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CASEMA3285 Posts: 15
12/31/13 4:58 P

Thanks for the suggestions!

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12/29/13 4:55 P

I love DDP Yoga. The instructor walks you through every single step in the beginning, and you can adjust it to your ability. It can be done by the fittest of the fit, to the people who can't stand without help from support equipment.

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12/28/13 3:07 P


Go to youtube and search on beginner's yoga. There are tons of different yoga videos posted. Some are only 5-10 minutes long. Some are full classes. Watch a few and see what might best suit your needs. Here's an example of a couple of good beginner yoga workouts.

There are different styles of yoga and some can move very quickly. Vinyasa and Power Yoga styles move quickly from one pose to the next. Look for HATHA yoga videos. Hatha is a slow paced style of yoga.

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12/27/13 10:35 P

There are so many out there and I'm sure you will get plenty of other responses for this. One that I like, which offers various modifications so it's good for beginners too is

Coach Denise

CASEMA3285 Posts: 15
12/27/13 8:54 P

Hi guys,

I live on an island in the middle of the South Pacific where we do not have yoga classes but I'd like to give it a try. Any recommendations for the a good beginner's yoga dvd?

I have Chalean's Turbo Fire version of yoga which starts off slow and then moves too fast for me (why I have Turbo Fire and not Turbo Jam as I'm starting to workout again, I have no idea. Thought I could do it but Turbo Fire is just too fast).

Anyway, thanks in advance for your help!

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