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6/3/14 7:17 A

Alcohol is inherently high in calories, so go easy on the mixers, unless you want to indulge once and "do it up right." I would have a vodka drink with sugar-free mixer if I were you, or have a glass of red wine, going for quality instead of quantity. One or two glasses of a really nice wine is heavenly. Three glasses of the cheap stuff...... that's regret in a glass.

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6/3/14 12:54 A

Some of the chains like Applebee's and The Outback do "skinny Margaritas" but really booze is a lot of empty calories so just plan for it. Maybe exercise a bit more the day before and after.

If you can manage it, soda or water is the best mix like with scotch and every scotch is very different in flavor so try a couple to see what you like. Or mix rum & diet soda.

You might try an Old Fashion. It's made with 1 tsp sugar and a few drops of bitter muddled with an orange slice and a cherry. They add a jigger of bourbon and soda water. Usually served in a highball glass but you could ask the bartender to pour it into a tall and add more soda water. At least then you can count the calories.

The problem with a lot of mixes like sweet & sour lemon lime used for Collins, Margaritas, etc is that you don't know what the ingredients are or the calorie count.

Another option is a wine cooler - about 4 oz wine with soda water added. Stay away from sangria - it's often two types of wine (red & white) or a wine and a liquor plus fruit juice.

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6/2/14 11:25 P

There is a brewery opening next year within walking distance...

I don't like beer, but I looooove supporting locally owned businesses. And I can walk to it? No need to call a cab. lol

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6/2/14 1:26 P

a glass of red win in evenings.

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6/2/14 1:00 P

OMG I love beer. I miss it, but beer and my body emoticon

But, I've always been a vodkaholic as well, so I enjoy my "special teas" that I make. Especially Friday night - I've gotten into a ritual - Friday Night Fright Flix (horror movies) on Netflix and a couple special teas.

Hell, who am I kidding? I like to drink, ha ha ha - that is one thing (in moderation) that I refuse to give up!!

But if I go out, yeah I do the 1+1 (1 drink, 1 water) thing as well, keeps me hydrated, and is a wee bit easier on the old purse strings!

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6/2/14 12:45 P

I'm going to be honest, I will still usually get a beer. A regular craft beer has anywhere from 120-170 calories depending on style for 12 oz. Yes, I know it is high in carbs, but you plan for it. If you do Rum and coke, there is 95 calories in the Rum and 150 calories in 12 oz of Pepsi or Coke, that makes 245 calories in a 13.5oz drink. I can't do diet, I get headaches from the fake sugars used and Soda water doesn't appeal to me. I will sometimes do wine, but if I'm out for a night with friends to have fun wine is a little to snobby.

The other good thing about beer is your alcohol percentage is lower (as long as you avoid those high 8-10% ones) and you don't get drunk as quick, which means you will remember most if not all of your night and there is not much of a hangover the next morning. O and lastly, my motto is One Drink, One Water.

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6/2/14 10:06 A

lol...make your own at home to enjoy!!!

Nothing like a good bloody mary on a lazy sunday morning emoticon

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6/2/14 10:01 A

This is why I seldom enjoy them. I usually love getting tomato juice on flights, but the combination of sodium, not being able to move/elevate my feet, and the altitude makes me retain fluid like crazy. If I didn't care for sodium or had feet and ankles that reacted to it, I'd be all over the drinks. I never ask what exactly they put into it because it is their house recipe and I felt it would be rude.

Although, it's so sad when I have one at the beginning of the month and spend a week getting my feet to go down. -shrugs-

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6/2/14 9:54 A

A lot of places make their own, but what are they using as the base?

" they claim to not put too much sodium in it.." Which means they are adding more sodium to whatever they are using.

Unless they are starting with a low sodium base (low sodium tomato juice or low sodium v8, etc.) - they could be adding more to already sodium ladden bases.

1 cup of regular tomato juice has about 654mg, regular v8 has 481.

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6/2/14 9:36 A

The local restaurant I go to for my drinks makes their own Bloody Mary mix and they claim to not put too much sodium in it... But I always go home with swollen feet. Hmmm~

6/2/14 8:53 A

I love a good glass of wine, lots of flavor and not too many calories (100-120 calories a glass).

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6/2/14 8:49 A

@ GIVEMEFRIES not weird at all!! I was a bloody mary fiend....until I saw the sodium content of the mixes commonly used emoticon

I love oyster shooters as well ;)

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6/2/14 12:28 A

... I'm weird, okay? Don't judge.

I like Blood Marys, but with barely any vodka. Maybe a 1/4 of a shot. Worcestershire sauce, hot sauce, celery salt, pepper, lots of olives, and a few raw oysters at the bottom of the glass.

If I don't feel like being fancy, something creamy, coconut-y, and pineapple-y, but not necessarily a pina colada. I also like bourbon with sour mix in it. :x If I go out for drinks (which is rare), I do it up and don't think about calories.

6/1/14 10:36 P

I like a wine spritzer. Or margarita. Or diet coke and rum.

For parties the flavored vodka with crystal light seem popular.

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6/1/14 9:40 P

Ok ready?

Wine (a normal size) has about 125 cals.

Hard liquor (vodka, rum, gin, tequila, etc.) has about 95 per shot - which is 1.5 ounces.

When you go to a bar (club, restaurant, etc.) most mixed drinks are more than 1 shot - the bartender eyeballs them, usually 2 shots...depends.

Club soda has no calories. So, you could do, let's say, lemon flavoured vodka, with club soda with a twist of lemon, etc. You could do diet soda if you like.

Tonic water has about 120 cals. Cranberry juice is about the same, but with about 25+ carbs, grapefruit is about 90, with about 20 carbs.

You could try the "Skinny" versions - like Margarita - 1 shot has 60 cals...if you can get past the taste.

I do vodka and unsweetened iced tea, sweetened with stevia (0 cals).

Avoid frozen cocktails and obvious sugar bombs. Keep it simple (jack and diet coke) as opposed to fancy drinks (with syrups, etc.) - the fancier, the more calories.

Unless you can just do shots of vodka, or shots of tequila all nite, what you are looking for is your best bet via the mixer you choose.

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6/1/14 6:24 P

Hello, everyone =). I'm here with a bit of a superficial question... What do you normally drink on a night out?

I don't go drinking that often, maybe once every 2 weeks or so. Not a fan of getting drunk, but I enjoy the taste of alcohol.
I used to be a big beer drinker, but since that's always been associated with a beer belly I figured I'd switch to cocktails (they're cheaper around here anyway). However, delicious though they may be, they are *so* filled with sugar that not only do they pile up to ~2000 calories really quickly, I have the worst sugar crash the following morning...

What drinks do you normally go for/recommend? Maybe I should keep trying the cocktails till I find something a bit less sugary (I love Cuba Libres, and enjoy trying out girly drinks, but I know that they're on the higher end of the calorie scale)?

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