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REALIZ Posts: 3,157
2/7/10 8:11 A

had a gym teacher in catholic high school who weighed and measured us each week.

MRE1956 Posts: 9,360
2/7/10 8:09 A

Like so many others, I was one of those who were picked, not last, but next to last for teams.....annoying, but obviously I seem to have survived.....but needless to say - the introduction of aerobics and individualized physical activity, in my opion, was one of the greatest things since sliced bread.....


There was one HS PE teacher that I always thought highly of.....

PALIFANY SparkPoints: (2,723)
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Posts: 128
2/7/10 6:46 A

Worst-when I was in swim and had to change I dropped my underwear in the locker room. Needless to say my parachute undies where full of holes and I was too embarressed to claim them. The girls where quealing so loud in discust.

Best-When I could bench press 175lbs. I can't do that now...but I'm working on it.

STACEYS32 SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 432
2/7/10 6:03 A

Having to play sports that I had no interest in and was no good at. If the whole idea was just to keep us kids moving, then we should have had more than one option. We should have been allowed to walk the track. I despise playing baseball and basketball.

GUITARGAL2 Posts: 1,983
2/7/10 5:33 A

Best - I was on the team of the kids who were always picked last. One day in gym class we had to play volleyball against the "others". I saw the ball come over the net, at first I panicked, but then I dropped to my knees, slid across the floor, came under the ball and made a solid hit, across the net it went. The "others" were to busy congratulating themselves for winning and they did not see me hit the ball until it was to late. We won!
Worst - Tied for first place - square dancing and mean girls emoticon

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RENA1965 Posts: 17,878
2/7/10 12:20 A

Loved swimming class as am good at it.
Watched in horror as a girl friend got her front teeth smashed out in a Base Ball game..

SRANDA05 Posts: 77
2/7/10 12:20 A

Best and Worst- Asked gym teacher for help losing weight. I lost 50 pounds through middle school but was never pushed so hard in my life. I would have to run when everyone else got to do nothing.

TCRADY11 Posts: 223
2/7/10 12:08 A

Line dancing, freshman year!

GOING4MUSCLE Posts: 5,233
2/6/10 11:22 P

Gym class, period!! emoticon Hated it! emoticon

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MARTH53 Posts: 132
2/6/10 11:02 P

getting a swap (bend over and grab ankles) for not bringing th gym suit we were all issued to wear

2/6/10 10:57 P

My abusive gym teacher chasing me around the gym when we ran laps. He would run behind me & step on my heels while pushing on my shoulders yelling "run fat girl run"


2/6/10 10:20 P

I hated the kelly green short legged jumpsuit type of uniform that was all puffy from the waist down, making my butt look wider and did nothing for my heavy thighs even at that age.

MYUTMOST4HIM Posts: 11,453
2/6/10 10:15 P

I don't have any good memories

GETSHORTY Posts: 1,370
2/6/10 10:14 P

There really is no one worst memory, unfortunately (too many!)--but the best? My friend (and puppy love crush) in 5th grade showed me how to stand and hit a baseball... and from then on all the way thru middle and high school, I never struck out in PE soft/baseball again. True story!

DELRIO1 Posts: 6,503
2/6/10 10:07 P

Just having a blast...playing sports, being outdoors. I LIVED for gym class. Worst memory..a gym teacher who was a former drill instructor.. was a jerk when he wanted to be.

KIMBERLICIA SparkPoints: (26,538)
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Posts: 1,043
2/6/10 10:02 P

I hated gym class. We were expected to climb a rope to the top of the ceiling in the second way was I gonna do that....I was also afraid to do a forward roll.

MELISSARUSS Posts: 2,036
2/6/10 9:53 P

Best - playing volleyball
Worst - a high school gym teacher who tried to give me an F because I didn't do the project (we had to put together a dance/exercise routine), which I did. I was in the group with one of her favorite students, who verified that I did it with her, but the teacher still kept trying to give me bad grades, even after that. She kept getting me mixed up with another student, who was blonde (I am a brunette)!

DLDROST Posts: 8,082
2/6/10 9:29 P

Freshman year because of my first name I was put in a boys PE class and had to remain there for a week before they could find me a class I'm not a pretty or popular person so the guys treated me terribly...

BHTX1962 Posts: 645
2/6/10 9:25 P

I hated everything about it. I was never an athlete nor am I now. I was always picked last, I always got hurt during dodge ball especially.

ALLIE4993 Posts: 659
2/6/10 8:34 P

Oh man it kind of makes laugh now to think of some of the things back then. But I hated running the MILE!! I was usually always last! lol

GRANDMAAMIE Posts: 44,049
2/6/10 8:32 P

the ugly black cotton bathing suits with holes where I won't say!!

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LOSETONEED SparkPoints: (58,302)
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Posts: 1,703
2/6/10 8:31 P

Best: My friends

Worst: Gym suits - need I say more?

LILYGIRL44 Posts: 712
2/6/10 8:29 P

Having 2 wear shorts...I have never felt comfortable in shorts even when I was in elementary school(and I was not heavy as a child)

DAHOKX SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (960)
Posts: 135
2/6/10 7:34 P

Best: Relaxing with friends, shooting the breeze. Also have fond memories of playing Badmington and whacking the birdie like there's no tomorrow.

Worst: In middle school, I was usually picked close to last.

MAMACASS84 Posts: 74
2/6/10 7:32 P

I couldn't do a pull up in front of the whole class. I was sooo embarassed!

DESIREECL SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (3,279)
Posts: 565
2/6/10 7:19 P

well, aside from the 'scrub box' (where you had to shop if you forgot your gym clothes...they were old unwashed gym clothes of other students that had been left behind) and changing/showering publicly...

i think that time in middle school that sally the butch knocked me on my ass during a basketball game was pretty memorable. especially when the gym teacher praised her for a good game and told me i wasn't aggressive enough. i pretty much swore off athletics b/c i'm not enough of an a-hole to play well.

HEALER1 Posts: 1,145
2/6/10 7:18 P

the god awful gym suits we had to wear (what jerk picked those things out?)

Dodgeball-everyone always aimed for the head.

that folk dance that you had to do between 2 long bamboo poles that were being rhythmically banged around as you dance between them- everyone tried to bang you on the ankles!

2/6/10 7:10 P

Worst was running the mile. Now I want to be able to run, but back then it was torture. Also, having it first thing in the morning and getting sweaty for the rest of the day.

I enjoyed when we did golf (I play) or when we just got to walk the track and talk with friends on a nice day.

TYBRAI Posts: 1,536
2/6/10 6:15 P

loved playing dodge ball

VCWHITE SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (32,714)
Posts: 1,938
2/6/10 5:50 P

wearing those awful outfits

FERRETLOVER1 SparkPoints: (443,289)
Fitness Minutes: (237,784)
Posts: 12,171
2/6/10 5:39 P

This is going back quite a ways, but in grade school, we had gym in the auditorium. We were marching around & around the outside of the seating area. Well, somehow, I tripped and fell - I hit my cheek on the edge of the piano bench & wound up with a dozie of a black eye. I remember my sister had to walk me home from school after this happened. Boy, does that question bring back the memories!!! emoticon

WINTERWINGS Posts: 2,032
2/6/10 5:02 P

I actually really loved gym class in junior high even though I didn't do particularly well at running stuff. I really liked all the team sports.

In grade nine, days before our "graduation" party I caught a pop-fly with my face. I MCed the party with a swollen black & blue face, a half shut eye and my grad dress. (snort)

CASEYSSIS Posts: 194
2/6/10 3:59 P

I hated it in middle school because of the open showers we were expected to use. I'm private so that was so not cool. When I got to high school I took JROTC so that I didn't have to do gym anymore.

MYOWNHERO Posts: 1,157
2/6/10 3:55 P

WORST: I hated gym. I was tall and thin and fairly athletic, but I still hated it. I never knew the rules for the games so the teacher would have us choose teams (humiliating) and then she would yell "OK girls, take the ball and burble flurgle the flimby flamby until the snerkle whatsis goes bingity blangity." Well that's what it sounded like to me. I still have absolutely NO idea how basketball is played.

BEST: Dancing in 8th grade. We got to touch boys!

2/6/10 3:36 P

i hated pe. we had a real fitness freak for a gym teacher who insisted we do crazy gymnastics with the springboard and i was a super chicken who spent 99% of gymnastics sitting on the sidelines crying out of fear.

MUSIC2HISEARS SparkPoints: (85,521)
Fitness Minutes: (37,700)
Posts: 7,968
2/6/10 3:25 P

Oh yes...the scooters...kept getting my fingers pinched under the wheels :(

I loved PE...I was an athlete in HS. But, I'll agree with someone else...the snotty girls, the jerky clods called boys, and a locker room that smelled like a pair of dirty sweat socks had been left in a locker since the beginning of the century.

NOREENBX Posts: 761
2/6/10 3:23 P

I hated PE in High School. I had a teacher, Ms. McCarthy, who was a B&%CH! She picked on any girl that was overweight relentlessly!

I spent endless hours daydreaming about different ways to physically torture her. I wanted her to feel the pain she caused. There were a few girls like me who were abused too. I know it's wrong, but I hope really bad things happened to her in her life.

She really caused a lot of emotional and psychological scars.

FLUFFY83 SparkPoints: (142,434)
Fitness Minutes: (280,207)
Posts: 1,273
2/6/10 3:20 P

Best: Dodgeball, the weight room, shooting hoops with my friends, the big parachute thingy

Worst: Snotty girls, those stupid scooters, running laps

MLAN613 Posts: 18,842
2/6/10 3:13 P

The uniforms.

TLOVESB Posts: 931
2/6/10 3:12 P

Being weighed in the 6th grade - we were all in one room being weighed. All the other girls weighed in the 70 - 80 pound range. I weighed in at 112! Ironically, when I lost weight as an adult I actually weighed less than as a 6th grader! Now if I could just get back there emoticon

LIZBUCK1 Posts: 937
2/6/10 3:12 P

Gosh, had forgotten all about P.E. at school - thankfully!
The showers we had you had to run naked through them and out the other side - it was so humiliating.
I could never climb up a rope however hard I tried!
Always being picked one of the last (I think my friend was behind me!) for team games!
Happy days??

KWRIGHT26 Posts: 482
2/6/10 3:03 P

One particularly nasty experience was when my PE teacher wanted us to try track activities. She set up hurdles, and when it was my turn, I started to run and try to jump over them. Before I got to the first hurdle, I heard the other girls in the class yelling, "No! No!" behind me. I turned around and because they were yelling and flailing their arms I thought I was doing something wrong. Well, I got in trouble with the teacher for turning around and coming back because they were actually yelling "Go! Go!" So I went back and proceeded to try to jump one hurdle, catching it with my knee and knocking it down. Repeat for 5 more hurdles. I got in even more trouble because I ran back past the hurdles instead of knocking them all over again. Worst day of my life, I think.

In middle school, I got glasses so in 8th grade I caught a football for the first time. I was so surprised I almost forgot to turn tail and run like heck for the end of the field.

Finally in high school, I had a personal fitness class wherein we had to walk/jog/run the mile in 14 minutes. I had sprained my ankle two weeks prior, but the coach told me to just do what I could. I made it in 13 minutes.

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2/6/10 3:02 P

picked last every time for any team activity.... We had the "rings" and I literally would die a little every time because i couldn't do it at all
Gym class in elementary school probably are some of the most painful memories I have..

IUHRYTR Posts: 20,312
2/6/10 2:58 P

While lifting weights, a foot stepped in some sweat, I fell backwards with the barbell and fractured both wrists. Ouch!

OFITSER Posts: 743
2/6/10 2:52 P

How much time do you have? Was it the swim class disaster perhaps? Or maybe the balance beam fiasco... that one's actually really funny (now)... or the being last name called when choosing sides for basketball? I really disliked PE. Uncoordinated heavy girls probably usually do.

CARILOUIE SparkPoints: (94,856)
Fitness Minutes: (75,391)
Posts: 5,489
2/6/10 2:46 P

Having to run the mile - I could never do it in less than the 12 minutes that we were supposed to be able to do.

LOLEMA SparkPoints: (105,894)
Fitness Minutes: (128,714)
Posts: 5,169
2/6/10 2:17 P

the prison looking jumpsuits and showering naked in front of others

BLUEANGELLK Posts: 3,909
2/6/10 2:16 P

I had a P.E. teacher who flunked me for a quarter when I had foot surgery. I had a doctor's note and everything! She said I didn't turn in make-up work but she never gave me any in the first place. I remember this vividly because it was the only time my dad went to school to complain about something. He went to the principal and had a long talk. What's funny is I don't remember how it turned out, but I really remember my dad coming to school to stand up for me.

DIAMORROW1 Posts: 2,765
2/6/10 12:41 P

Hated changing clothes in front of the other girls too. Also hated swimming. My hair would get wet and back then it was really long and that was a mess.
LIked some of the other activities but generally I didnt not like it.

DIALMELO SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (7,485)
Posts: 150
2/6/10 12:39 P

I heard this on the radio this morning and thought it was a good topic.

I loved P.E. in school. I was no athlete but I loved being competitive and participating in activities besides studying.

My worst memory of gym class was that I hated changing in the locker room in front of the other girls. I always felt judged and I would never DARE shower after the activities. Thankfully, my class was always towards the end of the school day so I didn't have to live with the "stink" for so long.

My best memory of gym class was that towards the end of my sophomore year of high school, I heard a rumor that they had Advanced Gym and it counted as an Honors class. I went to the my guidance counselor who confirmed it and then went to the gym teacher and asked to get in. He looked at me like I was crazy then signed the permission form.

Honors Gym was fun because it was mainly the school jocks. All the people who were in the class LOVED gym and loved competition - you didn't have to deal with people who didn't like to participate. We also did activities outside the normal scope of gym: racquetball, handball, and running outdoors in the wintertime.

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