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2/13/13 6:08 A

How close fit. Mine seem to be shrinking.

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2/12/13 10:11 A


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2/12/13 9:46 A


I know I bust Trinity's chops for being a girl and constantly "weighing" in on the GUYS Lounge, but this time she's right (she must be reading my blogs). The "Tale of the Tape" is the best way I have found for measuring my success. I measure monthly on the 1st and track on my "weight" page.

Here is where and the proper way to measure: Starting at the top...

1. Neck (not collar size) around the adam's apple
2. Chest, with arms down across the nipples, standing up straight with breath exhaled.
3. Waist (not where you wear your belt), across the navel and the love handles.
4. Hips, around the biggest part of the glutes
5. Thighs, near the top around the largest part of the leg
6. Arms, around the bicep and tricep with arm bent but not flexed.

Use a mirror to make sure the tape is even around the part being measured. Stay relaxed to keep the measurements as accurate as possible.

I also measure Blood pressure, resting heart rate, cholesterol, flexibility, bmi, body fat and VO2 on a monthly basis to benchmark my overall fitness levels.

I hope this helps.

Jonny Mac

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2/10/13 9:34 P

Measuring tape and how your close fit.

11/15/12 12:30 P

I think what you measure depends on your overall goal.

The scale has been a relatively meaningless gauge for me, since I have high bone density and tend to weigh more than other girls my size. So, I rely on the tape measure and the body fat percentage thingy in my scale.

Waist, chest, hips, neck, wrist, upper thigh, calf, biceps, forearm. I measure these about once per month. SP has a tracker you can set up for this that graphs your results over time.

Body Fat %. I also check this about once per month, and track it in the same place as the measurements on SP.

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11/15/12 9:57 A

I check how my tight or loose my pants feel and my secondary method of determining how I'm oing.

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11/14/12 7:47 P

I would use a tape measure to track your progress, you could also use an electric body fat percentage reader. They might not be as accurate as being dunked but you can use it to just track your progress (just do it the same time like in the morning before eating).

11/13/12 9:52 A

For me, I use a scale (because I know it's healthy for me to keep track of, measurements, and how my clothes fit. I also take lots of self pics to see progress (it sounds vain but it's not.

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11/12/12 9:44 P

How often do you think an increase of 10 lbs on your bench, etc. is good? i.e. increase of 10 lbs per week, per 2 weeks? Thanks!

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11/12/12 6:24 P

For me inches matter more than what I weigh. I've always measured my navel (around the belly button) and waist. The smaller those two numbers, the more of a V-shape I get.

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11/12/12 3:08 P

I use two weights. My body weight should stay the same or increase very slowly. And the amount of weight I'm lifting in the gym should be increasing. That's how I know I'm putting on muscle rather than fat. If my bench goes up by 10 pounds, squat by 20, and weight by 1-2, I know that's good for what I want.

11/11/12 3:32 P

I make a number of measurements. I also pay close attention to how my clothes fit. Heck, I've even noticed the increase in slack on my seatbelt.

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11/11/12 12:22 P

I'm looking to lose fat but gain some muscle. Not a lot, I just want to look fit and be comfortable in a t-shirt again. AKA - definition or swimmer's body. So, weight doesn't seem to be the best way to check in. I'm guessing measuring key body parts, but how often and which ones?
Also, any good ideas as to goals for this? I'm 6'3", currently 192 lbs, 38" waist.
Thanks in advance for help and ideas!

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