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11/15/12 3:56 P

With a set of resistance bands and a door anchor you can replicate most if not all free weight exercises. Go to www.LifeLine and check their offerings.

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11/15/12 3:20 P

Walking and side lunges, wall squats (while doing curls if you have any free weights) dips on a sturdy chair/couch/bed.

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11/15/12 10:57 A

Can you (financially) swing getting a pull up bar? You know, one you can mount in a door frame or whatever. If not, you can simiulate pull-ups if you have a sturdy table, but pulling yourself up on the lip/edge. You could also do variations of push-ups, decline, one armed, clapping, salute, "freaks", etc. My husband has push-up "handle" things that allow you to go deeper into a push up as well. Tricep dips, planks (and variants on planks) & squats would all work as bodyweight exercises as well.

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11/15/12 10:31 A

not sure if you'd be into HIIT, but I use this website to find workouts.

There are a lot of the older bodyrocks on there and also ZWOWs, which are from one of the old bodyrockers. If you can get past the sexualized nature of the filming, there are some really great., quick workouts on there. And if you click on the links to each videos, there is a description of the moves for each video.

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11/15/12 8:01 A

Thanks for the list, pistol squats are for sure going in there. Then the idea to do the stuff, just more explosive is good (jumping lunges, clapping pushups). Thanks! just needed a little prod in the right direction I guess. Should be able to keep myself from feeling like too much of a slob over Thanksgiving and Christmas now.

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11/15/12 8:00 A

handstand pushups
pullups (progress to 1 arm if you're that hardcore)

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11/15/12 7:53 A

Pistol Squats
Box Jumps (I'm up to 3 steps!)
Jumping Lunges
Hanging Leg Raises
Hanging Knee Circles (BodyRock is an amazing site for at home ideas.)

Planks (front, side, back)
Raised Feet Push Ups
One Arm Push Ups
Clapping Push Ups
Walking Lunges
Mountain Climbers

Invest in 1 kettlebell and do the following.

Bulgarian Squats
One Leg Deadlifts
Turkish Get Ups
One Arm Rows
Step Ups

Good Luck and have fun!

ETA: Link

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11/15/12 7:43 A

So I know for a lot of people, things like pushups, sit ups, any of the little video workouts here on spark are great. For me, I know I am feeling my best with heavy weight lifting. I'll be moving 3 times over the next month and won't have acess to a gym much of that time. Especailly with the holidays, I'd like to keep working out. What are some exercises I can do to simulate weight training?

I can rip off 100 pushups in one sitting, so I'm not seeing how those will build or maintain muscle. Muscular endurance maybe, but any specific lifts that are hard enough to cause a person to fatigue between 5-8 reps?

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