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4/20/13 10:12 A


Thanks for your input... Saturday and Sundays are are rest days for me. Oh, have been there,losing & gaining back. This time I have a VALID motivation and Im sticking to it....

Your doing great yourself!! Congrats :)

JIBBIE49 Posts: 72,596
4/20/13 8:42 A

emoticon People regain when they go back to their old lifestyle of eating TOO MUCH sugar/starches and not doing any exercise. emoticon emoticon emoticon You have done GREAT to get so much off and get to your goal.

4/19/13 4:17 P

Hi Dragonchilde,

Love your nick!! Thanks a ton for answering....!!! I managed to eat about 1461kcal!! I always have this "feeling" that am eatinga too much lol....!!

Yes, i have heard and read that , closer the goal harder it is to lose....

I will make every effort to reach my goal...the smaller numbers add upto a bigger number :)

Have great day x

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4/19/13 8:53 A

You definitely don't want to eat less than 1200 calories, *especially* if you're exercising.

A good rule of thumb for determining your weight loss goal is about 3% of your remaining goal. When you have 10 lbs to lose, you'll be aiming for about .25-.5 lbs a week!

4/19/13 8:39 A

Hi Coach Jen,

Thanks a lot for your reply, really appreciate it :)

You have cleared my confusion !! Phew! I was wondering whether the calorie range suggested by SP was wrong, I was eating around 1100kcals and sometimes even lower :(
Now I know what has to be done, and how it has to be done...

Thanks a ton....!have a lovely day!

PS: your kids are so cute !!

4/19/13 8:36 A

Hi Tcanno,

Thank you for your reply. I see you've lost a lot of weight. How long have you been doing this?

Yes, I would chose to lose the weight the healthy way :)

Thanks a lot,


SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 65,760
4/19/13 6:31 A


The first thing to consider is that as you get closer to your goal weight, the weight comes off more slowly. At this point, I think 1 pound per week is realistic for you.

You'll want to set your calories burned goal to reflect the amount of exercise you're doing, and then eat in the calorie range SP suggests. You wouldn't want to "eat back" all of the calories you're burning through exercise, because SP already takes those calories burned into account when we give you a calorie range.

Hope that helps,

coach Jen

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4/19/13 6:20 A

This is what I have read on here

1 to 2 LBS is about right as it helps to keep the weight off.

I am told if you lose more it will go back on more quickly.

Now I don't know if this is right but over the time I have been on here I have lost about 1 to 2 lbs or 1k or under every week.

I am on up to 2180 cals a day and burn 2700 + a week

I hope this helps

4/19/13 5:01 A


I have a total of 28lbs to lose and was wondering whether it was healthy to lose 1 1/2lbs or lose 1lb? I have a surgery in September and need to be around 140lbs(am around 160lbs currently) so that's about 20lbs :/

I have to consume a daily goal of 1320kcals and I burn 500kcal a day by doing TAE-BO(45mins) and I do it 5 times a week. So I get a TOTAL of 1820kcal to consume.

Is it OK to consume about 1500kcal only? or should I consume 1800? I feel really bloated when I eat just 1400kcals !!!! :P

Would appreciate your help plzzzzzz, am so confused...

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