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5/1/13 4:05 P

I am lucky I get it cooked right the first time- I usually don't reheat steaks. I have reheated a pork chop but I placed it in frying pan with a cover with a little water to moisten it. Came out pretty tender. emoticon

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5/1/13 12:45 P

The best route to be would microwave for 2 minutes or so with some water in the bowl so it doesn't dry out.

CHAAGY59 Posts: 5
4/29/13 8:23 P

I just reheated a grilled pork tenderloin medallion today. I'd cooked it perfectly yesterday, seared on the outside, and just cooked and tender on the inside, so I didn't want to ruin it.

I used about a tablespoon or 2 of water in a small pot, and placed the chop in the pot. Temperature on low, to get to a light simmer only. Put the meat in the pot cold, so that the meat warms with the pot, and cover. Once it reaches light simmer, turn the meat over. Simmer for a few more minutes, keeping a gentle heat. Finally, I took the meat out, and I had a bit of gravy left over. It had taken some of the sear from the meat, but I poured the little bit of gravy on the meat, and it was still pretty great. Just warm on the inside, still moist and juicy.

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4/25/13 4:39 P

I agree!

SNOOPY1960 Posts: 1,687
4/21/13 10:43 P

I microwave mine for one minutes with a few tablespoons of water so it sort of steams.....
Place in a bowl, cover with a microwave cover or a paper towels.

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4/21/13 7:03 P

Don't heat it: slice it on salad.
Or I would lightly stir fry it for fahitas or chinese or something like that. To me, it never tastes the same, not nearly as good reheated, so it needs to be served with something like a stir fry.

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4/18/13 9:07 P

No matter how you reheat it will end up more cooked, so if already overcooked and you are ok with eating it cold, I'd go that route.

Otherwise....stick it in the oven for as little time as possible.

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4/17/13 10:17 A

Hey there, what do you consider the best way to reheat a grilled steak from a night or two ago? I grilled 2 nice NY strip steaks that were on sale, and am wondering the best way to enjoy the one that's in my fridge? Unfortunately I didn't quite have the grill hot enough so its not seared as well as I would have liked on the outside, and the inside is more a pink medium than my preferred medium rare. Little over cooked. They where like 12 oz each, so I'll probably have half of one with some side (beans or sweet potato) for dinner tonight. Microwave, stove top, oven, veggie steamer, pizza cooker are all viable options to me.

Or would it be best to eat it cold as a ranch wrap or something? It'd just a nice cut of meat with beautiful marbling so mixing it would hide the taste of those wonderful fats I feel.

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