRIE1 Posts: 635
1/23/14 5:21 P

Excellent article from Bicycle Magazine...if interested, be sure to read the entire article. So much good information for those who are interested in cycling, but don't quite know where to start.

GARRIE1 Posts: 635
1/23/14 4:54 P

I did not know that about the ride listings. Thank you! I'm not currently part of a club, but it's definitely something I will pursue! I'm probably an 11-13 mph rider. emoticon No least for now. Maybe I don't give myself enough credit. But I'll get better the more I ride.

It will be good to go ride the hill a time or two in the spring and early summer. One of the worst things we encounter here in the late summer is the nasty goat head weeds (puncture vines) that wreak havoc on bicycle tires. I am currently using Kevlar tubes, but I still had some punctures because of those awful weeds.

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1/23/14 4:26 P

I usually can't see my ultra rides but on rides I can,I usually like to drive them and see what they look like. My suggestion would be go ride the hill a few times on a practice ride before the ride.

I still would go do some club rides and here is how they list them

A rides 20-22 mph entire ride
B ride 16-80 mph some groups do a wait up at stop signs.
C ride 12-13 mph might plan on a stop somewhere.
D and E rides highlight of the evening is the stop they have during the ride.

GARRIE1 Posts: 635
1/23/14 2:07 P

AWESOME!! Last year was my first time to race/ride in an organized event. I only rode 23 miles, but I was happy about that. I signed up for the same race in 2014 for the entire 73 miles...big hill right in the middle of the course. We'll see how that goes. I'd like to try other races this year, too.

I bought a Trek Domane 5.2 last year. A little gift to myself, though I probably don't deserve a bike that nice. I'm just starting out, and I probably could've bought a less expensive bike. I was fitted for the bike, though. I admit that it took some getting used to. At first, I tried using clips, but I lost my self-confidence when I fell and cracked my elbow. emoticon

One of the best helps I found was on the Team Estrogen web site was an article about changing a flat tire. I was able to change my own tires by the end of the summer last year. Something I hadn't thought about or had to do until I had to help my niece change a flat on her bicycle. See? I'm really, really a novice.

Good luck! Keep me/us posted on your progress.

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1/23/14 1:50 P

yes I guess you could say I'm a long distance competitive cyclist read my other thread

anyone need some cycling advice

I own 4-5 bikes all Lemonds which they don't make anymore

My one bike is a Zurich 1998(hence my log in name of Zurichman) still looks kinda new and I have 18,000+ miles on it

My newest(race bike)is a Victoire carbon fiber/ti bike(2006 model) and it is one sweet ride and is really fast(I call her Victoria's Secret lol). No matter what bike you own they it's all about fit. I was fitted professionally on this bike and if it was 80 deg. G tomorrow, don't I wish I could ride 100 miles on it no problem. I have around 9.000 miles on it.

I thought I would try and give some advice in the next 2 months as after that I will be out training for 3 different races I have coming up this year.

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1/23/14 1:35 P

Thanks, ZURICHMAN. You're exactly right. I was thinking that maybe I'd head uphill for a block or so in the next couple days. I can easily do that (meaning that I have the time and means emoticon ), and that will really add to the workout.

What kind of a bicycle do you ride? Are you a competitive cyclist?

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1/23/14 1:18 P


here is some more info then

the online site in Colorado was Schwab cycles. I bought a winter Parentini jacket one year in the spring for $55 and it sold for over $155 if I remember right.

Here's a great winter read I just bought one from Amazon

Distance Cycling Your complete guide for long-distance rides

John Hughes
Dan Kehlenbach

It's one of those cycling books you can't put down and have lots of tips and info in it

Here is my last tip for now. You stated that you shaved some time off your commute and that you really liked that. That shows that you are getting fitter but here is the kicker. I would guess we are all on here to lose weight. You will lose more weight with the more time you spend on the bike(more calories burned) My advice is then you either have to increase your commuter mileage or slow down some during the winter. Get a base built up in prep for some longer mileage in the spring. At any rate keep commuting it's too cold here in Pa. to do that now.

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1/23/14 1:06 P

Hey, SERGEANTMAJOR! Lucky you! You've got snow! I love it...and miss it! It will be especially missed come July, when water levels in the reservoirs are seriously low.


I've seen the cool bikes with the big, knobby tires...AWESOME!

I ride a road bike, so my options are limited. Maybe someday I can own both. I haven't tried trail riding, but it looks like so much fun. Lots of people here are riding the snow-packed trails on their bikes. I dunno....I'd probably end up with a head injury if I tried that.

Freeze on!

1/23/14 12:35 P

It is below zero here again today however people are still biking to work and other locations. On campus at the University of Minnesota there were numerous cyclists riding at 5PM when I picked up my partner. The dedicated bikeway two blocks from my house was being plowed by the city when I drove past removing the two inches of overnight snow we had gotten. I admit I am not that hardcore and admire those who are.

On a final note, here due to the snow make of the winter cyclists retrofit their bikes with large balloon and studded tires.

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1/23/14 9:50 A

Hey, thanks, ZURICHMAN! That was a ton of good information! I'm excited to take a look at the sites you've shared. Thank you, again.

I've had better success this week. No snowstorms here in Utah (they're all hitting east of us), and none in the forecast, so the roads are really dry. I've cycled to work every day this week, so far. I love winter, and I really miss the snow, but the conditions are perfect for cycling to work.

Had some trouble with my derailleur...just seems to be slipping, so I'm watching that.

Learning to live with the clothing changes. It's just a little inconvenient, but it's not a huge deterrent. Spring will be here before we know it, and that should help a bit.

Every day I learn more about cycling. I'm not sure I would call myself a serious cyclist...I don't eat, breathe, and sleep cycling, but I enjoy it more than any other activity I've tried for health and weight loss/maintenance. It's like most sports, however, in that you can spend a fortune on equipment and accessories. For starters, a good bicycle is definitely an investment.

I've noticed a huge improvement in my energy level after I cycle home from work in the evenings. And my commute time is actually improving already. I shaved a couple minutes off my evening commute yesterday. And I've started really paying attention to the length of traffic lights...grrrrr. All things considered, my commute is really pretty tame, but it feels great to be able to get out and go. Beats the heck out of riding a stationery bike at the gym.

Happy winter, everyone!


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1/22/14 8:29 P

For winter commuting suggestions

ice bike website tells you how to layer and what clothes to wear is a free website and has lots of discussion on there. All you have to do is set up a user name

Woolistic is a Company out of Atlanta Ga. and has 2 different base top layers and are really warm.

Performance bike and Bike Nashbar are 2 great online sites to buy cycling clothes

Col de Lizzard has some great stuff

The best time to buy winter gear is late spring after they have made profits off everyone else and have clearance on it to get rid of it.

Colorado Cyclists, Excel Sports and another online site in Colorado which name escapes me right now have some great stuff.

Good luck

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GARRIE1 Posts: 635
1/15/14 10:15 A

Day 2 of 2014 Bicycle Commute ~

Pretty cold today...maybe about 30 F. It felt really good to step inside the building, that's for sure! I'm off to a slow start on my bicycle commute quest - mostly due to snow. Today, however, the roads were dry. I invested in some arm warmers, wool socks, and two tiny, but powerful headlights. It made for a much safer commute, though I couldn't swerve fast enough to miss a pretty good sized pot hole. Made a mental note of the location. I may have to find a different route, as I'm cycling the biggest share of the route on a street that is not well-lit. It will be several months before we start to see earlier sunrises, too.

I'm not sure, but it seems that the inversion has eased up a bit. That's always a good thing.

I've stocked my office with personal care items. Still working on the clothing issue. Do you know of anyone who wears long yoga or gym pants to work (office)? I've definitely seen women in black lycra pants, and you can't really tell if they're work-out pants or not. ?? It would certainly be convenient if I could cut down on the clothing changes.

Dropped a couple of pounds over the last week or so. The scales are fickle, so I won't get too cocky, but it made for a good start to my day.

Happy winter, everyone!


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1/8/14 10:51 A

When I did commute to work, I would leave clothes and toilettes, for the week, at work so I didn't have to carry them back and forth every day. I live in Los Angeles so it doesn't get as cold. But the mornings can be chilly for me. Most mornings the temperature will be around 40 and can get up to 70 during the day (in the winter).

I also layer my clothes. I prefer to wear knee warmers instead of tights. They keep my legs warmers and take up less space when I take them off (if I take them off). I top off my clothes with a water-proof rain jacket that has zipper armpits to let out the heat and condensation. Otherwise I would be soaking wet when I reach my destination.

I also layer my gloves - wool liners then my full finger cycling gloves over the liners.

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GARRIE1 Posts: 635
1/8/14 9:08 A

Thanks, everyone! Your comments are inspiring. I love bicycling! When I walk out into the garage and see my bike resting in its winter dormancy, I get restless. It's snowing lightly today, and the road is covered about 1/2 inch thick. No bikey today. January bicycling (in Utah) will be spotty.

As an aside, I have thought about bringing a wardrobe change to work...2 or 3 pairs of slacks/skirts, socks/stockings, blouses, etc. Just leave these at work. ?? Would it help? Probably a bit.

I don't tote a laptop, so I don't know how I would manage that issue. There are sure some nifty backpacks out there, though. Since I haven't had to worry about it, I haven't looked closely, but I swear I've seen some that are specifically built to accommodate a laptop. I don't know about the cost of these, though. I just use a back pack that's more "student-oriented." Somehow, somewhere, someONE has an answer to this...AMAZON! emoticon

1/4/14 3:02 P

Yay! Go you!! I'd love to bike to work (only 2 miles of flat road with a wide shoulder), but I have to get my kiddo to his before school care. Maybe in a year or 2 when he can stay home by himself... Anyway, I used to have a coworker that biked to work (~20 miles) and he had many layers for winter (warmer socks, tights and pants, multiple upper layers, gloves, ear warmer band or hat...) and his bike had saddle bags/panniers for his work clothes and shoes. He stayed at work for lunch though, so only he only had to change twice.

ANNEMARGAR Posts: 1,854
1/4/14 7:25 A

Now you have me thinking of how I can start bike commuting again. I would have a 6 mile ride to the train station and then the commuter train to my office. It means I have to lug my laptop and documents plus my change of clothes from the bike to the train and then to the office. I guess it can be done though. I use to love to commute on my bike twice each day. I have to check on the best way to transport my office laptop.

MLEHTO Posts: 734
1/3/14 2:53 P

When I lived close enough to my office to bike to work, I found a garment bag that fit over my back wheel and that is how I transported my work clothes to and from work. I would also suggest layering to keep warm.

GARRIE1 Posts: 635
1/3/14 2:37 P

Thanks, SERGEANTMAJOR. Your comments are very helpful. Our county and city government is continually working to improve all types of recreational experiences in our beautiful area. I heard a rumor that our Mayor, who is an avid outdoorsman, would like to construct bicycle repair kiosks at strategic locations in our area, so cyclists can have a sheltered place to fix flats, etc. It was actually our Mayor who inspired me to bike to work as much as possible in 2014. He is doing the same thing.

One of the reasons I love living in Utah is the weather extremes. Each season is just exceptionally beautiful. The Rocky Mountains are breathtaking to behold! The mountain range is so high, it contributes to our most unpleasant weather problem...inversion pollution. Yuck! And folks here are slow to catch onto public transportation like other cities have been utilizing for many years. Fortunately, low pressure storms roll in and "scrub" the air, leaving a blanket of fresh snow or rain. We're always hoping for snow and rain around here. Hopefully, more people will become aware of their surroundings and strive to reverse the damage. I'm not a hard-core environmentalist, but I am sad about the pollution, and I want to do all I can to help.

I am inclined to agree with your advice about starting a winter bike ride slightly chilled. I stepped out from my warm home into the cold morning air and took off yesterday. When I got to work, it took quite a while for me to warm up again...about the time that I was ready to go back home for lunch. LOL!

I can probably live with the clothing changes. Life is full of inconveniences. Right? The rewards of cycling more often are well worth the little nuisances. I'm only one person, but if I thought I was making a difference in the environment and in my own fitness, I would be satisfied.

1/3/14 1:29 P

Perhaps not totally relevant but living in Minnesota we have weather extremes in the winter, currently the temperatures are in the zero to 20 degree range with snow on the ground. Fortunately the city of Minneapolis plows and clears the bikeways so we have year around opportunities to cycle and cycle commute. I see commuters cycling even in zero degrees but I am not sure how they work out the clothing at work issue. The key for me for winter cycling is layering similar to what I do when cross country skiing with the outer layer windproof and not another warmth layer. I find that starting off slightly chilled works better than being warm since the activity raises my core temperature.

I suggest doing a Google search for winter cycling forums in general and in your specific area.

GARRIE1 Posts: 635
1/3/14 11:01 A

Day Two:

I didn't cycle to work today because I'm only going to be here for a few hours. I probably should have, but here are a couple of things I noted after my first day out yesterday:

1. Changing clothes. I live so close to work that I can easily cycle to work, cycle home for lunch, cycle back to work after lunch, and cycle home in the evening. This means 4 changes of clothing. It's especially inconvenient in the winter, when I'm wearing layers of stuff. I hate to give up my lunch-time cycle, as it just adds to the enjoyment and benefit of cycling. But the change of clothing is a hassle.

2. We have frequent temperature inversions here along the Wasatch Front, and the air is absolutely filthy. Some are even starting to wear face masks now. (Part of the reason I chose to bicycle to work!) The air is particularly bad right now, and the flu season is settling in, so I'm a bit skeptical about breathing that junk into my lungs.


I'll continue to cycle to work as many days as possible, but these are a couple things that I need to figure out.

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1/3/14 10:51 A

Awesome for you!! Keep us posted as to how it goes!

ANNEMARGAR Posts: 1,854
1/3/14 6:28 A

I have also been thinking of switching my car with my bike for my morning commutes, but I have so much to carry as I work from home two days/week. Tips for winter biking -- wear layers!!! I keep thinking it is too cold for me to bike in the winter (we have single digits today, bu this in unusual). Keep us posted on how it goes for you.

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1/3/14 1:02 A

Oh gosh I really want to get the courage to bike to work in the winter. I teach school in Kentucky and bike a 12 mile round trip some in pretty weather, but can't seem to get out in the winter. Maybe you will motivate me!

GARRIE1 Posts: 635
1/2/14 11:39 A

Today I started my quest to cycle to work every day in 2014. So far, so good, but I need a headlight...and arm warmers...and maybe a balaclava. It's pretty dark along the Wasatch Front at 6 o'clock in the morning. It's also COLD!!

I have such a short commute, and it doesn't make sense to fill the air with vehicle emissions when I can cycle to work. Should've started many years ago!

Do you cycle to work? Any tips for riding in winter?
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