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11/19/13 3:51 P

Thanks everyone - I did take your advice and called my doctor's office - basically they said to lower carbs and fats for 4 weeks and come back for a fasting blood test - if the results were still high, that's when they'd refer me to an endocrinologist. Then I asked them if not fasting for the bloodwork would make a difference and the response was "yes, it could make everything give false positives"..... well, I had gone to the doctor for an unrelated reason and he asked for a blood test - I had just finished lunch - so I suspect things are not as dire as I thought - having said that though, I'm still going to get back on my plan and do want to lower my carb intake and it's time I got serious about taking this weight off again. So thanks to all!

AGILEDOBE Posts: 428
11/16/13 11:09 P

I had to figure it out for myself. I decided to start from 1700-2000 calories, then figured 60% fats, 20% carbs and protein. Get the number of calories for each then divide by either 4 for carbs, protein or 9 for fats to determine the grams to enter in each category when you adjust your nutrition settings. Do it for the lower calorie number then for the higher cal number to get a range of grams for each. You will most likely be eating more overall calories, but still lose weight. Send me a message if you need help.
By the way, my pancreatic enzymes, went sky high for 3 months with no good reason found. I was put on pancreatic enzymes , Creon, briefly then labs returned to normal. Very little is known about what causes those enzymes to shoot up.

EXOTEC Posts: 3,327
11/16/13 8:10 P

I second the immediate referral to an endocrinologist. You definitely need to address issues with pancreatitis. As the previous poster mentioned, it's nothing to fool around with!

11/16/13 9:47 A

You need to have a longer talk with your doctor or ask for a referral to work with a Registered Dietitian regarding your calorie intake; as well as your distribution of carbs, protein and fat. Often a lower carb diet will increase ones fat intake---which may upset your pancreas too. You need to know exact numbers and obtain some sample meal plans.

Then you can enter the numbers here at SP by following these steps:

Click Tracker Options
Select: Change Diet Settings
Edit your carbohydrate, fat and protein amount to reflect what you doctor feels you should be following.

Hope this helps
Your SP Registered Dietitian

SUNSHINE6442 Posts: 2,320
11/16/13 8:24 A

Pancreatitis Didn't the doctor explain what pancreatitis is? Pancreatitis is inflammation of the pancreas. This is nothing to play around with and your doctor should have given you a full understanding of the diagnosis and treatment....

The insulin producing cells of the pancreas, called beta cells, may be damaged, and diabetes could develop and their are also other complications that could arise

I would consult with an endocrinologist who is a specialist in metabolic disorders and they will refer you to a certified dietician to help you with your diet...don't wait!

11/16/13 8:03 A

Hi - Over a year ago, I followed a healthy eating diet here (although I was still always hungry) and managed to lose 22 pounds (wasn't my goal but it was a start) - I went on vacation and went off my diet, ate until I didn't feel hungry (which was all the time) and basically gave in/gave up when I got home. Now I've regained the 22 pounds plus a lot more - I went in for my yearly physical and after my blood test came back my doctor told me to immediately go on a low carb diet because I was at risk for pancreatitis (sp?) - When I go to settings for the nutrition tracker, I see an option for several items but I can't seem to figure out how to change the total carb setting at the bottom. It is much higher than what I have read is considered a low carb diet (even if I use any of the diabetic options). Is there a way to change this? Are there any low carb diet plans available as options in the nutrition tracker that I'm not seeing?
thanks for your help

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