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7/8/14 3:46 P

I was thrilled when I checked the nutritional info and my favorite thing on the menu was actually one of the healthiest: the Ahi Tartare Crisps. Chunks of tuna in a citrus soy sauce on top of wontons with avocado. Could of course be healthier (wontons are fried and sodium is high- though not as high as most things there), but still quite reasonable for a chain restaurant. It's an appetizer, but the portion is fine for a meal for me and there is tons of protein. I'll usually eat some of the brown rice brought to the table as well. You can also skip eating the wontons if you prefer. I don't even bother with ordering side veggies because they are SO SO laden with sodium, I just make sure to fit those in elsewhere during the day.

Per their website for the Ahi Crisp: 320 cals, 14g of fat (remember some of that is from the avocado), 2g sat fat, 530 sodium (and trust me, that is super low for Chang's), 17g carbs, 3g fiber and 29g protein.

7/8/14 3:30 P

I get the Coconut Curry Vegetables when I go. It's by no means low calorie, but I never eat it all. I eat half and then take the other half home to eat the next day.

7/8/14 3:06 P

I'd go with the Buddha's Feast steamed with chicken or shrimp. It's one of the lowest sodium choices on the menu. For me, I check sodium before calories.

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7/8/14 2:39 P

Thank You!! : )

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7/8/14 1:58 P

Google is your friend...

Most chains have all their nutritional info online nowadays.

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7/8/14 1:34 P

I am going to lunch tomorrow at PF Changs. Any healthy, low calorie recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Thank You!!!

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