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4/15/14 2:39 P

I just finished T25 by Beachbody and it did an amazing job toning me right up!! It was my first Beachbody workout, but I've seen others work wonders as well. When I was choosing between programs, Insanity seemed to be one of the best for fat loss-

It's uses HIIT (high intensity interval training) which is one of the best types of fat burning and toning workouts. Those reviews go into a lot more detail and are very helpful!

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4/3/14 12:53 A

Walking our two dogs around the neighborhood and seeing all the changes that are happening in the yards one day at a time

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3/16/14 2:25 P

Low impact walking.

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3/16/14 12:51 P

Thanks Carrie.
I keep falling off the stay fit wagon due to time and lack of organization. Do you have any tips. I work a lot and go to school. I am on spring break this week and trying to put a system in place.

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3/15/14 8:21 A

i've always loved running(and swimming, but i don't do it as often as i used to).then, last october i signed up for a boxing class, and... i fell in love with it immediately. running+boxing gave me the best results ever in fat loss and strenght. boxing is fun and energizing, running gives you endorphines, relaxes and frees your mind. they are the perfect combination to me.

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3/14/14 11:25 P


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3/14/14 10:28 P

Everybody has different body shapes, apple, pear, whatever bone structure you were born with is what your stuck with. Some have wider hips, smaller waistlines, big or small busts. One can not change this without surgery or dramatic weight lost. Keep up with what you are doing and things will tighten up and you will look better. Remember this is not going to happen in a couple of weeks or even months, but it will happen. One day you will look at a photo of yourself and go OMG is that really me, I look great!

3/14/14 8:35 A

It's true that you can't spot-reduce, but if you're moving the large muscles of your legs -- say, walking, jogging, or bicycling -- those muscles become more toned and you'll look better. Do it consistently for a few weeks and you'll like what you see for results.

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3/13/14 11:37 P


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3/13/14 9:17 A

When you say fat loss, are you wondering about pounds or inches lost? How long have you been walking and how frequently? Sit-ups and leg machines are only helpful when part of an entire body moving and healthy eating lifestyle. When you say you haven't seen any results, what results are you expecting? Like others have already said, burning fat means moving and challenging your body and fueling it properly to do so (which means letting it recover properly from the challenges). Keep smiling :-) !

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3/12/14 11:01 P

This is very good information. Thanks

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3/12/14 9:30 P

Weight loss is basically about calories consumed versus calories burned, not about what type of exercise you do. The best type of exercise is the one you actually enjoy, as it is more likely that you will keep doing it in the longer term, and thus burn more calories overall.

And for most people, weight loss is 80% nutrition, and just 20% exercise.

Also burning fat is an all body process, and there isn't much you can do to target where you lose weight from. Energy is delivered to the muscles via the bloodstream, NOT from being absorbed from surrounding fat stores. Leg exercises may develop the leg muscles, but will do absolutely nothing about the overlying layer of fat. Likewise, situps may strengthen the core, but will not reduce stomach fat.

What you can do is to continue to reduce your overall body fat through a combination of cardio, all-body strength training and watching your intake, and some of it will naturally come off the problem areas.


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3/12/14 7:51 P

Running or fast walking

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3/12/14 7:39 P

I;m in agreenment with everyone else here. You can't spot reduce fat. What exercise burns fat the best? Whatever exercise gets you moving and KEEPS you moving. The key is to find an exercise that gets your heart rate up that you will be able to commit to on a regular basis. You say that you have been walking and using a leg machine of some kind. Are these things raising your heart rate? Are you engaging in them once a day? once a week? just once in a while?
Remember- most weight loss does not occur from exercise but from diet. Track you calories and move more- that's really all there is to it.

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3/12/14 3:36 P

Like others have said a proper diet. The other thing is if you go to a good gym get them to set up a good core work out fitness plan for you. I have lost 2 inches of my waist in a month and a half doing the core strength workouts.

Good luck on your journey.


ALADY2BE Posts: 685
3/12/14 2:35 P

To lose weight you must burn more calories than you consume. How you burn them should be based on what you like doing. I like walking/jogging, dancing and tennis. Water aerobics can be very good too. Just keep moving and eat more fruits and vegetables and less meat and carbs. Also, drink lots of water.

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3/12/14 2:10 P

Hello Journey1992! In response to your question, I'm currently walking. My goal is to do 5k/daily (which I've achieved twice this week) but it takes me about an hour and 45 minutes to achieve and I don't really have the time. I had a friend out on MyFitness Pal share with me HIIT. It's a program where you do high intensity exercises in 10 minutes or less. Research has shown that this is as effective as being on the treadmill and other lengthy exercising.

I'm going to try it out this afternoon since I'm unable to walk due to another engagement. Take a look at the link below.

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3/12/14 1:58 P

Zorbie is right.

When it comes to weight loss or even weight gain, what matters most is what we eat. Good nutrition and portion control help take the weight off and keep it off. Exercise is what keeps our bodies fit. In short, you can't outrun a bad diet with exercise.

If you want to take the weight off and keep it off, you have to be mindful of what you eat.

I could tell you that running burns lots of calories. And that would be correct. But what if you hate running ? Don't do something because someone says you'll burn a lot of calories. That's the wrong reason to exercise. Exercise should be something fun. Because when you enjoy doing something, you look forward to doing that something each and every day.

You can run, ride a bike, dance, play tennis, basketball, baseball, swim, play golf, take martial arts... it's ALL good.

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3/12/14 1:43 P

Unfortunately, you cannot spot reduce fat. Fat loss is achieved through proper diet.

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3/12/14 1:30 P

Hey guys! I was wondering what do you all think the best exercise out there is for fat loss. I gain my weight in my stomach, buttocks and thighs. I have been walking and doing sit ups and using a leg magic exercise machine and I'm not seeming to make very much progress. Any suggestions?

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